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  • Közzététel: 2020.máj.11.
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect  2 hónapja +13419

    You guys are AMAZING.
    Can't tell you how encouraged we are by yall's comments 🙏
    SO much good stuff on the way for you guys 🔥

    • Noob Squad
      Noob Squad 16 napja

      Keep IT up!

    • Benjamin Festa
      Benjamin Festa 20 napja

      Thank you for all that you do you put countless smiles on my and so many other people faces. And have proven you can do what you want to do. Thank you for what you have done to the HUchannel community.

    • Choudhry Khan
      Choudhry Khan 26 napja

      I love you all ❤️😘

    • Dav Kole
      Dav Kole Hónapja

      Do you respond

    • Mari_Weirdo_Gacha
      Mari_Weirdo_Gacha Hónapja

      You are in our prayers we all love y’all (btw my dad said if y’all are going on the next tour we are going somewhere close to us)

  • Rabia Mobasher
    Rabia Mobasher Perce +1

    I love all your baby cory cody tyler garret and coby i love them all

  • S B
    S B Órája

    when are you guys coming in india ?

  • Mudit Thakkar
    Mudit Thakkar 2 órája +1

    how many of you here have attended all pound it noggin tour give me a like here

  • Echo Rubix35
    Echo Rubix35 4 órája +1

    You guys are great I am crying 🥺😓

  • Azmayeen Fayek
    Azmayeen Fayek 4 órája

    It felt like I was watching a Dude Perfect Movie.

  • HahvokBlox
    HahvokBlox 5 órája +1


  • Brian 4
    Brian 4 5 órája +2

    my favorite part is all the wives always holding so many cute kids!

  • HahvokBlox
    HahvokBlox 5 órája +1


  • T Hart
    T Hart 7 órája

    there so godly

  • El Abraham
    El Abraham 11 órája

    Iam in mexico

  • Navraj Rai
    Navraj Rai 12 órája +2

    I am your bigest fan

  • Gabriel De Aguiar
    Gabriel De Aguiar 14 órája +2

    Anybody that disliked were dizzy from dizzy baseball and misclicked

  • Clx_CC
    Clx_CC 15 órája

    I went to the last one in Allen go eagles 🦅! Pound it

  • Chase Holloway
    Chase Holloway 16 órája

    You guys are awesome Awesome awesome awesome awesome

  • Luis Marques
    Luis Marques 17 órája

    Onion cutting ninja's

  • #Fire Nation
    #Fire Nation 17 órája

    Just by watching the documentary made my day even tho I live in Germany

  • Claudette Claasen
    Claudette Claasen 18 órája +1

    Dude perfect I am the biggest fan my name is ethane can you guys come to my birthday in Namibia

  • Azure Animates
    Azure Animates 20 órája

    That’s so sweet what they did for Meyer 💕
    I hope he’s okay

  • TTLeoLegend __
    TTLeoLegend __ 20 órája

    Nairobi Kenya probably don't know it but fans from around the globe

  • Alvin Wu
    Alvin Wu 21 órája


  • Azure Animates
    Azure Animates 21 órája +1


    CUBAZON 21 órája

    DUDE PERFECT is a MONSTER 💀💀💀💀 love you guys ❤️

  • bayram baylo
    bayram baylo 23 órája

    İs not over

  • bayram baylo
    bayram baylo 23 órája

    ... Why?

  • Honey Bunneh
    Honey Bunneh Napja +1

    I’m glad you tried new things because I’m OBSESSED with OverTime

  • Its Anna
    Its Anna Napja

    When i started watching your videos I was amazed by the talent you all have and now that you have families it just makes me feel emotional about how amazingly great your life has come so keep on going and never give up

  • Uma Sharma
    Uma Sharma Napja +1

    They all have reached such a grayness but then also are such down to earth .😇😇

  • BlackPhoenix 640

    Almost cried at the family men part, but my true tears, tears of joy to be exact, came when I saw them holding Xbox controllers on their tour bus. Couldn’t be happier 😭😭😭

  • 10,000 Subscribers with no videos

    Has anyone else watched this whole thing multiple times

  • ile tefov
    ile tefov Napja

    you guys are legends

  • Jordan Haynes


  • Elizabeth O'Brien

    I love you guys so so much

  • Mollee Summers
    Mollee Summers Napja +1

    who else is watching and is from waco texas

  • Mollee Summers
    Mollee Summers Napja +1

    I love dude perfect!!!

  • Mecha X
    Mecha X Napja


  • Not_Carsonツ

    I feel like before the show started it was like the start of a crazy rival football game.

  • ParaticalBomb

    Who disliked

  • Lucas Spalding

    Best documentary ever

  • Patrick Zacarias

    Your first video was on my birthday

  • Hdy Y
    Hdy Y Napja

    Wow you guys should do a another live tour

  • RadicalMetal_YT
    RadicalMetal_YT Napja +1

    We'll support you guys through almost anything because we like you for your personalities, the trick shots are just a bonus 😃

  • Nothsabmal
    Nothsabmal Napja

    why do ppl dislike thiss

  • Joseph Ponce
    Joseph Ponce Napja +1

    I had no clue this was going on and I live about 2 hours away from all the first 3 shows

  • B&B Toy Review

    Who else got kinda emotional at the end?😂😂😭😭

  • Chicken Nuggets

    Who else just keeps re-watching this 🤣

    ITS ME SOHAN Napja

    Who loves when Iam gifting fortnite skins to everyone who subs to me!!


    AWW MEN THIS HAS TO BE ON NETFLIX, With A Gold Logo, This Is The Best Documentary I Ever Seen

  • Shalini Gupta
    Shalini Gupta Napja +1


  • Sheree Douglas

    I woch your viteeose a lot frong Hudson I em ozee

  • Maddie MJ13
    Maddie MJ13 Napja +1

    Been here through Thick and Thin you guys will never grow old i will always come back to you please don’t separate you guys and the editors make a great team keep doing what you do and Go big 😁😁😁

  • Sandzz
    Sandzz 2 napja

    1:10:52 is that jarvis?

  • Ekene Udeaja
    Ekene Udeaja 2 napja +1

    These guys have real talents and it’s incredible.
    I respect dude perfect sooooooooooo much.

  • Zachary Fanelli
    Zachary Fanelli 2 napja

    Imagine if their kids make their own group when they grow up? That’d be sick

  • Isabelle Combrinck

    I wish i can come

  • joy furigay
    joy furigay 2 napja

    this was the longest video and I was in the 2 live tour

  • Turbo House
    Turbo House 2 napja

    Beautiful documentary 🔥😍

  • Visigoth Studios

    I'm not crying... you're crying! The make a wish stuff killed me!

  • Charlie Adcock
    Charlie Adcock 2 napja

    No one: Me: 🥺

    SLURPYKWEJ 2 napja +1

    Not lying I have seen this over 5 times

  • Cooper Ball
    Cooper Ball 2 napja

    Amazing video better than most documentaries I’ve seen

  • Princess Madriaga

    nice show

  • Magdalena Chapman

    Guys I really enjoy your vids, and that you are Christians. Prob won’t see u on earth but I will see u guys in heaven

  • Magdalena Chapman

    I wish I could go to something like this. But I’m in a family of 7 and it’s pretty expensive.

  • Naughty Neil
    Naughty Neil 2 napja

    Honestly best documentary ever

  • Santiago Losada Delgado

    This is basically the most sensitive part of them

  • Maegan Kronteres Powers

    Your videos are so much better than candy and cake

  • Maddie bittman
    Maddie bittman 2 napja

    best video ever dude perfect are the best youtubers and athletes in the world i am your number 1 fan

  • Andy Schoch
    Andy Schoch 2 napja

    WAIT was that a pun when cody was like and thats when our channel exploded XD

  • Steven stott
    Steven stott 2 napja

    It's okay to be white

  • Santiago Losada Delgado

    Finaly Coby got he´s fourth winning

  • Stawbwerri Cone
    Stawbwerri Cone 2 napja

    2007, just is like my cousins playing around to much then the broke the lamp lol

  • Newt Scamander
    Newt Scamander 2 napja

    57:38 it is all why we're here

  • Mc Butt
    Mc Butt 2 napja +1

    Must be nice having white parents. When my dad comes home i hide in my room.

  • James Butler
    James Butler 2 napja

    What video game do you think the dudes where playing on the bus

  • Pratham Dolle
    Pratham Dolle 2 napja

    It felt only 10 minutes.

  • Amen Macwana
    Amen Macwana 2 napja

    Big fan of Dude Perfect
    I watched the full documentary
    Love you guys 💖
    Love from INDIA

  • Hayden Kennedy
    Hayden Kennedy 2 napja

    I love to see how loving these guys are. A great group of guy. All love

  • Superbrosive298
    Superbrosive298 3 napja

    I watched this whole thing and not afraid to say that I almost cried. This is the best documentary ever. I love you dude perfect, keep doing what your doing because you guys are absolutely amazing.

  • lit _TripleSmile

    Do more of these this was one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen

  • benjamin smith
    benjamin smith 3 napja

    Do a trick shot colab with how ridiculous

  • Unconventional Gaming

    I need to know where every song in this came from.

    GOLDEN GAMER XD 3 napja

    Who the heck had the heart to dislike this video

  • Sal Sushi
    Sal Sushi 3 napja

    52.3 million subscribers, and there's still no panda reveal.

  • Brian Coulter
    Brian Coulter 3 napja

    Yall are the best. Yall have helped me through a lot.

  • Antoine Nguyen
    Antoine Nguyen 3 napja +4

    “ Imagine telling your father-in-law that you are going to do HUchannel as a job with a wife that’s his daughter idk why he said yes cause I didn’t ask....” Cody Jones 😂😂😂😂😂 44:33

  • Foster Campbell
    Foster Campbell 3 napja +2

    this has honestly been the most AMAZING documentary ive ever watched

  • UltraGamer123
    UltraGamer123 3 napja

    So inspiring

  • Scott Boysen
    Scott Boysen 3 napja

    In SO many ways - I think you may be the luckiest guys in the world.

  • TheGospelHouse
    TheGospelHouse 3 napja

    THE BEST PEOPLE ON HUchannel! You guys deserve those 50 Million subs! I love it that y’all love Jesus and people! 🙌✝️❤️😁

  • Nicholas Hallberg


  • Nikhil Garg
    Nikhil Garg 3 napja


  • GodGamer
    GodGamer 3 napja +1

    Why on earth would someone dislike this?

  • Michael Hagues
    Michael Hagues 3 napja

    Loved it guys! Amazing job.

  • Melissa Hutnak
    Melissa Hutnak 3 napja


  • lucas erramouspe

    They are go to argentina please