SHORT PEOPLE PROBLEMS - Relatable musical by La La Life

  • Közzététel: 2020.jún.16.
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    Here are some relatable facts about short girl problems and struggles of living in the tall people world. Are you short? Can you relate to that?
    00:00 Bored at home
    00:43 The hat problem
    01:06 Wet armpit
    01:19 Stepping over a puddle
    01:41 Waiting for a bus
    02:31 The doorbell problem
    03:00 The tall guys party
    04:17 Online shopping
    05:44 Clothes store
    06:19 The cashier
    06:42 To the beach!
    07:13 I am not that young!
    09:00 New tik tok trend
    #fun #short #tall
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