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Ava Max - "Beautiful" Cover
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O Holy Night
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Ava Max - Europe 2018
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  • Bruno Pereira
    Bruno Pereira 11 perccel


  • Abah Kratos
    Abah Kratos 11 perccel

    Lol Ava max is good XD I like this song is bootiful 😂 Ava max is Queen of song bootiful Watch for Ava max and subcribe and nofichin for her Is good SUBCRIBE

  • Jessica McGillis
    Jessica McGillis 13 perccel

    ι love тнaт ѕong!!😙😊😆😘😗😍😚😙😄😁😉😗☺️😎😇🤗🙂😻👍👌👏👄💋💘❤️💓💕💖💗💙💜💛💝💞💟❣️💌👠🐩🐶🐶🐰😃

  • Lun Haokip
    Lun Haokip 13 perccel

    Ava max like here ❤❤❤

  • Fernando Aymerich
    Fernando Aymerich 14 perccel

    Is it weird that I just saw my pet in this video

  • Sarkargolic Mafia
    Sarkargolic Mafia 15 perccel


  • Black Ripper
    Black Ripper 15 perccel

    Now I want a parrot XD

  • wessel harm
    wessel harm 19 perccel

    I saw cute birb in the thumb nail... Nice song mate

    GUILHEM 20 perccel

    At the start of the clip, I thought it was a twilight girl.

  • Komar
    Komar 20 perccel


  • Magda Wajda
    Magda Wajda 21 perce

    Włosy doczepiane?

  • Panda Vibes
    Panda Vibes 22 perccel

    Damn she's so natural

  • Lynn Hofland
    Lynn Hofland 23 perccel


  • Kush. I.
    Kush. I. 23 perccel

    Valla, she is Shqipe 🇦🇱

  • Dilorom Sanaeva
    Dilorom Sanaeva 24 perccel

    omg it reminds me a song of my childhood, but i can't remember which one exactly but it's like veryyy similar

  • Mimosaqq
    Mimosaqq 24 perccel

    You so beatyful❤️I love you 🥰🥰

  • Vahid Baha
    Vahid Baha 25 perccel

    wow u perform it better than original version

  • Lynn Hofland
    Lynn Hofland 26 perccel

    OMG, its so beautiful, i am crying🥰🥰🥰😭

  • Giuseppe Iunini
    Giuseppe Iunini 27 perccel

    The refrain is like that of Bad Name by Bon Jovi

  • ChristianD. Deguzman

    Nice song

  • Nhi Lê
    Nhi Lê 28 perccel

    Love u from Viet Nam

  • Avatar Ava fan
    Avatar Ava fan 29 perccel

    She’s such a beauty queen

  • Flower Pop
    Flower Pop 34 perccel

    Love this song.. Also reminds me of evangelion ost childhood mems ❤️

  • carina mocanu
    carina mocanu 36 perccel

    Omg your voice is so beautiful! You are the best singer I've ever seen!

  • Sarkargolic Mafia
    Sarkargolic Mafia 37 perccel

    Big love to you IMMI

  • Bassmala Bradai
    Bassmala Bradai 37 perccel

    goooood ava max

  • Geraldo Brasil
    Geraldo Brasil 37 perccel

    Amiguitos Brasileiros Quem mais tá escultando essa Lenda..Pivete Sem brincadeira essa música me parece ter um estilo musical parecido com As mais antigas Eu Amei de verdade😍💜💕🇧🇷🇧🇷

    KAKA MEME 37 perccel

    Christina <3 Ava

  • Eliminado Eliminado
    Eliminado Eliminado 38 perccel

    This is my song favourite¡¡¡ I from España

  • Eliminado Eliminado
    Eliminado Eliminado 40 perccel

    WOW¡¡ YOUR SONGS ARE FANTASTICS¡¡ IT´S MAGICAL ✨✨✨✨ Ava Max , I from España

  • Jai Hind
    Jai Hind 40 perccel

    virus baby

  • Izabela Myszyńska

    zajebiste !! POLSKA SŁUCHA

  • Lanya Army
    Lanya Army 42 perccel

    💜ℒℴѵℯ❤ 👏👏👏😘

  • Chuba Chang
    Chuba Chang 43 perccel

    Anyone listening to this during the time lockdown

  • Chuba Chang
    Chuba Chang 43 perccel

    To my wife this song

  • Sandy Dillner
    Sandy Dillner 46 perccel

    Is so nice

  • Hindon Ahmad
    Hindon Ahmad 46 perccel


  • Aron Olsen
    Aron Olsen 48 perccel

    well definetely a comercial for beat headphones

  • Francis Lo
    Francis Lo 49 perccel

    Thanks for singing Ava. You have an amazing voice. Keep on singing!

    ISABELLE LANOE 50 perccel

    I love ❤❤❤

  • cường real
    cường real 52 perccel

    That is right, let's stay at home and boost view for KINGS & QUEENS ^^

  • Cutie Fandoms
    Cutie Fandoms 52 perccel

    She is a real queen and she is really cute❤️❤️

  • franco acosta
    franco acosta 52 perccel

    Tiene sus partes similares a una cancion de bon jovi😅

  • Cutie Fandoms
    Cutie Fandoms 53 perccel

    She is the best singer ever in the whole wide world 💕🥺

  • maruf javed
    maruf javed 55 perccel

    She shouldn't copy lady gaga.She should try to find her own identity.

  • Rent Thecat
    Rent Thecat 57 perccel

    Wow first time i heard this i really think this fits as an anime intro song

  • Isa Q
    Isa Q 59 perccel

    I Love gaga. And love ava

  • Shivani Sharma
    Shivani Sharma Órája

    New subscriber... liked you, your style and voice☺️☺️💞

  • too chay
    too chay Órája

    Takecare yourself ❤

  • Ita Joker
    Ita Joker Órája

    100% effect reverberation ✅

  • Julia Krasniqi
    Julia Krasniqi Órája

    I big fan for you

  • Kauã Gabriel
    Kauã Gabriel Órája


  • Biaka Khupchawng

    It remind me of pet shop boys - Go west. Reason i don't even know.

  • Justin Mauda
    Justin Mauda Órája

    I would prefer psycho girls over sweet girls they are more sexy for me and yes I like sweet girls too they can also be sexy

  • Amanda Viana
    Amanda Viana Órája

    Bon Jovi plagio

  • Brain Techno
    Brain Techno Órája

    Music production is on the top

  • Tony Singh
    Tony Singh Órája

    So sweet of you

  • Sude Pelin Öçalan

    Değerini bilemiyorlar ya çıldırıcam şu şarkının güzelliğine bakııın

  • Beatriz Vidal
    Beatriz Vidal Órája

    What a great vibe!! Nice job Ava ❤️

  • eishal rasheed
    eishal rasheed Órája

    I think literally this music video might have just a 100 views by me only like its awesomeeeeee been listening this too many times it might just be unhealthy

  • Sympatikus1
    Sympatikus1 Órája

    As we have Lady Gaga, this is for me just a clone in style and music

  • Pop song with angel

    Do you want to listen my fucking crazy song that I created come and listen my babes and don't forget like and sharing it I love you so much guys

  • Damy G
    Damy G Órája

    Ava Max isnt The second Lady Gaga she is The FIRST Ava Max♥️ BTW i love her hair!

  • john armstrong
    john armstrong Órája

    She's too unique and kind

  • ms ore
    ms ore Órája

    Lady gaga’s vibe 😍😘

  • {Mysterie- studio}

    Her voice is SO good ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Wesley Felix
    Wesley Felix Órája

    Ava Max Kings & Queens could be a reference to Queen Elizabeth II, and her death this year 2020. Chess means duality, Yin and Yang, and the supper of Jesus represented in the clip indicates that there will be a betrayal in the Kingdom ?! The Sword symbolizes wars, and the white dove, the lost peace. She wore a phone with the number 6, and had a part that appeared just one eye from her, it means illuminati. And by breaking the chess part, it means that the Light and Darkness will collapse, confirming the war. It means that a third world war is coming, and will be the trigger for population reduction, a New World Order plan, and Ava Max wanted to say that in her clip.

  • Brayden Brady
    Brayden Brady Órája

    You are the best love you so much

  • AbdEllah Bril
    AbdEllah Bril Órája

    Ava Max is the new Lady Gaga

  • James Reeves
    James Reeves Órája

    Beautiful !

  • Jaro Jaric
    Jaro Jaric Órája

    W. O. W

  • DimkaDmitry
    DimkaDmitry Órája

    stealing is bad : huchannel.info/video/npXeopjdiWmVYaY

  • Monika W
    Monika W Órája

    Fake Lady Gaga...

  • rkmworldwideOfficial

    Thank you for noticing South Africa.

  • Alper Surgit
    Alper Surgit Órája

    I love you ava

  • Mellong Walker
    Mellong Walker Órája

    It sounds like You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon jovi

  • Mehdi M
    Mehdi M Órája

    She is not sia. She is not lady gaga. She is my ava max ♥️.

  • Calavera DE - Brawl stars


  • Area . girl
    Area . girl Órája

    This is good

  • shahmuddin77
    shahmuddin77 Órája

    I just come for Ava boobs

  • starry moonlight

    I saw the thumhnail and thought this was Lady Gaga

  • jubayer khan
    jubayer khan Órája

    fucking awesome

  • Meryl Gella
    Meryl Gella Órája

    Can you pop a champagne for me?

  • Meryl Gella
    Meryl Gella Órája

    Can I borrow the sword?

  • Miodrag Balotic
    Miodrag Balotic Órája

    Love tu songe....1.0000000

  • nehv78 Sm
    nehv78 Sm Órája

    why do I get the lady gaga vibes on her.

  • Skrou Chi
    Skrou Chi Órája


  • Elisa Domen
    Elisa Domen Órája

    Wat mooi Hoe heet dit liedje❤❤😍

  • Wolfgang Habart
    Wolfgang Habart Órája

    sounds like ABBA,.. :-)

  • Inés Ella
    Inés Ella Órája

    You ruined my childhood's song , do you really have to sexualize every God damned thing ?!? 😑

  • Phước Thuận Ngô Vương

    Quá suất sắc


    Yess you are beauty

  • Crystal Mae Vlogs & Plays

    OMAGAD😱😱You have a beautiful voice.💗💗 And you are also good at vocals💝

  • progtfn _
    progtfn _ 2 órája

    Is Ava make up pictish lol

  • sunita choudhary
    sunita choudhary 2 órája

    guys at least listen once these awsme bula dunga song once Pleaselink is here m.huchannel.info/video/mcu5nnislqnRqtg

  • Roijohn Regala
    Roijohn Regala 2 órája

    Also Ava's songs is dedicated to all dreamers and she really motivate us....😍💓

  • sunita choudhary
    sunita choudhary 2 órája

    guys at least listen once these awsme bula dunga song once Pleaselink is here m.huchannel.info/video/mcu5nnislqnRqtg

  • Roijohn Regala
    Roijohn Regala 2 órája

    Ava's voice and also her was soo charming...... Beautiful as she 💓😍

  • Vexuro Channel
    Vexuro Channel 2 órája

    #stayathome guys

  • Melody omorogbe
    Melody omorogbe 2 órája

    Amazing cover, you are truly beautiful