Lyrical Lemonade
Lyrical Lemonade
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Cole Bennett | 2019 Music Video Reel
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Cole Bennett | 2017 Music Video Reel
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  • Bé Núp ra Giang hồ

    2:01 I thought it juicewrld

  • Lil Imbecile
    Lil Imbecile 7 órája

    Him: Trucks Some guy named juice: drugs,overdosed 😂 we all know whos superior.

  • ccghcf vvgvccg
    ccghcf vvgvccg 7 órája

    Why is Addison Rae in this song


    #stayathome will make this song hits 1Billion views😍😍 who agree?

  • Mario Lopez leon
    Mario Lopez leon 7 órája

    That guitar. 🔥

  • Pauli Oviedo
    Pauli Oviedo 7 órája

    Alguien más vino por tik tok? Xd

  • Wynn The bullrider
    Wynn The bullrider 7 órája

    1:13 why did you do my bro rhino like that

  • Cai Williams
    Cai Williams 7 órája

    Did he say nigga 2:39

  • Ps4 Addictionz
    Ps4 Addictionz 7 órája


  • Erick Jiménez
    Erick Jiménez 7 órája

    All legends fall in the making

  • kaio rie
    kaio rie 7 órája

    the video not that hype

  • Jedi master shrek
    Jedi master shrek 7 órája

    Lil pump the kinda guy to jump in the ocean to see if it's wet

  • Vsyes
    Vsyes 7 órája

    lil pump the type a guy to sell his house to pay rent

  • Dylan Ferguson
    Dylan Ferguson 7 órája


  • OneTrickRiven
    OneTrickRiven 7 órája

    Here before 100M

  • Huge One Piece Fan
    Huge One Piece Fan 7 órája

    Nobody talking bout Addison?? 😬😜

  • LaLa Sucks
    LaLa Sucks 7 órája

    so true

  • Jayden Ongko
    Jayden Ongko 7 órája

    When you nearly die

  • VICI
    VICI 7 órája

    When you roblox girl friend is a boy

  • Hank lowery
    Hank lowery 7 órája

    The most hype I’ve seen lil Tecca in a music video

  • Jedi master shrek
    Jedi master shrek 7 órája

    Lil pump the kinda guy to study for a hiv test

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez 7 órája

    Cole stay safe out there.

  • Eliotzel Castro
    Eliotzel Castro 7 órája

    if your to cold for a girlfriend i got a blanket

  • RO Y A L
    RO Y A L 7 órája

    This song: exists TikTok: *I’ve got you in my sights*

  • Juggalo Rust
    Juggalo Rust 7 órája

    Faygo is the shit whoop whoop

  • AyeItsMeEv
    AyeItsMeEv 7 órája

    Jschlatt: Whats POPPIN?

  • angel9289 O
    angel9289 O 7 órája

  • Benjamin Cruz
    Benjamin Cruz 7 órája

    A lot of girls say your fancy do you say thanks winky face and they and the girl say I love you

  • IamChuyy
    IamChuyy 7 órája

    I found out juice when he had 900 followers on Instagram. We texted a little then and when he blew up. His energy and his music kept me going in my darkest times. I miss you so much. Till this day I still don’t believe you’ve passed. I’m getting 999 tatted on my wrist for you bro 🙌🏽 I promise

  • Bow Hello
    Bow Hello 7 órája

    Niggas who do montages of fortnite ruin every good song and tick cockers

  • Octa Lr
    Octa Lr 7 órája

    douuu es muy buena la cancion

  • Mahdi Guda
    Mahdi Guda 7 órája


  • Benjamin Cruz
    Benjamin Cruz 7 órája

    Add frozen blueberries

    HIRZ KING 7 órája


  • Deadly!
    Deadly! 7 órája

    bro wtf kid laroi

  • RealKrishu
    RealKrishu 7 órája

    Look at the pink dudes hand 1:36

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez 7 órája

    0:42 He's the whitest black guy ever.

  • ObeyPxnch
    ObeyPxnch 7 órája

    Turn this blue to activate being a billionare 👇🏼

  • AngelXpOfficial Z
    AngelXpOfficial Z 7 órája

    I wonder who got a free off white hat rip your friends hat

  • Diego '
    Diego ' 7 órája

    No encuentro ningun comentario en español :(

  • Zero
    Zero 7 órája

    I miss you man

  • 임영훈
    임영훈 7 órája


  • EmberlyRose
    EmberlyRose 7 órája

    His music has really inspired me and has really helped me get through shit. Ive been writing music for many years now, and have always wanted to go somewhere in this industry. I would really like some opinions on my music:)

  • LegendaryRyanYT
    LegendaryRyanYT 7 órája

    Lil mosey at 17: making music me at 17: ‘How to build a creeper in minecraft’

  • ObeyPxnch
    ObeyPxnch 7 órája

    Like if Lil Mosey more white than Michael Jackson..

  • Savage Kid
    Savage Kid 7 órája

    Who is here before 200M?

  • CrtlYT
    CrtlYT 7 órája

    Blue face walkin like a cartoon😂😂

  • Eliotzel Castro
    Eliotzel Castro 7 órája

    we miss you juice wrld you lived a good life and you were a legend we all miss you rip :(

  • Steve Ruiz
    Steve Ruiz 7 órája

    who else fucking hates tiktok

  • Alif Permana
    Alif Permana 7 órája

    0:49 kid laroi?

  • Blake Paull
    Blake Paull 7 órája

    i remember when lil mosey was little and he bashed me

  • oliver
    oliver 7 órája

    Corona virus gave "ima spend this holiday locked in" a new meaning 😭

  • 4Life Entertainment

    Another banger

  • Hector Castaneda
    Hector Castaneda 7 órája


  • Uncomfortable
    Uncomfortable 7 órája

    0:57 when my wife’s boyfriend lets me eat hot Cheetos before bed

  • SDW_ Xscooter313X
    SDW_ Xscooter313X 7 órája

    Casually at the hype house

  • Gaming Velocity
    Gaming Velocity 7 órája

    Producer: How much effects you want? Mosey: Yes

  • Nalani Pahia
    Nalani Pahia 7 órája


  • Tommy Brown
    Tommy Brown 7 órája

    R I P juice world

  • Epic MadrigalIRL
    Epic MadrigalIRL 7 órája

    Bruh this is so slept on

  • taehee Han
    taehee Han 7 órája

    Is Mosey actually black? I'm an Asian, but he looks whiter than me

  • HHigh Voltage
    HHigh Voltage 7 órája

    Did you know. He a nigga ahh

  • Bow Hello
    Bow Hello 7 órája

    Ion care what yall niggas say but tikcokers ruined the song ong. they don't know the damage they doing to the song it kills the song with there cringe ass dances.

  • goated yup
    goated yup 7 órája

    can yall do better why yall hating he is doing good for him self

  • CounterSteak9
    CounterSteak9 7 órája

    0:32 me when I see food magically respawn the fridge when I open it up again for the millionth time

  • Jaime Garay
    Jaime Garay 7 órája

    😍😍🥰🥰 love it!!

  • Blooo
    Blooo 7 órája

    all the little kids who got away with saying hell from the intro: 😎😎😎

  • Snotteh
    Snotteh 7 órája

    lol heard this ages ago

  • flexs III
    flexs III 7 órája

    Addison at 0:26

  • Euller Marinho
    Euller Marinho 7 órája

    Slim shady voltooooou karaai

  • WMT Bulls
    WMT Bulls 7 órája

    Your music is cool too Lil Mosey ayeee🤘🏻🔥

  • Lily OHarrow
    Lily OHarrow 7 órája


  • Peter Anto
    Peter Anto 7 órája

    Esta song esta de lujo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Alguno sabe como se llama ese buzo azul que tiene estaba brabazo ese conjunto azul con rojo y blanco 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • OwO itzHyped _cookie

    Good song

  • DADDY Pig
    DADDY Pig 7 órája

    His the Luke doncic of rap

  • bumboy crazy
    bumboy crazy 7 órája


  • Japanese Nibba
    Japanese Nibba 7 órája

    This is how much Nle choppa and blue face says curse words l l V

  • Cre8tiv Comedy
    Cre8tiv Comedy 7 órája

    Who is the girl at 1:58

  • Mayank Pandey
    Mayank Pandey 7 órája

    0:33 you can see tony and Andreas Lopez in the back

  • bumboy crazy
    bumboy crazy 7 órája

    Where's lenny

  • D Hernandez
    D Hernandez 7 órája

    Is that really MGK X girlfriend in 1.02 ? 🤔🤫🤐🤣🤣🤣

  • Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor 7 órája

    This shit hard 💪🏾 big speaker!

  • Malissa sylvester
    Malissa sylvester 7 órája

    Little hubby and Addison rae are in the video

  • Gmoney BOT!!!
    Gmoney BOT!!! 7 órája

    Bruh this kid a vibe

  • Donut Hole
    Donut Hole 7 órája

    Good song just wish there was an english version

  • Braydon CL
    Braydon CL 7 órája

    00:51 when i eat something to sour

  • Jerwaski Hodges
    Jerwaski Hodges 7 órája

    Its actually RIP jared, but long live Juice WRLD👍🏽

  • Christopher GOMez
    Christopher GOMez 7 órája

    1:33 the first lady looks uuncomterble

  • XxGamer BoyxX
    XxGamer BoyxX 7 órája

    Pause at 0:23 any one else see juice wrld in that brown leather sweater?

  • dr3.02
    dr3.02 7 órája

    Tiktok holds stock in the music industry without buying any stock 😭

  • John Delton Black
    John Delton Black 7 órája

    The Kid Laroi go get your girl

  • Nick Fahmi
    Nick Fahmi 7 órája

    I'm so in love with his look

    EZ_GINGEY YT 7 órája

    Never been a huge fan of Eminem but anyone can admit this slaps

  • nub marker19
    nub marker19 7 órája

    Let's be real here this is fire

  • Ltic
    Ltic 7 órája

    If he just stuck to beats like this and actual audible lyrics he would be one of the best rappers right now

  • Agent Monkey
    Agent Monkey 7 órája

    Just noticed the kid laroi is in this

  • I feel like I’m coochie man in 2006

    0% swear words 0% naked girls Wait...wrong song

  • God Speed
    God Speed 7 órája

    when you.. when you.. I’m jus tryna vibe to this song and read the comments peacefully 😔

  • Quentin Sherman
    Quentin Sherman 7 órája

    He gas this shit up on GOD

  • oldnavysGravy yyy
    oldnavysGravy yyy 7 órája

    when uzi and brittany held hands, i felt that... i miss my leslie:(