Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

  • In Loving Memory of Jarad "Juice WRLD" Higgins
    Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
    Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Official Music Video)
    Director, Writer, Editor - Cole Bennett
    VFX - Scissor Films
    VFX Supervisor - Sam Malko
    VFX Producer - Joe Grayem
    Director of Photography - Taylor Randall
    Steadicam - Renard Cheren
    Executive Producer - Paul Rosenberg
    Executive Producer - Salvatore Tarantino
    Producer - Kathy Angstadt
    Producer - Jay Tauzin
    Line Producer - Krista Worby
    Gaffer: Ronnie Gotch & 7th Light Entertainment
    Production Designer - Cody Fusina
    Art Director - Rashi Jain
    Production Manager - Henri Coleman
    Key Wardrobe - Dawn Boonyachlito & Angela McBride
    Key Groomer - Michelle Willis
    Background Wardrobe - Rasheeda Ameera
    Background Casting - Mill Ticket Entertainment
    Assistant Director - Bashir Taylor
    Assistant Director - Kelo Thompson
    Product Graphic Design - George Hammond & Jake Brode
    Supervising Producer - Jake Wilson
    Supervising Producer - Bernard "Buru" Niyonzima
    Special Guest Appearances from Mike Tyson & Dr Dre

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Megjegyzés • 80

    XBOBBYLOUDX 7 órája

    I mean cause fuck oxygen right

  • Ben 10 IS GAY
    Ben 10 IS GAY 7 órája

    2:40 look at the background 😗

  • Alan Mejia
    Alan Mejia 7 órája

    Its 2020 bitches dont be lickin orange balls

  • ElRick09
    ElRick09 8 órája


  • mark joseph salvador


  • anderson
    anderson 8 órája

    you remind me of miacheal from gta 5

  • Shot Trick
    Shot Trick 8 órája

    3:22 I am bread


    LG advertisement

  • officaly_ that1dude

    Eminem 1st verse 0:00
    Eminem 2nd verse 1:00
    Eminem 3rd verse 1:46
    Juice wrld tribute 3:44
    Eminem fast part 3:09

  • Bittersweet ???
    Bittersweet ??? 8 órája

    I just think there is going be new movie of Godzilla :-:

  • Pensive Coffee Pot
    Pensive Coffee Pot 8 órája

    Man Eminem thicc AF in this.

  • Oussama Al assad
    Oussama Al assad 8 órája


    AQIL SHAHRANI 8 órája

    2:51 ( personal use )

  • ExCaLiBuR
    ExCaLiBuR 8 órája


    eminem: askdgağoıkdasikashfahsfpağsüfalişfhğpıashfasflj

  • 송용우
    송용우 8 órája

    Fire on my hearts.... !! Monster=Eminem__♡♡

  • ponyboy616 funk man

    Dayme lil homie said some real ass shit at the end yo lets roll one pacc one pour sum pop sum whatever rn for the lil homie juiceworld

  • Afezet Gaming
    Afezet Gaming 8 órája

    What Happen With You Em?

  • mahesh verma
    mahesh verma 8 órája

    Indian rappers Ke Aas Paas Bhi Nahin Hai

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 8 órája +1

    I mean Eminem spits fire.

    I guess you can call him Godzilla...

  • Shūnsuke Alzkɇ
    Shūnsuke Alzkɇ 8 órája

    I like how mike showed up out of nowhere 😂

  • mail 230
    mail 230 8 órája


  • Cruze Olvera
    Cruze Olvera 8 órája

    I saw Danny davito in the background

  • Tyler
    Tyler 8 órája

    "I'm stacking chips, you barely got a half ate cheeto." lol
    Side note: who the hell said "stupid beeeitch" while Juice was on live trying to uplift people? Way to go buddy Lmao. Rest easy Juice.

  • Ant Vaz
    Ant Vaz 8 órája

    Mike Tyson was a great actor in this video. 😏

  • Astronaut Z
    Astronaut Z 8 órája

    Feliz aniversário pra mim

  • Ash
    Ash 8 órája +1

    Dr: Coronavirus affects the lungs

    Eminem: What Lungs??

  • Dek
    Dek 8 órája +1

    guess whos back

  • CS Marvel
    CS Marvel 8 órája

    2:57 I was listening to this without watching and I thought the thump came from my house

  • CS Marvel
    CS Marvel 8 órája +3

    Do you ever look at a comment and think “I wish I commented that”

  • CS Marvel
    CS Marvel 8 órája

    Who else wants to get tons of likes like other comments here but doesn’t know what to say?

  • LTN :/
    LTN :/ 8 órája

    Who's here before 4M?

  • Kashvin Raghavan
    Kashvin Raghavan 8 órája

    this is so good...

  • Paradox Reaper
    Paradox Reaper 8 órája

    R.I.P Juice WRLD

  • 1B subs with no Videos challenge

    Since everyone is talking about Eminem’s lungs I’ll say rip juice you will be remembered

  • Nathan
    Nathan 8 órája

    Oxygen: You took everything away from me
    Eminem: I dont even know who you are

  • Bas Ter
    Bas Ter 8 órája

    Goddd !

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 8 órája

    why isnt this call Monster? they say monster more times than Godzilla...

  • MrScOut
    MrScOut 8 órája

    man Mike coming in with the plaster got me laughing even harder

  • WrecclessEscobar
    WrecclessEscobar 9 órája +1

    Who she at 2:04 ?

  • Thomas Brooks Jr
    Thomas Brooks Jr 9 órája

    Classic Em 👍🏾💗

  • Chazam gamer-yt
    Chazam gamer-yt 9 órája

    Nunca faltara el comentario en español

  • Ramses Medina
    Ramses Medina 9 órája

    Seriously,the song is good but Eminem is saying just shit,random words

  • Mike Hunts itchy
    Mike Hunts itchy 9 órája +1

    The fact that they gave juice his little part at the end was very heart warming and it made me realize that rappers can be on the same “team” and it’s not all about violence and guns. Rest In Peace Juice.❤️❤️ 🔥

  • Shark Puppets show
    Shark Puppets show 9 órája +1

    Me when the first time rapping 3:10

  • raman
    raman 9 órája +1

    Sometime I pause the video so that EMINEM can breathe !

    FREE MAN 9 órája +1


  • J0K3R
    J0K3R 9 órája

    Sorry for the dislikes they are from my neighbors

  • oso malin
    oso malin 9 órája +2


  • oso malin
    oso malin 9 órája +2


  • oso malin
    oso malin 9 órája +3

    1 Billion views

    MATKA TRICKSTER 9 órája +3

    #stayathome will make this song hits 1Billion views😍😍 who agree?

  • Cai Williams
    Cai Williams 9 órája

    Did he say nigga 2:39

  • Ps4 Addictionz
    Ps4 Addictionz 9 órája


    HIRZ KING 9 órája +4


  • 임영훈
    임영훈 9 órája +1


  • EmberlyRose
    EmberlyRose 9 órája +1

    His music has really inspired me and has really helped me get through shit. Ive been writing music for many years now, and have always wanted to go somewhere in this industry. I would really like some opinions on my music:)

  • Hector Castaneda
    Hector Castaneda 9 órája +2


  • CounterSteak9
    CounterSteak9 9 órája +4

    0:32 me when I see food magically respawn the fridge when I open it up again for the millionth time

  • Jaime Garay
    Jaime Garay 9 órája +1

    😍😍🥰🥰 love it!!

  • Euller Marinho
    Euller Marinho 9 órája

    Slim shady voltooooou karaai

  • D Hernandez
    D Hernandez 9 órája +1

    Is that really MGK X girlfriend in 1.02 ? 🤔🤫🤐🤣🤣🤣

  • XxGamer BoyxX
    XxGamer BoyxX 9 órája +1

    Pause at 0:23 any one else see juice wrld in that brown leather sweater?

    EZ_GINGEY YT 9 órája +1

    Never been a huge fan of Eminem but anyone can admit this slaps

  • Rexigmb
    Rexigmb 9 órája +1

    If you ever gave a dam raise your hand

    • Noble Nation
      Noble Nation 9 órája

      I raised it when I read your comment lmao

  • out_off_range
    out_off_range 9 órája +1

    No entiendo nada pero es BUENARDOOO

  • 진자림 팬 계정
    진자림 팬 계정 9 órája +2

    *Let's go 100M Views!!*

    • Noble Nation
      Noble Nation 9 órája

      Hey buddy, I'm with you. Come by Noble Nation.. I'll shout u out.. I picked your comment..
      Come say hi

  • Tory Hickman
    Tory Hickman 9 órája

    Set trippin' lol

  • EddyTaku
    EddyTaku 9 órája

    SLIM FUCKIN SHADY IS BACK!! Omg omg omg thats so dope!!

  • The Critches
    The Critches 9 órája

    This is the greatest song and video in... fuck.

  • Draven Moore
    Draven Moore 9 órája

    Fly high JUICE WRLD you are gone but not forgotten

  • Freeze
    Freeze 9 órája

    I could swallow a

  • Yuan Torres
    Yuan Torres 9 órája

    Kaway kaway mga pilipino

  • XxKramer21xX sAw 8
    XxKramer21xX sAw 8 9 órája

    When he lift the trunk who thought Kim was in it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Freak Prince
    Freak Prince 9 órája +1

    What's pewdiepie doing here?

  • elliot J
    elliot J 9 órája

    0:34 those drinks looks like the drink juice WRLD drinks in his song Robbery

  • gamingknight06
    gamingknight06 9 órája

    The ending of juice made me cry 😭

  • Manas Mishra
    Manas Mishra 10 órája

    What a legend to take a punch from Mike tyson

  • Ryver Litzinger
    Ryver Litzinger 10 órája

    Put it 8n 2x speed

  • It'z Corona Time
    It'z Corona Time 10 órája +1

    R.I.P Juice wrld

  • Shady AlMaweri
    Shady AlMaweri 10 órája

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments

    Be safe ok?