COME AS YOU ARE (Evokings Remix)

  • Közzététel: 2018.okt. 9.
  • Nirvana - Come As You Are (Evokings Remix)
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  • Zene

Megjegyzés • 100

  • Sever Spanulescu

    Actually, Nirvana is known for the less inexpensive video clip - they even hired their janitor to appear in it. Lithuania seems to do this better - they hired a taxi driver to produce some videos :)

  • twilight samurai
    twilight samurai 10 napja

    please, dear assholes who own royalty rights, do not delete it

  • Marcin Kanoniak
    Marcin Kanoniak 12 napja

    first i thought 'no way nothing can be better than original'
    now im like WTF ITS FKN DOPE

  • that's ok
    that's ok 15 napja +2

    Good job completely ruining a classic. I can't believe how much praise this is getting. So uninspired and bland.

  • Alida Leeann Spence
    Alida Leeann Spence 19 napja +18

    This is one Nirvana song that always evokes sadness when I hear it. Even in this remix. Just Kurt's voice alone brings it out. You can hear that soul singing.

    • bigtoe89
      bigtoe89 15 napja

      This is the first time I've heard the og nirvana track but I can feel what you're saying, it's like he's crying out for help 😢

  • Matt Pirx
    Matt Pirx 19 napja


  • RemixEd
    RemixEd 19 napja

    Hell of a remix
    Listen to my deep house remix of falling by Trevor Daniel

  • Tratatūnas
    Tratatūnas 19 napja


  • Marius Miklaševičius

    come as a friend stay as a slave as i want you to be

  • Andrew Vokey
    Andrew Vokey 22 napja

    Long live Lithuania

  • Soundoom
    Soundoom 25 napja


  • Sellem on Rerock
    Sellem on Rerock 29 napja +4

    That intro got feeling like a part of a team of robbers going to Bank of America

    COOKIE TEAM 29 napja

    Not very bassed pls make BIG BASS edition 😁

    COOKIE TEAM 29 napja +1

    Kto z Polski kom. Kto z Polski i lubi litunania łapka do góry pod komentarzem i kom. Kto po prostu lubi to łapka

      COOKIE TEAM 29 napja

      XD sama dałam se łapke w góre i kom.

  • Dainius Zaborskis

    im lithuaniannn xddddd liol

  • pradyumna bhat
    pradyumna bhat Hónapja

    The bass is F*@#ing lit, it hits soo hard Russia approved it to be hard bass

  • eX 1Tu5_
    eX 1Tu5_ Hónapja

    love it

  • google sucks
    google sucks Hónapja

    very many surprises pleasantly
    love the THUMPING PARTS!

  • Lexify_ XD
    Lexify_ XD Hónapja

    I like this song

  • Adam Swetman
    Adam Swetman Hónapja

    In light of tray he died this is in poor taste . BAD FORM BUDDY

  • fresh1H
    fresh1H Hónapja +2

    uff .. im honest, heard the song, great start... insane voice from this guy ... got instant goosebumps .. but than ... this hook ... CRAP !!! .. sorry.

    • Barbin Sami
      Barbin Sami Hónapja

      @Tudor Badea hahaha yeah sorry I was stoned my bad

    • Tudor Badea
      Tudor Badea Hónapja +1

      @Barbin Sami you mean kurt cobain?lmao

    • Barbin Sami
      Barbin Sami Hónapja

      "this guy"... you mean Curt Kobain ?! (band : Nirvana) But yeah totally agree the remix is bad.

  • Savanna Fisher
    Savanna Fisher Hónapja +3

    Wish this was on spotify :/

  • IkmatiK
    IkmatiK Hónapja

    Kurt Cobain !

  • David Martindale
    David Martindale Hónapja +1

    Resolve mine and my girlfriends argument are those Lithuanian streets and roads in the background or not ?

    • Luppi
      Luppi 20 napja +1

      @uzetex I'm australian but quarter polish quarter Lithuanian and my nanna was born in minden Germany labour camp during ww2, I wonder if it fit in there just a mad Aussie now haha

    • uzetex
      uzetex Hónapja +4

      I'm not Lithuanian, but I've been to this country a lot of times - I really do love it and really like Lithuanians (even though I'm Polish and relations between Lithuanians and Poles can be tough sometimes ;)). All the sequences in the background are from Lithuania. The first sequence is a road along the Palanga airport (Liepojos plentas). Following 4 sequences are from Klaipeda: Herkaus Manto gatve, Pilies gatve, a shopping centre at Baltijos prospektas and Avitela at Taikos pr.

    • TobY4B
      TobY4B Hónapja +1

      Im not from lithuania but i think those steets are from there because i saw Avitela company and this is probably lithuanian

  • ryan hempkin
    ryan hempkin Hónapja

    JUST FUCKING YES and i dont take drugs lol

  • Bui Quynh Lien
    Bui Quynh Lien Hónapja +2

    This is like hitting a crack pipe be warned u will love it too much
    Deutsche hier?🇩🇪🇩🇪
    2020: listening at home

  • Kutkornersmasta
    Kutkornersmasta Hónapja +45

    As a guy who was into nirvana all of high school and now into EDM and all kinds of shit, this is great! Just adds to the original so it's smooth on the dancefloor

  • Mücahid IŞIK
    Mücahid IŞIK Hónapja


  • Mind Ko sambhal
    Mind Ko sambhal Hónapja

    Sometimes I read your channel name as luthiana lol

  • Dead & St.
    Dead & St. Hónapja

    Ah fvck this is awesome!

  • Juan Narvaez
    Juan Narvaez Hónapja

    jajajaja la volaíta hermano

  • Oliver McCracken
    Oliver McCracken Hónapja +4

    I'm in the top 2 per cent of nirvana fans according to spotify and I can tell you this is one of the very best covers. I'm definitely banging this one out lads

  • Karol Łoszek
    Karol Łoszek Hónapja

    Pozdrowionka z Polski dla wszystkich słowian.

  • Zwyczajny Użytkownik

    driving *peżocik* be like

  • Zakimuro
    Zakimuro Hónapja +1

    when a new Lithuania HQ remix releases

  • Ryan Lomme
    Ryan Lomme Hónapja +5

    Kurt cobain can sound good in everything

  • Jo Mo
    Jo Mo Hónapja

    keep talking

  • Jo Mo
    Jo Mo Hónapja

    o to

  • yotonyishere
    yotonyishere Hónapja +7

    Lithuania is such a secret hidden gem :o

  • SinineMeri
    SinineMeri Hónapja


  • James Andrew
    James Andrew Hónapja

    Awesome...... in love with the bass

  • Mangesh Shiraskar
    Mangesh Shiraskar Hónapja +1

    Guitar chords, drums bass are soul'... remixed

  • chubbchubb
    chubbchubb Hónapja +25

    I feel sorry for people who haven't found this yet : (

    • chubbchubb
      chubbchubb Hónapja

      @Jaszczomp strzałkowski
      Care to show us all your flavour of music

    • Ales Geppert
      Ales Geppert Hónapja +2

      @Jaszczomp strzałkowski dont feel sorry, you will be alright soon (-:

    • Jaszczomp strzałkowski
      Jaszczomp strzałkowski Hónapja

      I feel sorry for ppl like you who listen this shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    • chubbchubb
      chubbchubb Hónapja

      @Ales Geppert
      Let's not get started

    • Ales Geppert
      Ales Geppert Hónapja +1

      @fuming anus what is that? xD

  • Ayahuasca Costa Rica

    I love you

  • dorian Garnero
    dorian Garnero 2 hónapja

    I like that !

  • Lars Mangold
    Lars Mangold 2 hónapja


  • Tobias Baumgartner
    Tobias Baumgartner 2 hónapja

    ## Please listen to my new dnb-mix " NeuronalNetwork; " -- already 2k Views ## Enjoy!

  • Peterson Rafael
    Peterson Rafael 2 hónapja

    2020 Br

  • Phyarth
    Phyarth 2 hónapja

    Woolsack of Wilna :))))))))))

  • Stifler Stifler
    Stifler Stifler 2 hónapja


  • Łukasz Denisiuk
    Łukasz Denisiuk 2 hónapja +20

    Cobain would definitely bang his head to this tune. great one

  • Łukasz Denisiuk
    Łukasz Denisiuk 2 hónapja +80

    2020: listening at home

  • X-Mike
    X-Mike 2 hónapja

    Terrible!!!! Très bon remix!

  • lestathecrow
    lestathecrow 2 hónapja

    Que mierda es esto!!!?

  • Marcelo Koy
    Marcelo Koy 2 hónapja +1


  • César Augusto
    César Augusto 2 hónapja +1

    É do BRAZILLL🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Ewelina Müller
    Ewelina Müller 2 hónapja

    Nirvana remix genial

  • Electro Phoenix Zara

    OMG I got shivers!!

  • Fohos Tugwd
    Fohos Tugwd 2 hónapja +2

    Yeah congratz to 1 Million subscribers, you definitely deserve it! 👍🏼😎
    I am singer on ocean drive by Duke Dumont 😍 and I am WHTKD SEAN LIKA M

  • Zakara93
    Zakara93 2 hónapja

    Holly Shiiit :O perfection

  • Gonabro
    Gonabro 2 hónapja +600

    Bass so hard grandma thought that germans came back

  • Bedlington
    Bedlington 2 hónapja +1

    Zydrunas Savickas

    MANDO 2 hónapja


  • Polar Esponja
    Polar Esponja 2 hónapja +1


  • fuming anus
    fuming anus 2 hónapja +33

    This is like hitting a crack pipe be warned u will love it too much

    • Constable
      Constable Hónapja +3

      Thank you, fuming anus.

    • Dániel Lázár
      Dániel Lázár Hónapja +2

      fuming anus maybe you hit a brick wall, that’s why you come up with nonsense shit like that

  • Peter Kiezyk
    Peter Kiezyk 2 hónapja +7

    wow this is phenomenal

  • Артур Бойко

    Дякую, це тема, Україна з Вами.

  • Martyna Pk
    Martyna Pk 2 hónapja +8

    I think Kurt would like this version

  • Kil-0
    Kil-0 3 hónapja

    is their an instrumental ver. of this?

  • How to Games
    How to Games 3 hónapja


  • Louie
    Louie 3 hónapja +47

    Unreal tune. Played this once in a club and they loved it. One of my favourite remakes

  • Jacob BeeZee
    Jacob BeeZee 3 hónapja +1

    this blew my brain away

  • Edgar Philippe
    Edgar Philippe 3 hónapja

    how to destroy nirvana

  • Łukasz Quki
    Łukasz Quki 3 hónapja

    wymiot na maxa

  • Phayat CUTEDEVIL
    Phayat CUTEDEVIL 3 hónapja

    Like subscribe notify!

  • thechudoviste
    thechudoviste 3 hónapja

    I wonder how this shit didn't triggered any copyright infringement?

  • Гриффин Шоу

    Real cool remix.

  • mariages mélancolae

    🌩.🌩🖤🖤🌬 ♟♟

    INFINITY COD B 5 hónapja

    Des Français ? 🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • Kuk Sool Life BB Gal

    This shit💕

  • Solias Rodriguez
    Solias Rodriguez 5 hónapja +1

    Kurt's singing is beautiful

  • juh winchester
    juh winchester 5 hónapja

    Love you nirvana forever 💙💕💕🎶

  • Red Eye
    Red Eye 5 hónapja


  • faizan rehan
    faizan rehan 6 hónapja +1

    Nirvana.....!!! Give me crack!!! Ha ha.....dope...still dope nirvana!!!

  • jesion77
    jesion77 7 hónapja


  • Music LiiG
    Music LiiG 7 hónapja


  • Niki Bethani
    Niki Bethani 8 hónapja +1

    ok its 1:50 am and im so hyped fuck

  • A Dub
    A Dub 9 hónapja

    It would go twice as hard

  • A Dub
    A Dub 9 hónapja +1

    Should’ve used the studio made track instead of the live one tbh.

  • Paszek Fishing
    Paszek Fishing 9 hónapja

    Kurt się przewraca w grobie jak to słyszy

  • Tuğkan Demirtaş
    Tuğkan Demirtaş 9 hónapja


  • Ana Luíza Oliveira
    Ana Luíza Oliveira 10 hónapja


  • Vinicius Galdino
    Vinicius Galdino 10 hónapja

    Sweden ? 🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Wojciech Groblicki
    Wojciech Groblicki 11 hónapja +36

    Guys put it on the Spotify, for the god sake!

  • Mala Gocha
    Mala Gocha 11 hónapja

    Od trzech dni na sluchawkach przed treningiem👌💪

    • Mala Gocha
      Mala Gocha 11 hónapja

      @Ryan Marvees jestem spokojna🤔😉

    • Ryan Marvees
      Ryan Marvees 11 hónapja

      Gosia, spokojnie

    • Mala Gocha
      Mala Gocha 11 hónapja

      @Ryan Marvees super moze pisz jakąś skladnia bo sorrybut i dont understand what u mean

    • Ryan Marvees
      Ryan Marvees 11 hónapja +1

      Super, ale pisz po angielsku, moze wtedy ktoś da o to najmniejsze jebanie

  • Norbert Paprocki
    Norbert Paprocki 11 hónapja

    ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

  • Samuel Holm
    Samuel Holm Évvel

    why not put the actual lyrics in the captions?

  • Oğuzhan ÖKSÜZ

    İts fucking amazing!!!! 🇹🇷

    LUKAZX FF Évvel

    aki é o brasil

  • Marco Deon
    Marco Deon Évvel