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Megjegyzés • 80

  • Lana Kovacevic
    Lana Kovacevic Órája

    I'm realy likes your songs and this song is my favorit and you are beauty more like a quinn 👑🥺

  • Geraldo Brasil
    Geraldo Brasil Órája +1

    Amiguitos Brasileiros Quem mais tá escultando essa Lenda..Pivete Sem brincadeira essa música me parece ter um estilo musical parecido com As mais antigas Eu Amei de verdade😍💜💕🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Rent Thecat
    Rent Thecat 2 órája

    Wow first time i heard this i really think this fits as an anime intro song

  • Yumi xxx
    Yumi xxx 3 órája

    *In chess,the King can move one space at the time, But Queens are free to go whereever they like*
    I love that line❤

  • isha dance forever
    isha dance forever 4 órája +1

    Here is a real thing that happened to my sister
    When she was in 3rd grade she always got bullied for being a nerd and I would make her listen to ava max songs and make her feel strong and now she stands up and speaks up

  • Electro :o
    Electro :o 4 órája

    why does this have more views than the original music video lol

  • I'm sexy boy
    I'm sexy boy 4 órája +1

    I feel like I'm in heaven when I close my eyes and listen to this song 💖

  • Cesar Granillo
    Cesar Granillo 5 órája

    noice song

  • Hamo Nassar
    Hamo Nassar 5 órája


  • Sinka Szidonia
    Sinka Szidonia 6 órája

    The music is very good😃👍🏼

  • Pamela Romero
    Pamela Romero 8 órája +3

    "In chess the King can move one space at the time , But The Queen are free to go wherever they like"
    Me:*plays chess* Yep True...Queen is powerful ~
    I love u ava max I love your songs...Keep up the good work~

  • Kobe AvellanaTv
    Kobe AvellanaTv 9 órája

    those haters will eat their words one day and see queen ava having collab with ariana lady gaga and cardi b and little mix and have a world tour 😏

  • Cacilda Eduarda
    Cacilda Eduarda 10 órája


  • Maria Gheorghe
    Maria Gheorghe 13 órája +1

    Ava max ♡♡♡♥︎♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Miss. Cake peach
    Miss. Cake peach 13 órája

    If i had 5 million phones i will sub esch phone in your chanel your soo good!!!😍😍😍

  • 傑奇
    傑奇 14 órája

    Taken from “you give love a bad name”

  • Natalie Edits
    Natalie Edits 16 órája

    *made by after effects* *i think*

  • Angelina Oliynyk
    Angelina Oliynyk 17 órája +1

    Ukraine, u are here?? 😍 It's so amazing

  • Guitar6b3rk
    Guitar6b3rk 18 órája +1

    I've done a guitar cover of this song! Anyone who's interested:
    Have a nice day :)

  • jjzombienomnom
    jjzombienomnom 18 órája

    Props to the “boss in the mirror” editing team who brought me here bc this song is amazing

  • Mrs. Rios
    Mrs. Rios 19 órája

    I made a drawing of our queen Ava la on my Instagram @screet.art! take a look, sweeties💕

  • Valya Andonova
    Valya Andonova 20 órája

    Mnogo qka pesen!!!😱😱😱

  • Ashton Werner
    Ashton Werner 20 órája

    Yas queen

  • Shawn Swag MSP
    Shawn Swag MSP 21 órája

    I want a revival of pop and rock music. Ava max is reviving these vibes.

  • Shawn Swag MSP
    Shawn Swag MSP 21 órája

    Shot through the heart and you’re to blame you give love a bad name.

  • Alice love music
    Alice love music 22 órája +1

    If I was a queen I would be like B*ch I want a hotdog

  • M G
    M G 23 órája

    well forgotten )))
    Kim Wilde "You came" or Belinda Carlisle "Heaven is a place on Earth"

  • clmoore0425
    clmoore0425 23 órája

    You give love a bad name lol sounds just like it

  • Playing With Ahmad

    became illuminati

  • yo nax
    yo nax Napja

    Gaga and Xtina having a baby...

  • Joie
    Joie Napja +2

    Can we just take a moment appreciating how much effort was put into this video with all the animation??

  • Ronika Lawrence

    I have to put this song as my ring tone for sure I love alot

  • Lyrics Blaster


  • wyntvr
    wyntvr Napja

    ngl this songs bomb but how is anyone not talking about how the chorus sounds a bit like the song Bad Boy-

  • Lorissa LPS
    Lorissa LPS Napja +1

    Is it just me or chorus sound similar to “you give love a bad name” ?

  • Crina Georgiana

    Wow 🤑

  • Dog_bones _23

    Does anybody else get snow white vibes

  • 愚かなYøkii

    This has a meaning, and it's so beautiful!

  • Elena Jung
    Elena Jung Napja

    Sounds like bon Jovi lol

  • Syrius Soos
    Syrius Soos Napja


  • CicƎяO Bɾitto彡

    Todos os clipes dela são perfeitos

  • CicƎяO Bɾitto彡

    Linda ela 💜😍😍

  • CicƎяO Bɾitto彡

    Perfeito 🎬❤️🎵

  • CicƎяO Bɾitto彡

    Uau 😍❤️

  • JoEllareads
    JoEllareads Napja

    Shot through the heart and your to blame ??? Sounds like Bon Jovi chorus to “you give love a bad name” but I guess is makes me like thos song more!

  • Bandit Buster

    Very nice song :)

  • Darek Tarkowski


  • Jason Adkins
    Jason Adkins Napja +1

    💗 ❤️❤️❤️❤️💗❤️💗❤️❤️❤️❤️💗

  • The wolf gang!

    Ava u r my fav singer and ur songs always bring me up when I’m down

  • The wolf gang!

    I love this song and the video is 100•/•👌

  • Maris Niitla
    Maris Niitla Napja


  • Alif Lazim
    Alif Lazim Napja +1

    This version is better than original MV sorry guys

  • Carlos IV
    Carlos IV Napja +1

    Here I Leave the ORIGINAL by BON JOVI:

  • Thomas Kop
    Thomas Kop Napja

    "You Give Love A Bad Name" that's what this reminds me of.

  • Adusia qq
    Adusia qq 2 napja

    Jestem tak samo ścięta na włosach jak Ava Max LOVE😘

  • Leo Daren Laforteza

    Ava Max?why is she so fabulous!!

  • Leo Rowan
    Leo Rowan 2 napja

    Who’s here after the official music video?

  • Adriano Carlos
    Adriano Carlos 2 napja

    Zajebisty i zarazem bardzo energetyczny utwór. Jedyny minus to taki, że trwa zbyt krótko 😁

  • Wesley Agustian
    Wesley Agustian 2 napja

    Ava Max is here to save pop music

  • Nathalie Hagen
    Nathalie Hagen 2 napja

    Love it --> I must think of --> Bon Jovi - You Give Love a Bad Name --> huchannel.info/video/sdfAeoG0nIfbgbY

  • Noelia Hernandez Paños

    Your hair is beautifull

  • Noelia Hernandez Paños

    Hello ava

  • Otniel Romeo
    Otniel Romeo 2 napja

    2020 could be the time for 1980s music revival.

  • ayik noeraida
    ayik noeraida 2 napja

    sounds like bon jovi “ bad name”

  • Cat IceFrost
    Cat IceFrost 2 napja +6

    "all of the queens who r fighting alone, baby your not dancing on your own"
    hits very different when i read the comments after the song
    poor ava the underrated queen :'((

  • Jasmine Plays
    Jasmine Plays 2 napja

    Omg i really like this music its like telling you dat a girl can do it all

  • Music is LiFe
    Music is LiFe 2 napja

    ❤️ fOr aVa Max

  • Ms Bandoy
    Ms Bandoy 2 napja

    The first time I heard this, the beat sounds familiar

    • Ms Bandoy
      Ms Bandoy 2 napja

      The song is You give love a bad name

  • Nguyễn Huy Hải

    You're the best

  • Demecio Añes Molle

    cute video,new video:video from ava max 🤓😛

  • Connie Girl
    Connie Girl 2 napja

    women rule the world...

  • Nevaeh Grey
    Nevaeh Grey 2 napja

    Give this gorgeous queen more love

  • roouit patan
    roouit patan 2 napja

    Honestly I'm a dude and I prefer this anytime of the radio billie eilish or dua Lipa.

  • gon
    gon 2 napja +1

    who else likes this track?

  • pecy
    pecy 2 napja

    Parece com o toque da música *Torn*

  • daruska2217
    daruska2217 2 napja

    ❤❤❤ uwielbiam
    Kto z Polski? 🇵🇱

    • roouit patan
      roouit patan 2 napja

      Her music is good, but she needs to step up her music video work, like Dua Lipa did, now both her music and her videos are awesome ♥

  • Fernanda Sanabria

    I just love this song its this song is GOLD!!!