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  • Jozef Gregor
    Jozef Gregor 13 órája

    2. min. - skáče tam John Lennon !

  • Lumbago fsh
    Lumbago fsh 13 órája

    Can you, if possible, lay out a race with Ronnie Peterson?

  • Trevisio
    Trevisio 13 órája

    One of the best BTG’s so far, thanks. As an avid young reader of Autosport in the 90’s, it is illuminating to hear what was actually going on and what is was really like, for drivers like Mark.

    AHAMMAD JIYAS 13 órája

    Get in there Lewis ....I can't believe it.

  • Nicky Poundtown
    Nicky Poundtown 13 órája


  • John Doe
    John Doe 13 órája

    Sepang is without a doubt one of the best circuit in the calendar if not the best.

  • Jozef Gregor
    Jozef Gregor 13 órája

    Šok ! 1 mim.58 sek. je tam vidieť Johna Lennona !

  • Mitchell Davis
    Mitchell Davis 13 órája

    1:05:30 Even in 2014 Hamilton's tires were dead.

  • VluggeJapie
    VluggeJapie 14 órája

    Hamilton throwing the nr 2 hat at Rosberg was awesome.

  • NIBV
    NIBV 14 órája

    Man these cars were hitting the rev limiter all the time I love it, thanks turbo lag!

  • IHMA club membership

    The fact that Felipe is the last Brazillian to compete in F1

  • Mike West
    Mike West 14 órája

    I remember watching this back in the day, as a Brit was the worst moment (excluding bad accidents) in F1 until a certain yellow Benetton purposely rammed Mr Hill a number of years later. I've watched loads of classic races since, but this is the first time i've actually rewatched this one, Poor old Nige.

  • Pradeep A V
    Pradeep A V 14 órája I have made a simple one, maybe useful

  • Albertus Aswin
    Albertus Aswin 14 órája

    ****** finally!

  • Chad Moodley
    Chad Moodley 14 órája

    This wasnt formula one it was formula juan

  • Kulibob CZ
    Kulibob CZ 14 órája

    I mean, Hamilton is fast and all, but is also an egoistic piece of shit who has never heard of sportsmanship...

  • Robert Jerome
    Robert Jerome 14 órája

    That guy could be ice cold going for a win.....He's long gone...And I am now a fan...

  • varun patwal
    varun patwal 14 órája

    Top ten Hamilton's radios pls

  • George Mav
    George Mav 14 órája

    3:42 verstappen made hamilton look like a mug

  • Star Saber
    Star Saber 14 órája

    Fun fact: This is the only time Prost won the title with car #1. All 3 of his other titles were with #2 car.

  • Lennart Jung
    Lennart Jung 14 órája


  • Александр Войкин

    There are many exciting races in Brazil. I also like the 2001 Grand Prix, a great one for Juan Pablo Montoya despite retirement!

  • pararop
    pararop 15 órája

    no one is dead boring

  • wayne lombard
    wayne lombard 15 órája

    Can you repeat the question? I am dead 😂😂😂

  • Hita Ranga
    Hita Ranga 15 órája

    Does anybody know the name of this song?

  • CSTBFO_jad
    CSTBFO_jad 15 órája

    Ah the days when a car brakes down and you just leave it there for the entire race.

  • Sp33dFr3aks
    Sp33dFr3aks 15 órája

    Random team: I got this new innov... FIA: BANNED! Ferrari: I also got an innovation FIA: go right ahead!

  • Internal Game
    Internal Game 15 órája

    0:57 wait WHAT, Williams r faster than Mercedes??... I thought they're doin their social distancing with the other teams

  • Donald Dump
    Donald Dump 15 órája

    blue flag blue flag, come on blue flag, honesty honesty, what are we doing

  • Isaac Barton
    Isaac Barton 15 órája

    Just about Brazil, blame the backmarkers. He would not have been put in that situation if the traffic wasn't as heavy

  • Mr. Staircase, the shabby-robed ghost

    These guys forearms and shoulders must have been real strong

  • magoo73
    magoo73 15 órája


  • sctmcg
    sctmcg 15 órája

    That 2009 season honestly - it was a joke. I love JB but they took the sport back YEARS with the design restrictions.

  • Isaac Barton
    Isaac Barton 15 órája

    In terms of raw qualifying pace he has to be one of the best in his era, considering the equipment he was racing in

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Winning a race: Hamilton: "We have the best fans" Verstappen: "Yes boys, come on!!" Kimi: "Bwoah thank you." Vettel: "*BABABABABABABABA GRAZIE RAGAZZI FORZA FERRARI*, starts singing"

  • Mr.Dragon
    Mr.Dragon 15 órája

    Honorable mention: italy race Kimi Räikkönen took pole vettel: we speak later

  • haolee
    haolee 15 órája

    04:33 was that Max talking???

  • Iron Thunder
    Iron Thunder 15 órája

    Oh stroll... least favourite and the most hated of them all.

  • holden Earl
    holden Earl 15 órája

    Surely verstappen didn't keep that spot on sainz

  • dyip32
    dyip32 15 órája

    The birth of dash cams :p Now dash cams show cars brake checking big rigs

  • Davide Marzola
    Davide Marzola 15 órája

    It is simply ridiculous. Even an child would understand that it is unreal ..... Maybe you have not understood what a formula1 car is. I think it is very serious that adult people have fun with nonsense like this.

  • vonzo7878
    vonzo7878 15 órája

    Johnny Dumfries

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 15 órája

    Yes, thank you FORMULA 1! I love these old classic races.

  • OoShankz
    OoShankz 15 órája

    2:15 Claire Williams is Lurking in the Backround, taking some notes. Got caught... xDDD

  • Broer Nov
    Broer Nov 15 órája

    I think, winning with gear 6th in Brasil F1 should be numbero uno moment. He might manage it by playing with half coupling in every corner to maintain torque once exit the apex. That was caused him severe dehidration condition after race. Nowsday F1 driver too much complaining and cursing when they have small issue with thier car or being taking over by other driver or being cornering by their opponent, except Lewis Hamilton. No wonder, Senna is Lewis F1 idol and his imagination mentor.

  • Car Crash Compilations

    Worth watching! ➡️

  • Lucas Ignacio Rodriguez Broggi

    Daniel Kvyat.... Always crashing and destroing others cars...

  • OM RAJ
    OM RAJ 15 órája

    Ferrari has the worst team management....

  • Si_Anu Itu
    Si_Anu Itu 15 órája

    First MV Highlight (old F1 style - zoom + music) = 274,804 views since Apr 13, 2015 Rewind Highlight (commentator style) = 245,246 views since Mar 28, 2020 The Different between old F1 management vs New F1 Management (+HUchannel rise power + cvd-19 influences). Which better?

  • fighting with GUNS!!!!!

    Poetin 😂😂🤣

  • Kybo
    Kybo 15 órája

    Thank you for the show TC. Next: James Allen (f1 commentator) Bertrand Gachot

  • OoShankz
    OoShankz 15 órája

    Every lil Child on Christmas: Daddy, i want a Carrera Go! Stroll: DaAAadDDdDYyy!?!?!111ß1ß1ß CoUldDyOuBuYThIStEaM?!?11ß101ß1ß HEghehegehegehgdbe 0:52

  • kwasg3
    kwasg3 15 órája

    i think the cranes to remove stricken cars is a good development, but OBVIOUSLY we do not need pit lane speed limiters!!! :)

  • T H I C C boi
    T H I C C boi 15 órája

    hamilton got so lucky in this race

  • Grant Richardson
    Grant Richardson 15 órája

    Schumacher was always a cheat... carma..

  • usnaa asnii
    usnaa asnii 15 órája

    „bring back the fucking V12“ was the best team Radio from seb

  • fighting with GUNS!!!!!

    My favoriete moment was 2

  • Bianconero Gaming
    Bianconero Gaming 15 órája

    Wtf 🤣

  • Felipe Hartmann
    Felipe Hartmann 15 órája

    I love this guy. My hero. Grande Seb ❤️

  • Nawi Zakwan
    Nawi Zakwan 16 órája

    Monaco GP was great when every driver fighting to keep the car on the track,now hitting the barriers are rare because the car is easier to control...

  • Lucas Anthonio Ita
    Lucas Anthonio Ita 16 órája

    Where is: “what an stupid action! Im going home!” ?

  • heliumtrophy
    heliumtrophy 16 órája

    "I don't know why de Cesaris went out but he did." Ooof shots fired by Murray there.

  • PeteForsberg21
    PeteForsberg21 16 órája

    Vettel keeps turning into his teammates, whos holding the line, then cries and blames them

  • Phillip Pritchard
    Phillip Pritchard 16 órája

    Just looking at how far forward and high in the car the drivers are, they look like giant go-karts.

  • HyperAva
    HyperAva 16 órája

    50% of the vid is sebastian being angry. 25% is him speaking italian and 25% is him winning

  • David M.
    David M. 16 órája

    well this was boring

  • Sitranine
    Sitranine 16 órája

    I hate Claire Williams. Hides her incompetence and cluelessness under this bullshit, salty, girlpower facade

  • Phillip Pritchard
    Phillip Pritchard 16 órája

    James Hunt's voice is so relaxingly British.

  • MrYoumitube
    MrYoumitube 16 órája

    Kids may be wondering why does he keep letting go of the steering wheel with his right hand? That is the gear leaver and if you were to see his foot, he would use his left foot to step in the clutch.

  • Maxim Prostorov
    Maxim Prostorov 16 órája

    Next Video: "Sebastian Vettel's Top 10 Spin Moments"

  • Dede Herawati
    Dede Herawati 16 órája

    Semua nya gak pake haha indonesiaaaaaaaa

  • Daniel Chow
    Daniel Chow 16 órája


  • digigarb
    digigarb 16 órája

    Was there! True power beasts! Starting to feel old! lol

  • Jojocall
    Jojocall 16 órája

    well that was shit

  • A Clever Name
    A Clever Name 17 órája

    When Vettel won the italian grand prix in the only other italian team

  • trend trend
    trend trend 17 órája

    Despicable cheater

  • Alief Fauzan thecat
    Alief Fauzan thecat 17 órája

    Question, Why is this on my recommendation? It's 2020 and i'm in my house doing nothing

  • Love_ Angel0483
    Love_ Angel0483 17 órája

    The road is so confusing.

  • Ramfis Vega
    Ramfis Vega 17 órája

    The best unbelievable driver 🙏🏻💕

  • Train Travel Channel

    Thumbs up to the middle finger, [email protected]!

  • miguel ponce
    miguel ponce 17 órája

    Max senna amazing

  • Nick Talbot
    Nick Talbot 17 órája

    Why are the announcers sitting so close together given the whole reason for this virtual race?