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Game Theory: No More Games
Megtekintés 17 hónapja
The $1.7 Million Lie
Megtekintés 3Évvel
They stole $1.7 million
Megtekintés 6Évvel


  • Vance Leroux
    Vance Leroux Órája

    what if the explorer dropped the disks and the creeper picked them up and thats why when a skelly kills it, it drops the disk for another mob to pick up and take care of for him?

  • Itzrulerz
    Itzrulerz Órája

    what if Herobrine was one of the "ancient builders" who is the last of his race who was also banished for having powers and is now the only one alive and believes that something killed his races, or a group of people(pillagers)

  • Lightning
    Lightning Órája

    If only he new about 2020

  • Biggles
    Biggles Órája

    Me watching this video and checking off the list: 1. Average Age 33: Check (almost there, currently 30) 2. Male: Check 3. History of having sleep paralysis: Check 4. Nightmares of being chased: Check 5. From South East Asia: Check Well... I am fucked... -_-

  • Ana Bananabell
    Ana Bananabell Órája

    9:26 that is why they rival each other. who wore it better. *GAMER'S ADDITION*

  • Nathan Niemi
    Nathan Niemi Órája

    It’s not the darkest theory I have ever haerd

  • rockinrenoMC
    rockinrenoMC Órája

    Herobrine was a confirmed part of the game. There was an update saying they removed him. Whether or not they actually had one and removed it they still acknowledged it as a part of the games lore.

  • Spade
    Spade Órája

    Who knows? Maybe the Illigers saw the ancient builders with cats and chickens and tried to recreate them. Maybe like the story that Matpat told in the episode, the Illigers are trying to bring the builders back when they fled to the end. The illigers must have seen them go into the portals, So they made many objects and animals found with the builders in hopes that they may return. That might also explain why the fake portals are in the woodland mansions. The strong holds where end portals are found are deep underground. Inaccessible to those who can’t mine like the builders. But the Illigers don’t understand how the portals work, so they just throw together what they have to attempt to bring them back. Just a thought...

  • KittyKat 24
    KittyKat 24 Órája

    Maybe the vindicators have blue eyes because the other Illagers tryed to inject lapis lazuli into them to make them gods big in the process failed making them have blue eyes and making them stupider and that’s why they use axes as weapons not swords or long distance weapons (this is just an idea I have really no evidence behind this it’s just a guess)

  • TV Atomic
    TV Atomic Órája

    Herobrine never existed he was made up to scare 10 year olds

  • Chase Barca
    Chase Barca Órája

    I’m sure they just snort the lapis

  • Jason Hinoguin
    Jason Hinoguin Órája

    Honey:*replaces it's just a theory* It's just a theory:sad noices

  • Plush
    Plush Órája

    WTF IS HAPPENING RIGHT KNOW are you that dickhead bijuu mike

  • Zamashoe
    Zamashoe Órája

    Matpat, who is the man behind the slaughter?

  • Destroya52
    Destroya52 Órája

    So you mean like how the predators spliced human dna to improve themselves resulting in the super predator from the predator 2018 except their not freaking zombie things !!!

  • Deerwer
    Deerwer Órája

    Well the evoked can summon vexes so that’s something

  • 100 subs? Challenge

    In the intro robie rotten was number 01 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • logan robson
    logan robson Órája

    the thing I don't get is how they created life using wool. Iron golems are made out of iron and drop Iron when they die, snow golems are made out of snow and drop snow when they die, so by that logic if zombies were made out of wool they should drop something like string, but they don't they drop rotten flesh when they die

  • Bbear Hill
    Bbear Hill Órája

    Herobrine was never in the game, but he’s not unofficial either, he was always in the patch notes and whatnot

  • AntDoesStuff !
    AntDoesStuff ! Órája

    Instead of making them sorter make it longer

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu Órája

    " Greg feels compelled go to the restaurant. " It's giving me some serious Hey kid I got free candy just get in the van vibes.

  • Maren King
    Maren King Órája

    perhaps the illagers that were first cast out of the villages remembered the many cats roaming free and the many chickens that were used as livestock in small farms. being cargo cultists as well as using practices of magic over life and death like film theory suggested, they might have been trying to bring the wool animals to life or building a sort of monument for them, since cats and chickens don't really roam around in the forest where the woodland mansions are. (:

  • Amoeebaaa
    Amoeebaaa Órája

    Their eyes are blue cause of lapis or somethin

  • Jonah Holland
    Jonah Holland Órája

    Where did mat pat go

  • munky shunky
    munky shunky Órája

    Haha he talk about science when he was just talking about the souls of kids possessing robots

  • cuddle feesh
    cuddle feesh Órája

    cough *hybrids* cough

  • Jordan Schwyhart

    theres somthing you forgot the jungle temple

  • Nathan Niemi
    Nathan Niemi Órája

    Well you don’t technically need agriculture to live

  • CodeNameKTM
    CodeNameKTM Órája

    Hey, Steve may be a descendant to the old builders. And remember that's just a THEORY. A TEENY TINY MINI THEORY.

  • Louisa McHugh
    Louisa McHugh Órája

    Well happy 6 years old

  • Nathaniel Templeton

    matpat the block of lava is an end crystal

  • The Darker Side
    The Darker Side Órája

    What if the villagers can use telepathy or something

  • Peterson Family
    Peterson Family Órája

    does anybody create a MineCraft world and almost always accidentally come across a woodland mansion?

  • nevaeh maendel
    nevaeh maendel Órája

    Hello 2020s new fnaf game Come sooner

  • Goose Moose
    Goose Moose Órája

    “Shouldn’t be much of a problem when your isolated alone in an underground bunker” With the current situation I might just start a banana farm in my basement...

  • Dylan Ryan
    Dylan Ryan Órája

    Good luck getting your money back

  • Careless_ Is_Me123

    The end portal barrier/block actually has the texture of end stone, so how would these ancient people craft the portal?

  • Inbedded
    Inbedded Órája

    *PidgeonTamer was slain by Zombie Pigman*

  • Mathematty
    Mathematty Órája

    This possibility is pointless but what if the ender mites were the horses the builders brought to the end

  • Mimikyu TV
    Mimikyu TV Órája

    I have a mini theory: what if the vexs are actually the souls of the undead that failed? Because its bound to fail sometimes maybe thats why ravengers where introduced so late into the game and the evokers are the only ones that can summon them.

  • EpicXman 3000
    EpicXman 3000 Órája

    If fnaf ends up in smash, I might end my life

  • Alma Garcia
    Alma Garcia Órája

    18:25 is Sans one?

  • SansyBoy 14
    SansyBoy 14 Órája

    Rate 5 stars is back. Rip

  • Ms. MedicMain
    Ms. MedicMain Órája

    This video is cursed. Lmfao

  • Wonder dolphin
    Wonder dolphin Órája

    I have an idea why vindicator have blue eyes. Because there brain is lapis

  • MyAssHurts
    MyAssHurts Órája

    Matpat: *says it'll not be longer than 10 minutes* Video: 11:53... *sighs*

    • MyAssHurts
      MyAssHurts Órája

      Also, I'm gonna completely ignore the herobrine part, sorry, but no... Let's not go there.

  • Caden Tomczak
    Caden Tomczak Órája

    But if it is a dream spring trap and plush trap are two different characters also the hat about the new games and book and and the movie coming soon and and and 2020 in general for this series

  • GabrielKD
    GabrielKD Órája

    Calculation/algorithm-wise, yea, not 3d.

  • Dungeons And Dumb Stupid Idiots

    These animals were scanned and they are negative. There is no way to debate this. Look up the idea of your theory before you put time and effort into your video.

  • Safi jiiva
    Safi jiiva Órája

    Man dont worry about what mean things that other says about your videos, I like your videos and it's up to you what your videos are going to be about not what others think it should be,keep up the good work

  • trump 2020
    trump 2020 Órája

    Bruh it's Steve he can cary an infinite amount of materiel because of shulker boxes

  • Christopher Kelly

    Why don't the mobs attack the illigers

  • ABG
    ABG Órája


    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu Órája

      I will not lie and admit tiktok got me back into fnaf after four years of neglect... so much has changed omg

  • Cooper Peters
    Cooper Peters Órája


  • Cooper Peters
    Cooper Peters Órája


  • dane snee
    dane snee Órája

    at the world war 2 part of the video i forgot it was about minecraft

  • Cooper Peters
    Cooper Peters Órája


  • Cooper Peters
    Cooper Peters Órája


  • Nightmare Fredbear

    I’m gonna make my own FNAF Book series There’s gonna be a big test chamber with shattered glass everywhere and a trail of footprints The footprints Lead to the animatronic Nightmare himself

  • Andrei Mojica
    Andrei Mojica Órája

    hey its pixlriffs!!

  • Official LilSpadey

    I trade my emeralds with 2 b 2 t players for diamonds

  • Pensive Scarlet
    Pensive Scarlet Órája

    I am surprised you didn't mention how this all also seems to be a way of including the game's composer within the context of the game itself. Also, this might be over-thinking, but since the steel for making fire is in the shape of a "C" is there any association between flint and the number "148" within the game? Or maybe between "148" and paper?

  • colezurs
    colezurs Órája

    Matpat: Solves a fnaf mystery Scott: 𝗠𝗮𝗸𝗲𝘀 𝗮 𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝗳𝗻𝗮𝗳 𝗴𝗮𝗺𝗲

  • Jasmine Duplantier


  • ABigLoser •
    ABigLoser • Órája

    Sans: *exist* Mat: Im about to expose this man's whole career...

  • Johnny_JD
    Johnny_JD Órája

    This theory just like the rest of this channel is bullshit

  • Ship Wreck
    Ship Wreck Órája


  • sssamurai
    sssamurai Órája

    It’s ok squidy. Just imagine him with a beard. *OH NO HES HOT! *

  • Tuna Öztuncer
    Tuna Öztuncer Órája

    Btw "The Platform" is a great movie, you should make a video about it

  • The United Kingdom of the Sudrian Isles

    #MATPAT for President!

  • Jarrod A
    Jarrod A Órája

    if there goal get the builders back why do they attack us then? (I'm sure we basically the ancient builders in nutshell)

  • NightLock 888
    NightLock 888 Órája

    *laughs in infinite update *

  • Jackbisamazing
    Jackbisamazing Órája

    Wait until you see piglins

  • Sir Spiffy
    Sir Spiffy Órája

    Hey guys is this real? It is apparently a new Help Wanted update

  • Kat Cat
    Kat Cat Órája

    Nine sounds like Bill cypher to me.

  • Sherri Defesche
    Sherri Defesche Órája

    I love your Theory don't stop

  • B Drossaert
    B Drossaert Órája

    But wy do they attack us

  • oolala fuega
    oolala fuega Órája

    Also there was a tribe that thought that one of our politicians was their god LOL i forget with politician but he was a really promimate one tho like we all know who he is i just forget his name Anyway they had a picture of him somehow and so then started warshiping it and eventually that politician went to visit the island and they were estatic and treated him like a king

  • Anthony Navarro
    Anthony Navarro Órája

    The sunken land is just like atlantis

  • Nathan Donnelly
    Nathan Donnelly Órája

    I too take towels to the Nether.

  • Marion Zaalman
    Marion Zaalman Órája

    use gallium it's denser and less toxic

  • Marvin Marvellous

    you not say pillAGers what bout dem

  • O Pataqueiro
    O Pataqueiro Órája

    Finally, i finished this fnaf's theories marathon to understand the fnaf memes.


    Why doesn’t any country go back to the people who cargo cult their things in WW2?

  • Juan Salvador
    Juan Salvador Órája

    This video makes me sleep

  • Teng Fonacier
    Teng Fonacier Órája


  • game champ
    game champ Órája

    Do a episode on how much money Phineas and Ferb spent.

  • Talmarok Games and Fans

    Is the crying child (fnaf 4) golden freddy

  • unknown
    unknown Órája

    theory they did it iilagers made steves lots of them but they escape in the end and iilagers try to make an end portal to take them back

  • oolala fuega
    oolala fuega 2 órája

    Has there been any cases of people from these uncontacted tribes having left their island and come to civilization? Id like to know if so that is an interesting case study man

  • Nightmare Fredbear
    Nightmare Fredbear 2 órája

    7:39 Plushtrap just got every bone in his SKULL shattered by ultimate Custom Night

  • Oliver Jones
    Oliver Jones 2 órája

    Matpat: it would be someone who created the universe Me: STAN LEE!!! Matpat: and no not Stan Lee Me: **sad marvel fan noises**

  • Black Sparrow7
    Black Sparrow7 2 órája

    his eyes are blue because of Steve he has blue eyes

  • Black Sparrow7
    Black Sparrow7 2 órája

    their eyes are blue, cause Steve he has blue eyes

  • CorkBulb
    CorkBulb 2 órája

    I knew the Samurai would win from the start. And ultimately, the SPARTAN was history's greatest ancient world warrior! Has ANYONE ever seen Spike TV's "The Deadliest Warrior"? DUH! Or am I just too old? :(

  • Boxericom
    Boxericom 2 órája


  • enderboy lowe
    enderboy lowe 2 órája

    Maybe there trying to craft just like us the builders

  • Jessica Godin
    Jessica Godin 2 órája

    Go bowser

  • Kody H-V
    Kody H-V 2 órája

    WOW, Good job Matpat! By the time I watched your second boneworks theory I realized the dog was David.

    • Kody H-V
      Kody H-V 2 órája

      In a nice way. Just sayin