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  • Savannah F
    Savannah F 24 perccel

    Me: Iowa isnt that boring people probally know where it is Ethan: WHERE IS IOWA Me: nevermind

  • kat illac
    kat illac 24 perccel

    I read at about 600 words per minute based on this video. 😂

  • Elijah Baker
    Elijah Baker 24 perccel

    why do they never say plus ultra

  • Marsh Mellow
    Marsh Mellow 24 perccel

    I would love to turn into a tree. Be like that one tree from Avatar lmao

  • Josiah Demeester
    Josiah Demeester 25 perccel

    I'm 6'6". and most epople around me are around 6' tall.... your short

  • Caden Harmsen
    Caden Harmsen 25 perccel

    marks now a crossdresser

  • • CYNTHIA •
    • CYNTHIA • 25 perccel

    I would be acting like Ethan when I hang out with friends

  • Roni Flores
    Roni Flores 26 perccel

    Chickens have a 100% mortality rate?..... What??

  • Kelly Rose
    Kelly Rose 26 perccel

    This could probably be used as a kink ngl

  • Dione Rae
    Dione Rae 26 perccel

    Everyone from South Dakota was screaming when they pronounced Pierre like pee-air iykyk

  • pretty spectrum xxx
    pretty spectrum xxx 27 perccel

    Quinn: Got tortured, is imprisoned and is going to die Ethan: *JUST CHILL OUT*

  • Teresa Blackwell
    Teresa Blackwell 28 perccel

    I enjoyed watching this one. This game looks awesome to play!

  • landon floyd
    landon floyd 28 perccel

    Yall should hit up patty mayo for a bounty hunter video

  • Sedona Shade
    Sedona Shade 28 perccel

    mark and ethan: pee? Mark:SEMEN?!

  • UnSkilledOne
    UnSkilledOne 28 perccel

    Why is nobody talking about how horrifyingly disgusting this is

  • Wildwy5
    Wildwy5 28 perccel

    Fucking Missouri

  • TJ _
    TJ _ 28 perccel

    Ethan is a sexy beast

  • Khizer Gaming
    Khizer Gaming 29 perccel

    What does unus annus mean?

  • memes 4Life
    memes 4Life 29 perccel

    I wonder how many people commented *NOICE*

  • Split Film Productions

    Barely reads books...feels shame watching this video

  • Kelly Kazimore
    Kelly Kazimore 29 perccel

    If u keep laughing u won’t get hypnotized

  • Kiri Scott
    Kiri Scott 29 perccel

    when Mark thinks Kansas is flat but you live in the Dakotas...

  • Kiara Baker
    Kiara Baker 29 perccel

    If Ethan is ever murdered, Mark is going to be the first and biggest suspect. He always kills Ethan at the end of these videos XD

  • Nariyah Whyte
    Nariyah Whyte 30 perccel

    Ethan: *My name is Ethan can you repeat that please?* Ghost: *Eat up*

  • centurion_222
    centurion_222 30 perccel

    Mark .... 🥺

  • Raidyn Morian
    Raidyn Morian 30 perccel

    Don't have the internet speed for 60 fps so some of the words dissapear before i can even see what they are :(

  • Paramedic_Zone Studios

    "With 60 pound children taped to his arms." WTF?

  • Makayla Classic
    Makayla Classic 30 perccel

    I wish this was the instructional video we had to watch at the beginning of the year for theatre/ stage construction class 😂

  • Symphony Lasater
    Symphony Lasater 30 perccel

    Toga is a anime name from my hero academy

  • GHWOR55320
    GHWOR55320 31 perce

    mark can you check your instgram and look for a text form a guy named narutobeyblade i said something you wod love to read it shoud make you feel good

  • rebekah flores
    rebekah flores 31 perce

    Was do pissed when Jenna died

  • Nicefordays5 Yt
    Nicefordays5 Yt 31 perce

    10:14 excuse me what james

  • Kelly Paradise
    Kelly Paradise 31 perce

    I could read all off it

  • Tin Can Crusader
    Tin Can Crusader 32 perccel

    I hate that Im probably the only Nebraskan in this comment section (also they clicked on Nebraska like 6 times)

  • Julia41
    Julia41 32 perccel

    Mark and Ethan: Trying to measure intelligence Chica: Comes to Ethan instead of Mark Spencer: Doesn’t come at all

  • Morgann Wright
    Morgann Wright 33 perccel

    Ethan: Trenton... um Missouri Mark: CUT THE FEED CUT THE FEED Me living in New Jersey: ITS NEW JERSEY!!!!!!!!!

  • SecretLars
    SecretLars 34 perccel

    Total for Quarantannus: Mark: 101 Ethan: 207

  • May me
    May me 34 perccel

    When we did the sit ups in our fitness class we had to put our elbows on the knees each time and keep the hands behind our head so most of ethan's wouldn't have counted

  • Otaku Chan
    Otaku Chan 35 perccel

    Did anybody notice that when Momiplier said "Show me your grandchild", Mark instinctively looked at Amy for a sec?

  • ThatSimpleAnna
    ThatSimpleAnna 36 perccel

    I see this one app and I tried it out. It says I'll die in 2 years... It kinda scared me tbh... ;-;

  • Anime4 life
    Anime4 life 36 perccel

    Mark's fort is still behind him

  • namjunshine
    namjunshine 36 perccel

    Me living in the Midwest: Knowing the answers because, it was required in school to learn all the freaking states and their capitals. Mark and Ethan: I don’t know any of the Midwest states. Takes them 23 minutes to find all the capitals, with cheating.

  • • Chøco Puddin •

    Oml I’m from Colorado, and watching Ethan struggle to find it was hilarious because I knew exactly where it was 😆

  • Theirly
    Theirly 37 perccel

    Pre k teacher time. I have taught both pre k and kindergarten. Prek headstart programs are free. You either have enough money to go to a private prek, too poor so you qualify for headstart, or enter a lottery prek at a public school.....honestly I see most spots given to teacher relatives before it opens to the public. I actually witnessed a school counselor arrange an opening spot with a teacher's son the beginning of the year prior to his prek year. Pre k is no where near related to kinder. Prek babies dont do ditto work, they dont do worksheets, and dont have punishments. The honest function of pre k is to prepare motor skills, communication abilities, and to get up and move (75% of a pk day is movement time in some way or another). Kindergarten does ditto work, worksheets, gets punishments if needed, and is preparing students more academically based with communication skills instead of just strictly communication. Most pre k centers assess students with something called the brigance test. It helps to evaluate the risk factors the student may face in the future, while a kindergarten class is using the data to promote that students education.

  • Legenddary Dude
    Legenddary Dude 37 perccel

    Where’s technoblade

  • Markie Stark
    Markie Stark 38 perccel

    I’m a giraffe

  • ThatSimpleAnna
    ThatSimpleAnna 38 perccel

    It's 1 am and I am currently having an unus annus marathon lmao

  • Pooptart 06
    Pooptart 06 39 perccel

    At 18:15 please tell me that those we edited in there because if not I’m losing my crap

  • flitsenenefleur
    flitsenenefleur 39 perccel

    Mark: Ethan your trash Ethan: I know Mood😂

  • Mason Mast Thompson
    Mason Mast Thompson 40 perccel

    How dare you get Minnesota wrong the mall of America is in it

  • Bãrbiedołl Channel!!

    I was laughing way too hard when he called him babe while markiplier is just tryna tell him to calm down

  • Zayda Greer
    Zayda Greer 41 perce

    Imagine someone kissing a cardboard cutout of your face 230 years after your death 🤔

  • Ebony Harry
    Ebony Harry 41 perce

    wait the last part waz real???

  • If ill be damned
    If ill be damned 41 perce

    Look at 16:19 and play at 0.25 playback speed LOL

  • Hernan Dolz
    Hernan Dolz 41 perce


  • Alyssa H
    Alyssa H 41 perce

    I live in Michigan and I didn’t know it was Lansing

  • Team 3 Boy Hamster

    Mark and Ethan both look like Bart Simpson

  • David Yenor
    David Yenor 42 perccel

    It hurts I can't stop laughing

  • rxnnie rxse
    rxnnie rxse 42 perccel

    I’m a speed reader and I can read at like 700-1000 wpm but nobody believes me when I say I finished the page in like 10 seconds

  • GR33N G0D
    GR33N G0D 42 perccel

    i bet u someone is going to make an unus annus channel of just all of these videos in a year once all of this is gone

  • NerdAtomic227
    NerdAtomic227 43 perccel

    Ethan: One says your *Homophobic* and one says you hate *Disabled People* Mark: *I dont hate disabled people*

  • Nariyah Whyte
    Nariyah Whyte 43 perccel

    Ghost: *calls Mark's name* Ghost:*calls Linda's name* Ethan: "What about mee? Do you know my name??"

  • Devon Orr
    Devon Orr 43 perccel

    P is not expensive my family is one of the most destitute and addicted in Arkansas and I still was in preschool in Perry, ar I mean the population is 300 but ya know...anyways I got kicked out for throwing a girl off the slide who kicked my scab off and bit my shoulder then but the teacher

  • Kayla W.
    Kayla W. 43 perccel

    That kid in the car is the luckiest fan ever and they seem like a real sweetheart too

  • caroline vlogs
    caroline vlogs 43 perccel

    *mark starts singing mulan lyrics to an aladdin song*

  • Trista May
    Trista May 44 perccel

    Ethan: *im afraid* Ethan, aren’t you afraid of everything 😂😤

  • Chloe Johnson
    Chloe Johnson 44 perccel

    us Arkansans have diamonds and corn. what a duo.

  • TJ _
    TJ _ 45 perccel

    Ethan is a sexy beast

  • Kaleb Lanoue
    Kaleb Lanoue 45 perccel

    This video is sponsored by War Thunder

  • Jeff Taggart
    Jeff Taggart 45 perccel

    Dungeons and Dragons Unus Annus video in the future???

  • Mia Nielsen
    Mia Nielsen 45 perccel

    I actually live in Frankfort, illinois lol

  • Aiden Dine
    Aiden Dine 45 perccel

    The fitness gram pacer test is a multi stage aerobic capacity test that continuously gets harder as you continue. The test will begin in 30 seconds. You will start when you hear this sound *ding* ready, begin. 1. 2.

  • Fallon Schulte
    Fallon Schulte 45 perccel

    Who knew that from unus annus I would learn that I suck at reading in general. I struggled at the average of 200 wpm 😅

  • Laredo L. Allemang
    Laredo L. Allemang 45 perccel

    5:20 i am a kansan and i can confirm that everything said is true

    • Tin Can Crusader
      Tin Can Crusader 29 perccel

      Im a Nebraskan and can confirm too bc we are your neighbors up top. (and I have family in Kansas)

  • Dannel Yang
    Dannel Yang 46 perccel

    Might be last year for all of us

  • disCal
    disCal 46 perccel

    pls do county flags and then capital cities of countries

  • Coded Sky
    Coded Sky 46 perccel

    2:48 1 like for just that comment xD

  • wish is
    wish is 47 perccel

    I have failed you unus Annus...I didnt like and comment on every video. I'm sorry

  • -Katariina -
    -Katariina - 47 perccel

    I was impressed that I could read that fast.... Then I realized that the video was at 1.5 speed.

  • Chloe Frances
    Chloe Frances 47 perccel

    As a hoosier i can never get mad at these cuz our capitol is fuckin indianapolis xD

  • I like potatoes
    I like potatoes 47 perccel

    How did they bit get Indiana first try lol? Its shaped like a foot

  • Mariah Mayerle
    Mariah Mayerle 47 perccel

    LOL this is how I watch foreign movies/TV shows and when I watch anime in Japanese w/ subtitles. This is how you learn to watch them. In case anyone ever asks you... Speed reading! I also read most books like this... it gets to a point where you can read the words in your head at those speeds, it just takes A LOT of practice.

  • Nick Nuccitz
    Nick Nuccitz 47 perccel

    Tbh Ethan with Long hair looks like Antonio Garza without makeup

  • Mike
    Mike 48 perccel

    this where the Ireland boys were in last to leave the circle of snakes.

  • Plexicon
    Plexicon 48 perccel

    damn unus annus dies right before my birthday

  • Alaina Grace
    Alaina Grace 48 perccel

    5:24 **sad Kansan noises**

  • drey santillan
    drey santillan 48 perccel

    That blue kid has got to have the most luckiest day

  • Debbie Emery
    Debbie Emery 48 perccel

    Ok but I just love how proud mark sounds when Ethan answers things correctly

  • luna _kpop
    luna _kpop 48 perccel

    Me the whole time: “dirty bean water”...🤣

  • Amelia Turner
    Amelia Turner 49 perccel

    ok, but Ethan just looks like he works as a barista lmao

  • SinTanity
    SinTanity 49 perccel

    Honestly my biggest issue with speedreading like that is my inability to stay focused lmao I caught the shorter stories bc I could stay focused but the longer ones I couldn't focus the whole time so I just lost all the words. Even when I'm reading a book or article at my own pace, I frequently have to re-read paragraphs bc I just... stopped paying attention and forgot everything I just read.

  • Morrigan Hofacre
    Morrigan Hofacre 49 perccel

    Mark:the black hair boi Ethan:the childish chimp Jack/Sean:the Irish idiot 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 49 perccel

    This caused a very large existential crisis to occur

  • Big Brain Shigechi
    Big Brain Shigechi 49 perccel

    I know what Harry Potter is and I don’t like it too much... so how do people NOT know what it is?

  • ShadowGaming
    ShadowGaming 49 perccel

    Amys goin to crucify mark after this

  • Miriam Halpern
    Miriam Halpern 50 perccel

    Mark: *Dover, Maryland??* Ethan: *No, Baltimore is prolly the capital of Maryland.* Annapolis: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Ana B.
    Ana B. 50 perccel

    Them: what is Rhatu and Hitu?? Me and my dumbass self: EGYPTIAN GODS!!!!!!

  • SumHeccinFujoshi
    SumHeccinFujoshi 50 perccel

    11:18 Nevada. *NeVAda* *_n E va D A_* *It's **-FU -**_-CkI-_**- ng-** N E V A D AaahHHh#*

  • SecretLars
    SecretLars 50 perccel

    Total for Quarantannus: Mark: 95 Ethan: 185

  • Kelly Rose
    Kelly Rose 50 perccel

    It’s ok everyone always forgets Dover, Delaware