Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)

  • Közzététel: 2020.jún.25.
  • Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)
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    directed & edited by oliver sykes
    director of photography: brian cox
    camera assistant: alissa salles
    gaffer: lee brinkley
    behind the scenes: harri charli
    la camera operator: kevin garcia
    la lighting technician: rory o'connell

    i’ve got a fever, don't breathe on me
    i'm a believer of nobody
    won't let me leave 'cause I've seen something
    hope I don't sneeze, I don't…
    really we just need to fear something
    only pretending to feel something
    i know you're dying to run
    i want to turn you around
    please remain calm
    the end has arrived
    we cannot save you
    enjoy the ride
    this is the moment
    you’ve been waiting for
    don’t call it a warning
    this is a war
    it’s the parasite eve
    gotta feeling in your stomach, ‘cause you know that it’s coming for you
    leave your flowers and grieve
    don’t forget what they told you
    when we forget the infection
    will we remember the lesson
    if the suspense doesn’t kill you
    something else will

    i heard they need better signal
    put chip and pins in the needles
    quarantine all of those secrets in that black hole you call a brain before it’s too late

    you can board up your windows
    you can lock up your doors
    but you can’t keep washing your hands of this shit any more
    when all the king’s sources and all the king’s friends don’t know their arses from their pathogens
    when life is a prison and death is a door
    this ain’t a warning
    this is a war

    #BringMeTheHorizon #ParasiteEve #BMTHParasiteEve #BringMeTheHorizonParasiteEveVideo
  • Zene

Megjegyzés • 100

  • Jayrix XuGurung
    Jayrix XuGurung 35 perccel

    Omg🤟🤟🤟🤟,, goosebumps

  • Loading
    Loading 39 perccel +1

    The "this is a war" is so dope!

  • David DHZ
    David DHZ 50 perccel

    mitochondrias will infected us soon ?

  • Erika Mueller
    Erika Mueller 54 perccel

    I'm loving this. It honestly reminds me of the Japanese Visual Kei scene and I'm totally here for it.

  • Coxy Wrecked
    Coxy Wrecked 54 perccel

    I'm def getting some Resident Evil vibes from this song.

  • Brittany Deike
    Brittany Deike 57 perccel

    Every BMTH song is a Black Mirror episode starring us.

  • Brittany Deike
    Brittany Deike 57 perccel

    Every BMTH song is a Black Mirror episode starring us.

  • doomslayer
    doomslayer Órája

    I just listened to old bring me the horizon and damn they changed probably the biggest change a band has ever made

  • shunder konjengbam

    Becoming more like Linkin park and its dope

  • Andrea Marselletti

  • Nazar Bilinskij
    Nazar Bilinskij Órája

    Чому це ахуєнно?

  • Sergio Diego Leigue Caballero

    Dónde está el BMTH de Pray for Plagues? :(

  • Alex Wezysko
    Alex Wezysko 2 órája

    На 3:30 немного изменённое интро к концерту Wildways))

  • ema jaid
    ema jaid 2 órája

    GoD like

  • TrePipie
    TrePipie 2 órája

    where is aya brea?

  • low life
    low life 2 órája

    ghost in the shell ?

  • Six stoic
    Six stoic 2 órája

    This song is perfect for that "A call to arms." Moment.
    Guess i'll see you in hell folks.

  • 666_TheSuperScaryMonster_666

    Oli should start directing films as he's gotta fantastic imagination

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 órája +1

    I had a dream that bmth did a collab with pitbull and I’m so glad they didn’t.

  • Boop Bop
    Boop Bop 3 órája

    I'm getting slight Jaden smith vibes from this

  • jangkis bae
    jangkis bae 4 órája

    Indo kumpul sini yo

  • Helen Becker
    Helen Becker 4 órája


  • Alex Goodwin
    Alex Goodwin 5 órája

    It’s better then some of the crap they’ve come out with recently. Whatever happened to that band who did songs like it never ends

  • Paullo Gamers
    Paullo Gamers 6 órája +1

    Las Plagas.

  • Aryan Gorust96
    Aryan Gorust96 6 órája

    amaizing salam from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Brit Chić
    Brit Chić 6 órája


  • eka k. h.
    eka k. h. 6 órája

    Cant stop listening, addicted 😍

  • Spoony49
    Spoony49 7 órája

    Bring me the Horizon and Falling in Reverse have been hitting different than anyone else lately.

  • Проц Данил


  • Андрей Саитамов

    We need Parasite Eve 3

  • Sammy Кросс
    Sammy Кросс 9 órája

    Бринги вернулись🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Dahon ng Malunggay
    Dahon ng Malunggay 9 órája

    I hope Cyberpunk 2077 make this song their soundtrack

  • ne ko
    ne ko 10 órája

    Eu nunca vou parar de amar vocês

  • Рыжа блекфламе

    Мерзкий клип все сатанисты поют о всякой дряни вакцинацию продвигают не быть такому, не суждено сбыться вашим планом народ сильнее вашей слабой энергетики

  • Patriotstream Media
    Patriotstream Media 10 órája +1

    anyone else have this and ludens on repeat for the past week

  • Stae vin
    Stae vin 12 órája

    erghen diado in the intro is the catchiest part of the song

  • Lili
    Lili 12 órája +1

    I just notice they missed the word "Call" in 00:53 😅 or is it right? 🤔🤔

  • ES Design
    ES Design 12 órája

    I want the Instagram of that sexy female voice over.

    • BW Depre
      BW Depre 58 perccel

      She's the Oliver's wife

  • ES Design
    ES Design 12 órája +1

    It truly is a parasite eve. Bad fucking ass!!

  • Guck Foogle
    Guck Foogle 12 órája

    Missed the mark for me. Sounds too industrial/dance.

  • ES Design
    ES Design 12 órája +1

    Fucking epic. There are no other words. I am not worthy.

  • dina miiiee
    dina miiiee 13 órája

    I lit had goosebumps. Wow

  • Joshua Deren
    Joshua Deren 13 órája

    All of their different stges have produced amazing songs, but 'Tell Slater Not To Wash His Dick' is their best song IMO

  • Hadja 410
    Hadja 410 14 órája

    This song would fit perfectly in cyberpunk

  • Homicidal Vegan
    Homicidal Vegan 14 órája +1

    Literally cannot wait to see this live

  • Tassia Ramona
    Tassia Ramona 15 órája +1

    Come on bro, what drug is this, I love it!

  • Rawr Mosh
    Rawr Mosh 15 órája +2

    Pray for plague 2.0

  • 安琪
    安琪 15 órája +1

    ayy ayy

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis 15 órája +1

    This song is better than the entirety of Amo

  • A L
    A L 16 órája +1

    man, now I want one of those masks lol

  • r o d y h c
    r o d y h c 16 órája +1

    I can't belive this song is real... what a masterpiece!

  • Lory Bowgray
    Lory Bowgray 17 órája


  • Lucas Ferreyra Silva

    en estos dias sigo sin entender al nuevo Bring Me The Horizon pero como Fan no tan antiguo de esta banda sigue gustandome.
    Pd: Sigo extrañando al antiguo BMTH :c

  • Frances Mirp
    Frances Mirp 17 órája +1

    So they try nu-metal now?

  • Exodus Chan
    Exodus Chan 17 órája +1

    Why does it look strong?xd

  • Jaylen Wilson
    Jaylen Wilson 18 órája +1

    Sounds like corona virus is the parisite eve

  • Samoil Spasovski
    Samoil Spasovski 18 órája

    I dont like that they are using balkan national singing in this song. Thats only authentic to us balkans

  • Sergio Vega
    Sergio Vega 18 órája +1

    Love it.

  • Leovel7
    Leovel7 19 órája +1

    I got infected by this video

  • Arjanator
    Arjanator 19 órája +1

    The video is a big part of the experience in my opinion.

  • los mejores videos de musica


  • Sir Vutto
    Sir Vutto 20 órája +2

    BMTH erra nunca

  • The PANDA. Project
    The PANDA. Project 20 órája +1

    please remain calm.
    the end has arrived.
    we cannot save you.
    enjoy the ride.
    fucking epic as fuck.

    KREMVH 20 órája

    Hey its Coldplay just worse!

  • Евгений Шатунов

    Perfect!! We need more!!

  • Neno Latransformacion

    They went pop lol

  • Elena Z
    Elena Z 21 órája

    Это что? Воздействие адренахрома и чипирование?

  • NIckY
    NIckY 21 órája +2

    This is such a good song I’m happy someone is still making rock

  • -
    - 21 órája

    I pretend BMTH stopped making music after their first album. That shit was fire and everything after it doesn’t even sound close to the same band.

    ANKUSH THAKRE 21 órája +2

    Day 16
    Still here listening to this Masterpiece 🤘

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson 21 órája +1

    This is the best music thing I've heard since I first discovered the songs of my youth

  • Amazin5hot
    Amazin5hot 22 órája +1

    I think this is my best song in 2020

  • trialindust
    trialindust 22 órája +1

    Video is so demonic. Oli sale his soul, I think.

    • trialindust
      trialindust 14 órája

      @Karma everything makes senses

    • trialindust
      trialindust 14 órája

      @Patriotstream Media of course, but you eyes lie to you? I'm sad that this words and music plays upon this video.

    • Patriotstream Media
      Patriotstream Media 18 órája

      did you even bother reading the lyrics in the description i mean come on. Its totally anti-new world order

    • Karma
      Karma 21 órája +1

      Lmao you're crazy it's just the video style it's not him as a person

  • trialindust
    trialindust 22 órája

    They can't save you. Calling for Jesus.

  • Alexandr Khmelevoy
    Alexandr Khmelevoy 22 órája +1

    Wow ! Its a best Pop music ever ! #musicfromsex #romantic #siphony #popsucks !

  • Ethan Pena
    Ethan Pena 22 órája

    I absolutely can't wait for the rest of Post Human to be created 😩😍

  • Yan 96
    Yan 96 23 órája

    Album Suicide Season, Sempiternal, That's spirit still the best.

  • Toy Yoda
    Toy Yoda 23 órája

    I haven't listened to bmth this much since prayer for plagues

  • Елена Ценова


  • Giorgia Mavrikis

    Is bring me the horizon actually making good music again? 😱

  • Maria Clara Ssilva

    Como eu vim para aqui? Kkkk

  • Sofwan Ashari

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Benny Synt
    Benny Synt Napja +1

    Wake Up, Tenno

  • Samuel SM
    Samuel SM Napja

    yg nyuruh2 picky picks react ini like

  • idullamatjujo _id17

    Bmth ? Theyre just go to the next level and leave another band, theyre dont need a support, they just need a hate, cause the hate will make them famous !

    So come make a new song or album, again, again, again, and i will always HATE!

  • Chocolatechocobo17

    Great song great game

  • Amol Narayankar
    Amol Narayankar Napja +1

    Song ending feels like end has really arrived

  • Viodino
    Viodino Napja

    It's like
    You go ahead boos
    Do w.e you wanna do
    Imma fucking love it anyways so good for you, you keep doing you

  • TheLouis1235
    TheLouis1235 Napja

    Kanye west already did this... I was expecting more but cool no hate

    FCK SHT Napja

    Yeah!! Bmth is back!🤘

  • Jason Crochetière

    The last album disappointed me, but this new song put me a lot of hope in their new album !

  • Aaryaman Nambiar

    Billie Eilish might just collaborate with them if they become more popular.

  • BuRnL4B
    BuRnL4B Napja +1

    Best band after linkin park 🤘🏼❤️

  • Brett Vicary-Lovegrove

    so 2020 it's scary


    HUchannel 16:40 6.191.000 Views after 40 minutes 6.190.000 views LOL

  • StreamyGiant144
    StreamyGiant144 Napja +2

    3:02 felt some Suicide Season vibes, very nice 👌🏻

  • Connection Lost
    Connection Lost Napja +1

    My guy wants to say _someFing_ so bad...

  • Stephanie Wilhelmina

    Appropriate song for a year about a pandemic and Last of Us 2

  • C B
    C B Napja

    “When we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?” is a very very clever line

  • Amoreuz
    Amoreuz Napja

    Ufff A Song That Even Epilepsy Loves UwU ❤️
    So guys are cracks ✌🏻