DaBaby - Rockstar feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)

  • Közzététel: 2020.jún.26.
  • DaBaby - Rockstar feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)
    Written | Directed by Reel Goats
    Produced by Spicy Rico
    Executive Produced by DaBaby
    Production Manager: Shaq Gonzoe
    Production Coordinator : Gemini
    Assistant Director : Gabi Rico
    DP: Logan Meis & James Rico
    Steadicam : Aser Santos
    A/C : Phillip Hoang
    Production Assistant : Robin James
    Production Assistant: Kosmic Shots
    Production Assistant: Nae
    VFX : Scissor Films
    VFX: Joe Grayem
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  • Ari Jackson
    Ari Jackson 2 órája

    Ummmmm so rude

  • Zariel H
    Zariel H 2 órája +1

    This is my favorite song

    GODZ NOVA 2 órája

    The dislike are the zombies

  • user
    user 2 órája

    only people that came from tiktok can like this

  • samuel samaroo
    samuel samaroo 3 órája

    I'll say it again... This is LIT

  • Fathead Johnson
    Fathead Johnson 3 órája

    I'm probably the only one who've never seen this on tiktok before coming here

  • xx x
    xx x 3 órája

    한국인 있냐?

  • Pantharrr
    Pantharrr 3 órája

    this is the first song that actually made my headphones shake with bass wtf

  • Jamal Forrest
    Jamal Forrest 3 órája

    What is this country..trap..folk music

  • Lit indzto
    Lit indzto 3 órája +1

    Who here before 100MIL views?!!

  • RobloxBoi6678
    RobloxBoi6678 3 órája +1

    Thank you for making me notice the world is in the worst times R.I.P George Floyd he never deserved this

  • will brack
    will brack 3 órája


  • NullieGullie
    NullieGullie 3 órája

    About the power of a dp-12.

  • Yovani Ramiro
    Yovani Ramiro 3 órája

    Who hates tic tok like this👎

  • Grant Pickering
    Grant Pickering 3 órája

    Well, I’ve never been on tik tock but I have to say this song is a banger but this video is straight garbage.This zombie apocalypse/resident evil crap is really disappointing for how hard this song goes! Really wasn’t what I was expecting. 🤷

  • Dj Fanizi
    Dj Fanizi 3 órája

    Who like to play this song in car 🚘

  • wesline reyna
    wesline reyna 3 órája

    tell me how this turned into a good song to listen to slowmode but then it just turned into a rap song by rick ross

  • UZI zayd
    UZI zayd 3 órája +1

    *This song is harder than my dad's belt*

  • Lovear
    Lovear 3 órája


  • Darlene Mays
    Darlene Mays 3 órája +2


  • Leanderson Sousa
    Leanderson Sousa 3 órája +1

    Vim pelo history do EDUKOF kkkk

  • Melanie Tucker
    Melanie Tucker 3 órája +1

    When when we get into a cop car

  • s t a r e
    s t a r e 4 órája +1

    tiktok has ruined this song for me, we need to abolish it

  • Jennifer Portillo
    Jennifer Portillo 4 órája +1

    Le goooooooooooow

  • Jennifer Portillo
    Jennifer Portillo 4 órája +1

    Roddy Ricch

  • Jjfordaydays yo
    Jjfordaydays yo 4 órája +2

    4:26 is my favorite part that beat is fire

  • Aaron Snyder
    Aaron Snyder 4 órája +1

    I broke up with my ex girl here’s a number sik that’s da wrong number

  • Rickyiah Thurston
    Rickyiah Thurston 4 órája +2

    This is one best music video it look like the waking dead

  • Dana Turner
    Dana Turner 4 órája +1

    I lovvvve that he has his daughter in his videos ❤️

  • Mateusz Seidel
    Mateusz Seidel 4 órája +1

    Baby being that one who cares about life and his chilids, family is everything that we've got - God bless, Ya'll, stay positive

  • Fishy Fishy on me
    Fishy Fishy on me 4 órája +1

    Love this!

  • 2963gloydboy
    2963gloydboy 4 órája +1

    He said he’d kill another n@$&#% too 😭BLM

  • MTXY _
    MTXY _ 4 órája +2


  • Dr. Hyde The Werewolf
    Dr. Hyde The Werewolf 4 órája +1

    Trump 2020!

  • RICHZ FOR 200
    RICHZ FOR 200 4 órája +2

    only people who didnt come from a fn montage can like this

  • Team FNS
    Team FNS 4 órája +1

    they r playing black ops LMAOOO

    JEREMY CALDERON 4 órája +1

    I love your song man is so cool 😎😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Ashley Rogers
    Ashley Rogers 4 órája +1


  • they love treasure
    they love treasure 4 órája +1


  • G Fletch
    G Fletch 4 órája +2

    It's a whole fooking movie! My new favorite rap song. Just dope! 🔥🔥🎶💯

  • Kevy Baby
    Kevy Baby 4 órája +2

    Hey where’s his mask....

  • and this ME FAT DAD
    and this ME FAT DAD 4 órája +1

    ure baby is sooooo cute

  • Kim Hawthorne
    Kim Hawthorne 4 órája +1

    That was NBAyoungboy on the right by dababy

  • ellis walter
    ellis walter 4 órája +1


  • Alexgamezlol Yolo
    Alexgamezlol Yolo 4 órája +1

    Dababy and roddy rich should combine

    Like if you agree

  • Destiny Jackson
    Destiny Jackson 5 órája +1

    2020 in two monthes gonna be like

  • MiChAel JAcKsOn
    MiChAel JAcKsOn 5 órája +1

    Two legends collab✨✌🏼😌😗

  • Ty DeBerry
    Ty DeBerry 5 órája +1

    Didn’t know zombies can play guitar 🎸😂😂

  • Owen Rainer
    Owen Rainer 5 órája +1

    TikTok is banned bois

  • God's Son
    God's Son 5 órája +2

    I like D baby but why most of the zombies black bra

  • Andrew Casey
    Andrew Casey 5 órája +1

    Toyota 2jzgte.

  • Betty Graham
    Betty Graham 5 órája +1

    Roddy Ricch

  • Brenika Monroe
    Brenika Monroe 5 órája +1


  • Rajan Sanders
    Rajan Sanders 5 órája +1

    This is on it's on tik tok my sister do thim

  • Malik Zeshan
    Malik Zeshan 5 órája +1

    2:38-2:50 That touched me, Beautiful shizz mane.

  • Oes
    Oes 5 órája +1

    Hey baby jesus, don't forget rule 1: double tap

  • rolocoianziz channel
    rolocoianziz channel 5 órája +1

    Don't go outside corona outside

  • Destiney Washington
    Destiney Washington 5 órája +1


  • Cortney Smith
    Cortney Smith 5 órája +1

    This shit is so epic. I love what yall doing! Can't wait to see what's next

  • Hayley sweat
    Hayley sweat 5 órája +2

    Da dady is the best and blue face baby is playing the guitar

  • Juan pablo Contreras
    Juan pablo Contreras 5 órája +2


    BENCH TWINS , 5 órája +1

    I never saw a zombies so well dressed xD

  • Young Tj HBK
    Young Tj HBK 6 órája +1

    Dababy n roddy rich is🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mark Tyler
    Mark Tyler 6 órája +2

    I fell bad

  • Trent Hoover
    Trent Hoover 6 órája +1

    Call of Duty Crazy

  • Sam Foster
    Sam Foster 6 órája +2

    Me and the boys during a nerf war

  • Riley
    Riley 6 órája +1

    Yo can we get a class setup for those guns lmao

  • nice dripping
    nice dripping 6 órája +1

    on first seconds looks like timmy turner xd
    why u wear vest, zombie cannot shoot

  • Chryshera Sweet
    Chryshera Sweet 6 órája +1

    You come TikTok your bad girl or boy 👩🏻‍🎤

  • ezero
    ezero 6 órája +2


  • Cesar m. Chheap
    Cesar m. Chheap 6 órája +1

    Not to be mean but da baby is better than roddy rich

  • Evenson Michel
    Evenson Michel 6 órája +1

    You the best

  • Aleks tEeHeE
    Aleks tEeHeE 6 órája +1

    Roddy: sUbUuRrRbEn

    *i almost crashed my car*

  • Baleigh Webber
    Baleigh Webber 6 órája +1


  • Fabulous Girl
    Fabulous Girl 6 órája +1

    Any one here from 2050

  • Christina Velez
    Christina Velez 6 órája +1

    Yo baby do you need to be baby who’s your crybaby daddy baby shark mean date me

  • Christopher Spence
    Christopher Spence 6 órája +1

    Sweet video 💯💯

  • Angel Evans
    Angel Evans 6 órája +1

    NBA youngboy is in this song

  • MATT's GamingYT
    MATT's GamingYT 6 órája +1

    Both are lit mennn👌🏼💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Nelah Traille
    Nelah Traille 6 órája +1

    Ok but this was low key fire 🔥

  • Yudith Perez
    Yudith Perez 6 órája +1

    love this song and the lambo urus this song helps me play games and win them to

  • K1NgOfTheNoob
    K1NgOfTheNoob 6 órája +2

    I am addicted

  • Macodou Dia
    Macodou Dia 6 órája +2

    Roddy Ricch is midas

  • Yung Rok
    Yung Rok 6 órája +1

    I like this song I kind a looks like a movie🤙🤙🤙

  • Jamya Mims
    Jamya Mims 6 órája +1

    Like the song ♥️♥️🤑

  • Laisse moi te dire...
    Laisse moi te dire... 6 órája +1

    J'ai pas compris le clip, help

  • Jonatas Santos
    Jonatas Santos 7 órája +1

    4:28 and 5:19 ? Songs ?????? Toooop

  • Tonya Davis
    Tonya Davis 7 órája +1

    Is the zombie with gotor

  • Queen Amoya
    Queen Amoya 7 órája +1


  • Tonya Davis
    Tonya Davis 7 órája +1

    One of the zombie is NBA youngboy when it shows all the zombies in the back of dababy and Roddy richh look closely guys

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad 7 órája +1

    Dumb video . Sack whoever’s idea this was .

  • luh jay
    luh jay 7 órája +1

    TIik Tok getting shut down... No more runnined songs

  • 8blr Brian
    8blr Brian 7 órája +1

    Gta v

  • Mario Retah
    Mario Retah 7 órája +1

    Like if this song is overrated

  • Brandi Houser
    Brandi Houser 7 órája

    Hey da baby you the best nigga in the world bro

  • Eddie Cole
    Eddie Cole 7 órája +1

    Only people who like this song can like

  • Ibuild Stuff
    Ibuild Stuff 7 órája +1

    Isnt it funny how none of you have ever seen my channel and probably wont subscribe?

  • Rikia Stewart
    Rikia Stewart 7 órája +1

    Black Lives matter

  • Juliette Ramirez
    Juliette Ramirez 7 órája +1

    I love this song

  • Anthony Santos
    Anthony Santos 7 órája +1

    Nbmyoung boy in it