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  • Travis Porter
    Travis Porter 10 perccel

    Dont let megan get you ladies smacked upside the head wit these savage shenanigans 😂🤣😂

  • Isabel love
    Isabel love 13 perccel

    I have. TikTok. And. Do. This

  • Izabella Lewis
    Izabella Lewis 27 perccel

    I can take the song honesty when the girl or guy in the background is doing yoga XD

  • John Kovac
    John Kovac 40 perccel

    I'm never mad , I followed my heart

  • Jared Lewis
    Jared Lewis 42 perccel

    I thought it was keep a semi in the hemi

  • Kainda Nzinga
    Kainda Nzinga Órája

    What this song is good for- Anxiety attacks Animation and art Teens who want to say- I felt that Memes What this song is actually about- People acting like tantrum throwing kids on the internet. WAIT (all the stuff it's good for are talked about a lot in the inter webs- OH GOSH)

  • syed muzzammil
    syed muzzammil Órája

    quarantine stress buster 2020. If yes hit "Like".

  • Ti Nagers
    Ti Nagers 2 órája

    Follow the stupid boy 😂😂 in the world through the link below huchannel.info/Cr8gtfC5EMU0urawh7VEcGA

  • Coach Vee - Mental Health & Healing Coach

    Yes! And I just sat in my car and learned all the lyrics! Owwwww


    No one: Not a single soul: No one in the whole entire universe: Me: *throwing it back to this song-*

  • Alguém que ninguém se importa

    Tem BRs em todo o lugar 🇧🇷

  • Jake Cyberwolf
    Jake Cyberwolf 2 órája

    Because im laughing cuz of the comments yall funny tho

  • Jake Cyberwolf
    Jake Cyberwolf 2 órája

    Me: *laughs* me in my mind: its hard to breath my brother looking at me like im a dumbass

  • Reynolds Keira
    Reynolds Keira 2 órája

    This goes hard!!!! Her voice is amazing!!! And also.. it's great👍🏻 This goes hard!!!! Her voice is amazing!!! And also.. it's great👍🏻 Dang her voice is amazing! 🔥

  • Fabian Ng
    Fabian Ng 4 órája

    senorita is played in the secret life of pets 2

  • Eidnxnkdndxjxk Xmxnxnxkxkk

    This goes hard!!!! Her voice is amazing!!! And also.. it's great👍🏻 Dang her voice is amazing! 🔥 This goes hard!!!! Her voice is amazing!!! Anyone else back here from Lucifer?

  • Saima None
    Saima None 5 órája

    It's a very nice song .and it's background sounds killing me ☺️

  • Kim Breeze
    Kim Breeze 6 órája

    Me 0:21 yea they twinz i can tell they a$$ apart lol dolan who dobrev nah we dont know her

  • Waleed bin gamer
    Waleed bin gamer 6 órája

    Me : mom it's hard to breath Mom: use your inhaler

  • Chill
    Chill 6 órája

    nice video .

  • monster 99
    monster 99 7 órája

    i like this song

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  • G. Schoen William
    G. Schoen William 8 órája

    Nice song Top remix Loku let's do this

  • Tom
    Tom 8 órája

    amazing video dude

  • Tom
    Tom 8 órája

    amazing content I loved it

  • ExonShaun
    ExonShaun 8 órája

    Love it, keep it up!

  • kasper michel
    kasper michel 8 órája

    Mountain girlz are lost sometimes... guess guys do to... get lost I mean..

  • annie stariaat
    annie stariaat 8 órája

    Loku let's do this Let party Your the best

  • DarkN444
    DarkN444 8 órája

    *_Very Cool_*

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    Hashøòme mogale 8 órája


  • isa uma louca no gacha

    Love mei

    HELLCAT GAMING 8 órája

    Nyc song

  • Veronicah Mutuku
    Veronicah Mutuku 9 órája

    I love this song but itis 2020

  • IKRAM Lawal
    IKRAM Lawal 9 órája

    Wow nice I love this song su much 😍😍😍👏👏👏

  • Yaquhsiwje Ahiqjsowie

    I can’t take the song seriously when in the background a person is doing yoga "fires spreading all around my room" Mom: its because of that godamn phone

  • arisneisys
    arisneisys 9 órája

    I forgot about this song://

  • Sandra Wadkins
    Sandra Wadkins 9 órája

    This goes hard!!!! Her voice is amazing!!! And also.. it's great👍🏻 Dang her voice is amazing! 🔥 This goes hard!!!! Her voice is amazing!!! Anyone else back here from Lucifer?


    Amaging pronounciation

  • Joe A
    Joe A 9 órája

    Hella toxic bitch....i lover lmao

  • Bradtkedej Jamelcko
    Bradtkedej Jamelcko 10 órája

    Alguien que hable español 🇺🇸 Wonderful Alguien que hable español 🇺🇸

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    I love this song

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    My favorite 😍 song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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  • Xzoticplayz X
    Xzoticplayz X 11 órája

    It’s called My Truck

  • Xzoticplayz X
    Xzoticplayz X 11 órája

    TikTok ruins every song I swear

  • leonard kahaya
    leonard kahaya 11 órája

    Why kendrick was crying?

  • VAL13C
    VAL13C 12 órája

    And this is what passes for talent... wow. Sad generation, conditioned to believe this crap is talent.

  • vedagna Reddy
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    ishiezx 13 órája

    I thought it says young boy living like an og😂

  • Ale El noob xd
    Ale El noob xd 14 órája

    This is how i feel now because my BFF unfriended me on roblox ;-;

  • Butterflybaby williams

    How people going to smoke your blood

  • Julian Wilson Batista

    Cool song!!!!

  • filter
    filter 17 órája

    I clicked the wrong Savage.

  • FancyRoselyn
    FancyRoselyn 17 órája

    is so dark its like bwillie eleish

  • Reginae Foster
    Reginae Foster 17 órája

    My fav song

    MINIMAXED MLG 18 órája

    Wtf I looked up old town road

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    Mu Pee 19 órája

    Hola comoestas bem Estoy bem por que hello how are you good you good why

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    hi your awesome but btw this is a boy on moms computer

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    Bia sounds like rihanna

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    XxSuperMoonxX 20 órája

    Me: *looked up "sub"* Video: *CrAdLeS*

  • Muna Kalu
    Muna Kalu 21 órája

    A psychopath's anthem

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    Love song

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    Best song ever💖💖💖

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    Like EL CHAPO serving Yayo to gringos 🇲🇽 beso

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    Amchel Rothschild 22 órája

    😊😊how else listen this song and have to dance 💃?

  • Juliocesar ramos
    Juliocesar ramos 22 órája

    Like si te encanta esta canción yo la adore

  • Susie Cook
    Susie Cook 22 órája

    Makes me so proud to be Irish 💚🇮🇪 #hontheparish

  • Tahera Ahmadi
    Tahera Ahmadi 22 órája

    Fuck Bitch Pussy Shit stupid

  • Jadkins
    Jadkins 22 órája

    Forgot the name of the song... Used google. "welcome to our song hush ding ding"

  • James Tyson
    James Tyson 23 órája

    National anthem for the black truck drivers

  • ko ツ ok
    ko ツ ok 23 órája

    خصر عود

  • Limp Foot Long
    Limp Foot Long 23 órája

    Is it bad that when I first heard this I thought she said “ass cheese”

  • Cali Playz
    Cali Playz 23 órája

    0:31 There everyone

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    * keep a Semi in the Hemi*

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    I love it

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    you can drink my liquor you can call my lady you can take my money you can smoke my blunt but DONT TOUCH MY FOUR WHEELER........ SKERRRERRRURRREE SKERRRERRRURRREE

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    Essa música é muito top

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    Anyone in this Quarantine 👍

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    انا احب اغنيه القرد كثيرا لقد لقد كثيرا لقد اعجبتني لقد اعجبني وانا ممتن لكم وشكرا

  • Oussama Oussama

    انا حبيت اغنيه

  • Infinity Music

    I finally realized that people are in prisoned of their phone thats why it is called a "cell phone" I love this song.. 😍😍😍

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    I like this the song very much ❤❤

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    واو أجمل اغنية سمعتها على الإطلاق

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    My favorite song

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    Just imagining that how would it be if charlie puth sings this song 😍

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    When ur asian and u got that green hair😔

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    I am Indian but I love this song

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    We all here from tik tok

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    Sorry but the picture in the backround for this made me laugh