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Why We Aren't Getting Along...
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Megtekintés 769 E3 napja
We Want To Have A Baby...
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We're Sorry....
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Someone Broke Into Our Car..
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Things Girls Do That Guys Love...
Megtekintés 575 E2 hónapja
Doing It In Her Sisters Bed... *PRANK*
Megtekintés 684 E2 hónapja
We Prank Called Other Youtubers..
Megtekintés 417 E3 hónapja
Megtekintés 566 E3 hónapja
Couples Gift Swap! *EMOTIONAL*
Megtekintés 369 E3 hónapja
Megtekintés 344 E3 hónapja
Being A CLINGY Husband for 24 Hours!
Megtekintés 364 E3 hónapja
My Brother Walked In On Us.. *PRANK*
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  • Charlotte Berry
    Charlotte Berry 11 órája

    I would suggest a mini golden doodle because I had a golden doodle and he was very aggressive and we had to give him away and we recovered and then got a mini golden doodle and we love him much more still energetic but not to much and he is pretty big I think he is around 27 to 30 pounds which is a pretty good size! I thought you might wanna know but it is your choose. Love you guys!

  • Matthew Pecora
    Matthew Pecora 11 órája

    Dude y’all are funny as hell! 😂

  • Cinthia Sebelon
    Cinthia Sebelon 11 órája

    I acually dont have a lot of free time im bussy qhit homework the teachers send us homework

  • Makena Sparks
    Makena Sparks 11 órája

    I see you guys having a huskie

  • Brooke Byler
    Brooke Byler 11 órája

    Josh: we’re working on it Katie: it mite not be us two Alone for long. Me. There giving hints

  • Jace Strange
    Jace Strange 11 órája

    You should get a golden doodle I have one it's so amazing the breed is amazing

  • Vincent Wirch
    Vincent Wirch 11 órája

    From what you said you guys aren’t fighting, your having feuds which are completely healthy and to be honest kinda fun in a “omg it’s so annoying but I love it” kinda way.

  • Molly Howat
    Molly Howat 11 órája

    Literally don’t know how to describe how much I love yous and I watch you 247 💞💞💖💖🥺🥺🥺💖💖💞

  • Wendy Alejos
    Wendy Alejos 11 órája

    Omg when you mentioned Adi's I instantly remembered me re-watching Adi's video of pranking his fans and I thought this was a prank because of that video.

  • PoorSoul Accent
    PoorSoul Accent 11 órája

    Your nail weird af

  • Emma T
    Emma T 11 órája

    My mom loves tiger king

  • Amy Rhymer
    Amy Rhymer 11 órája

    I love you guys... you are my favorite youtubers... keep up the great work and i love your j80 fit channel! it was a great idea!

  • Megan Hallee
    Megan Hallee 11 órája

    What is your intro song name

  • Luke Broughton
    Luke Broughton 11 órája

    You guys are so close to 2 million subs great job guys

  • 03nel03ray
    03nel03ray 11 órája

    Katie's reaction was so cute! So cute that I cried!!

  • Muhd. Khairin
    Muhd. Khairin 11 órája

    Part 2

  • Muhd. Khairin
    Muhd. Khairin 11 órája

    Part 2

  • Emily Bain
    Emily Bain 11 órája

    i asked "what days will you be posting on j80 fit?? OMG I love you guys so much ahhhhhh

  • Aubree Zimmer
    Aubree Zimmer 11 órája

    the plant's name should be jimothy lol

  • Bralynn Williamson
    Bralynn Williamson 11 órája

    I have a miniature golden doodle you should get a miniature

  • Mackenzie Norris
    Mackenzie Norris 11 órája

    That it’s not Christmas joke will always stay with them lol

  • Haven Pizana
    Haven Pizana 11 órája

    If you bread two goldendoodles puppies won't shed!

  • Elaine & Alida
    Elaine & Alida 11 órája

    they dident kiss for a whole 15 minutes strait

  • Noemi Iniguez
    Noemi Iniguez 11 órája

    Josh haves the same birthday as my older brother and the will both probably spend it in quarantine

  • Tara Crittendem
    Tara Crittendem 11 órája

    All we want to know if y’all had sex

  • Olivia A-P
    Olivia A-P 11 órája

    Please adopt your puppy! I know breeders have some cute ones, but there are amazing ones in the shelter too! Too many dogs are put down every year. Anyway, congratulations on the house. It’s amazing.

  • Olivia Thomas
    Olivia Thomas 11 órája

    This is a weird question but what is your intro song called I love the song so much ps love this Channel

  • davdjp22
    davdjp22 11 órája


  • Yeti08 Flick
    Yeti08 Flick 11 órája

    Who has it harder Like:boys Comment:girls

  • Eternitee S
    Eternitee S 11 órája

    Toe nails lol

  • Juju C.
    Juju C. 11 órája

    Why have they been making so many dirty jokes lately? Lol

  • Emily E
    Emily E 11 órája

    Omg you guys should totally get a golden-doodle they are literally so cute!! I have a mini one and I love her so much. She sure is a lot of work, but you guys would love one so much if you got one!! I just started watching your videos and there so funny I love you guys so much!!💗

  • Aubrey Frederick
    Aubrey Frederick 11 órája

    Also it turns out my sister is born on the same day as Josh,Crazy!!

  • peggy Haro
    peggy Haro 11 órája

    Jatie forever

  • Flip Kids
    Flip Kids 11 órája

    I think you are disagreeing and not fighting which you need in a good relationship

  • Mika Reis
    Mika Reis 11 órája

    My question was in here yay! Thx Jatie! 🥳

  • Dasaney Evans
    Dasaney Evans 11 órája


  • Dasaney Evans
    Dasaney Evans 11 órája

    Katie looks like her sister

  • Srisha Nama
    Srisha Nama 11 órája

    This is probably another prank 🙄

  • Hayden Sanford
    Hayden Sanford 11 órája

    Joshs Bday is 2 days after mine

  • Eternitee S
    Eternitee S 11 órája

    I think they were trying to tell us that Katie is pregnant

  • Daboss Boss
    Daboss Boss 11 órája

    Da fuck

  • Chloe Giggles
    Chloe Giggles 11 órája

    Who knows where they live because my lil sis think she sow you in like park because we are the biggest fan of you guys. Love you guys thanks for inspiration that you make

  • Udita Jazlyn
    Udita Jazlyn 11 órája

    bro at like 2:20 2:23 ish she looked like dat 1 tictoker i forgot his name but i think it’s Josh😭 y’all kno who i’m talking abt

  • TeeDee Bee
    TeeDee Bee 11 órája

    I cannot WAIT till you guys start planning your wedding once this corono is over!! I love you guys so much ❤

  • meggz B
    meggz B 11 órája

    YESSSS puppies!!! NO KIDS YALL. Lmao fuck that. Stick with the puppies. Puppy room will be perffffff 💕 I’m so happy to hear this lol

  • Danielle Sparks
    Danielle Sparks 11 órája

    i think they are gonna get a puppy not a baby 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • vanessa fallas
    vanessa fallas 11 órája

    which country are you fighting?

  • Alondra Brignoni
    Alondra Brignoni 11 órája

    I feel bad for Katie she almost cry😭

  • Julia f.
    Julia f. 11 órája

    get a miniature golden doodle... i have one and he’s the best. super smart and trainable, compassionate and he doesn’t need that much space to run around... he runs around my house for exercise

  • Sherri Buckner
    Sherri Buckner 11 órája

    Funny prank 😂😆

  • BIGMAM 77
    BIGMAM 77 11 órája


  • Becky Myhre
    Becky Myhre 11 órája

    Have jatie babys

  • Aubree Maxwell
    Aubree Maxwell 11 órája

    I start online school tmr and i have 1st period athletics and so i am going to use they j8tiefit videos to workout to in the morning before i do my classes!! <3

  • Dianna Rios
    Dianna Rios 11 órája

    Awwwwwwwww I never want Jatie to end they are so cute together🥰❤️

  • alyssa chase
    alyssa chase 11 órája

    My wedding for June is canceled 🥺 we are getting legally married May 9th on 7th year anniversary. Then later we are going to have a unity ceremony and reception.

  • Draegan Hunter
    Draegan Hunter 11 órája

    Omg there gonna have baby!!

  • Liamplayztoomuch
    Liamplayztoomuch 11 órája

    Cancel the engagement Katie NOW!

  • Chloe Halsnik
    Chloe Halsnik 11 órája

    Get a Greyhound! They are in need of homes!

  • Amy Byrne
    Amy Byrne 11 órája

    Gotta love how they saying that's their first house and that they waiting for their dream house like wow their house now is my dream house 😂😂man I feel so poor !

  • Jocelyn Urrea
    Jocelyn Urrea 11 órája

    U guys didint even answer some questions 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • simplyy zoe
    simplyy zoe 11 órája

    Love you guys, But sometimes don’t think your that honest to JATIE

  • Samira Gbor
    Samira Gbor 11 órája

    How bout call her the d word dick for an video and see her reaction

  • Jordan Windhorst
    Jordan Windhorst 11 órája

    really!!🙄 i want you guys to have kids reply if you agree

  • Adam Depasacheeto
    Adam Depasacheeto 11 órája

    Perfect high speed wireless security system that's very tech for y'all, Smith and Wesson M&P nine sheild boom there ya go security

  • Andrea Peririn
    Andrea Peririn 11 órája

    Yessssssss!!!! They should totally get a dogggggg!

  • Lauren Reddy
    Lauren Reddy 11 órája

    More pranks?

  • rachelle10 Yule
    rachelle10 Yule 11 órája

    When you sed have a baby did you guys mean have sex

  • Kelly turgeon
    Kelly turgeon 11 órája

    they exposed themselves tho 💀💀

  • Reagan B
    Reagan B 11 órája

    I live Michigan

  • Kyrsten Cutler
    Kyrsten Cutler 11 órája

    Check your cars we dont want anything to happen to you guys😔💙

  • Andrea Peririn
    Andrea Peririn 11 órája

    Are you going to get a dog

  • Brian Buckler
    Brian Buckler 11 órája

    I live in Michigan Like if you do

  • Anaya&aaliyah 4ever
    Anaya&aaliyah 4ever 11 órája

    Lol why are some people trying ruin there relationship 😂😂😂❤️

  • Son'lea Tee
    Son'lea Tee 11 órája

    Hi Jaytie Vlogs🤗 Love the background, you guys did a beautiful job👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Maria Karam
    Maria Karam 11 órája

    Guys don't you find that everyday vlogging is not good bcz when you do it you will be all day worrying of what will the context be and what we will shoot today, so I advise you to vlog like 3 times a week it's more healthy and always ''quality over quantity''❤

  • GraceyG123
    GraceyG123 11 órája

    omg i literally stopped watching you channel because i thought you guys broke up and why would i give you money from my likes if ur not even a couple channel

  • San Diego Lover
    San Diego Lover 11 órája

    Wait so why make that break up video so real? Katie was balling her eyes out, and on top of that you never made a video that it was just a prank.

  • Karene Hardy
    Karene Hardy 11 órája

    Subscrib Pls

  • Kensley Williams
    Kensley Williams 11 órája

    When will more of the marry me hoodies come out

  • Chiya
    Chiya 11 órája

    your video getting boring to much clickbait.☹️

  • Rachelle Harper
    Rachelle Harper 11 órája

    #nail wars 🤔 just saying...

  • Noelle Keifer
    Noelle Keifer 11 órája

    I have a back golden doodle and he is the best most playful adorable puppy! You should deffinatley get one! That is the dog i want went I get older!

  • Lisa Duyndam
    Lisa Duyndam 11 órája

    Jatie telling they’re pregnant Dallin: wait no way brooooo. For real?? Cool bro Bella: (clapping her hands like a pinguin) in shock 😯 it is ok it is ok it is ok it is ok. WoW wait really? Thats so cool 😂😂😂😂boys vs. girls😂😂

  • Calvin Daniels
    Calvin Daniels 11 órája

    Ko ok ko

  • Kitty Yang
    Kitty Yang 11 órája

    Me: *sees tiger* Also me: *i want one*

  • Andrea Peririn
    Andrea Peririn 11 órája

    I wish they would get a dog it would be so cute

  • sua Kim
    sua Kim 11 órája

    Omg that’s so cute! U guys should rlly get a dog! And I have a golden doodle and they r adorable and they don’t shed so they r rlly good! Love u

  • Sophie Thomasian
    Sophie Thomasian 11 órája

    If you guys want to get out of your comfort zone and move somewhere else, you guys should move to Arizona is hot almost all year long.

  • Addison Hargis
    Addison Hargis 11 órája

    Katie: Do we take baths together josh:umm katie: yes let’s move on

  • Annika Olesh
    Annika Olesh 11 órája

    Team Katie Girlfriend

  • Ashley Kopecky
    Ashley Kopecky 11 órája

    Holy crap im a triplet and my birthday is April 11th

  • Gacha life girl
    Gacha life girl 11 órája

    You should get a goldendoole iam getting one

  • Jessica A.
    Jessica A. 11 órája

    I like your make up if everybody agrees like mine

  • Damiyah Gladney
    Damiyah Gladney 11 órája

    they are pranking us

  • Aubrey Burgess
    Aubrey Burgess 11 órája

    Wait so are they having a baby or getting a dog I’m confused 😂

  • kristen dinkins
    kristen dinkins 11 órája

    Katie: who was right about the toilet paper.!!?? I was right about the toilet paper!!!

  • Aubrey Frederick
    Aubrey Frederick 11 órája

    When you look at the views and comments and relize that you are so late. T_T

  • em br
    em br 12 órája

    They're getting a dog

  • Molly Arft
    Molly Arft 12 órája

    Not getting along is normal for all couples and I’m glad y’all realize that! Luv y’all!