Saved Missing Guy From Stolen Car With Cinder Block

  • Közzététel: 2020.ápr.21.
  • I went for a ride on my Honda Ruckus moped and I saw a missing guy in the front of the car and a guy in the back of the car. I had to save them by smashing the window to the car with a cinder block. The car was stolen because I found out that it had no insurance or registration when I brought it home.
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  • PhilTheThrill
    PhilTheThrill  2 hónapja +3480

    *50,000 likes for part 2* 👍
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    Btw when I brought the car home the passenger side lock didn’t work and was jammed down so they couldn’t leave. Only driver side worked.

  • RA. Chandra Susanti


  • lukas nauta
    lukas nauta Órája

    That is the fakes i ever seen

  • gaming stop
    gaming stop Órája

    this videos you make are so so so so so fake

  • GoldenMaknae Fics
    GoldenMaknae Fics 2 órája


  • Tetea Bruzo
    Tetea Bruzo 4 órája

    And the boogie man ride home the bike..and repair the car the next day with full of regression

  • Lanier Ferrell
    Lanier Ferrell 5 órája

    This is a nice skit

  • Suraj Badwar
    Suraj Badwar 5 órája

    Totally fake video 😒😒😒😩😩😩

  • Marjorie Adique
    Marjorie Adique 6 órája

    This car looks familiar huh

  • John Ocheltree
    John Ocheltree 8 órája

    Probably the dumbest thing I've ever watched. I hate every single person who made this possible

  • Mr. Man Man man
    Mr. Man Man man 9 órája


  • stephany ledford
    stephany ledford 10 órája

    Amazing how this is fake as hell from start to finish , example how about the bad guy that just got caught kidnapping 2 ppl pulls a gun then thinks it's safe to let the good guy go to call the cops,or how about the same bad guy with same said gun letting same good guy chase him for a few miles without really trying to get away , or maybe it's the perfect cinder block conveniently on the side of the road right where the car happen to stop , oh wait no it's the good guy that amazingly pops up with the gun an the keys being conveniently in the car with 2 kidnapped ppl who were so poorly taped up my son could of got away an the good guy argues with said bad guy instead of hollin ass , ok now for my short review very very poor directing , even poorer acting I mean 1 man can't take 2 full grown men against their will. In short quit making utube vids an go back an finish film school

  • Dhanush nair
    Dhanush nair 12 órája

    8:25 hostage is laughing for real wow

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  • S a
    S a 15 órája

    2 minutes silence for those who think it is real

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  • Ayden regan
    Ayden regan 17 órája

    Your a good guy

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  • Legal Loli
    Legal Loli 18 órája

    Its fake but it's interesting

  • Ravi kiran
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  • Milad Sediqi
    Milad Sediqi 20 órája

    this is fake lol

  • sahil limbu
    sahil limbu 22 órája

    Full planed

    GLCxGLA 22 órája

    Worst acting...

  • Nageswar Patnaik
    Nageswar Patnaik 23 órája


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  • ناري /NARE
    ناري /NARE Napja +1

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  • Kristin Hawkins

    if this was real he would have called the cops before following them and why do people make fake content it pees me off stop clickbaiting everyone god

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  • Conner Harrold

    Geez 10M In 2 months wow

  • COMMANDER Ernesto

    Lol that gun it’s a BB gun

  • dejwid vip
    dejwid vip Napja

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  • nico
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  • mika hendriks

    Why fake you see the reaction of him wen he get a gun is like oh normal peopel will say OMG A GUN AAAA!!!

  • Ryan Gregory
    Ryan Gregory Napja

    All his vids are fake

  • chris Leon
    chris Leon Napja

    Clikbate buddy

  • william martin

    He literally had his phone the whole time he was tied up lol

  • Saira Saira
    Saira Saira Napja

    Interesting... Guy point a gun on u and u still playing around.. U are very kind..😂😂

  • martyn- k1709

    What the f*ck

  • Liezel Groening


  • Austin McDonnell

    He uses the same people

  • Roy McMasters

    That is so fake and full of shit.who gos back .and the kid has a cell phone in hand ...bull shit

  • 18 hay
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  • Ahwi Percival

    derickwalker454 on Instagram helped us locate my car stolen car he got the best tools to track all kinds of vehicles he is the best.

  • 18 hay
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  • Ashish Swami
    Ashish Swami Napja

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  • sith lord reptile

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  • Seth Wolfe
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  • Keiber Alexander López Pérez

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  • Roasterson
    Roasterson Napja

    I was it and immediately, without much thought, I knew it was fake.

  • Firas Nizam
    Firas Nizam Napja

    Y are very good person

  • Cosmic Perspective

    The kidnappee had his phone the whole time but could only use it when his mouth was uncovered? Lol he did try and get out the driver side? Wtf is this bs.

  • Abiyyu Azzam
    Abiyyu Azzam 2 napja


  • small fry McDonald

    Hol up lemme just pull out my perfectly placed cinder block

  • TheChell35
    TheChell35 2 napja

    *Pulls out FAKE or REAL gun*

    Me: 🙄🤨🤔☹️🙁

  • Thu Trang Le
    Thu Trang Le 2 napja +1

    Tell the cops his license dude that would make everything easy

  • Kalina Hazelwood

    is this fake

  • DJseven74
    DJseven74 2 napja

    Why are you doing fake videos? This is so bad

  • BJ흉터
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  • Le-Le Riley
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    Your nice your a saver you a good guy

  • Faze_tsm Ninja
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    Ok ok yes is fake

  • Vaimoana Olie
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  • Vaimoana Olie
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  • Rawracookie
    Rawracookie 2 napja

    LOL this is so fake. The fact that he says 50000 likes for part 2.. REALLY DICKHEAD?! It's disgusting that you make a joke of such a serious situation.. piece of shit

  • Aravindh Karothi

    nice script

  • Florjan Fabjola
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  • llenn nne
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  • Abhi Jashwanth
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    Such a Beautiful Script Ever Had... Try to do some shortfilm

  • Xianelle Tabenas

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  • Xianelle Tabenas

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  • Lean Schaaf
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  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf 3 napja

    Fake shit!!

  • AeonianAlpha
    AeonianAlpha 3 napja

    Even tho it's fake u act like a bitch, beat the stolen car guy and break the window with your helmet, no "I'm gonna call the cops" like they're gonna appear in a good time

  • Bryan Rojas
    Bryan Rojas 3 napja

    Dumbest fake clickbait shit ever

  • غٌدِأّ أّفِّضّلَ


  • Dıcker Lolles
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  • Sesili Estatishvili

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  • reeekid69
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  • Jaden Halterman
    Jaden Halterman 3 napja

    What are the odds he comes out the forest as soon as he breaks in the car

  • Tragiic Endingzz
    Tragiic Endingzz 3 napja +8

    The funny part is all of his videos r fake 😂😂

  • xLionsxxSmithyx
    xLionsxxSmithyx 3 napja

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  • g f
    g f 3 napja

    I would of grabbed that stick out his hands and knock him out

  • Jet_mx_747
    Jet_mx_747 3 napja

    50k like as if

  • Cons Efthymiou
    Cons Efthymiou 3 napja

    He has a gun but instead he throws a stick a the biker dude lol

  • arnel dormile
    arnel dormile 3 napja

    u are. savior

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 3 napja +1

    The drivers side is open😆😆

    • Greg Smith
      Greg Smith 3 napja +1

      He did not have to brake the widow

  • Gracie Hendry
    Gracie Hendry 3 napja

    Can someone link me to part two

  • Kristian. B
    Kristian. B 3 napja

    So fake

  • Pushkar singh
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    50,000 kicks on your butt stupid are you trying to make peopel fool you ass hole

  • Aliengamer7000 [MI57Y]


  • Luca Oprean
    Luca Oprean 3 napja

    It is real?
    I think is fake.

  • Kim Leng Tan
    Kim Leng Tan 3 napja

    Wow so much likes tho

    RIGZOR99 ROBL0X 4 napja


  • SyNc Jay
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    Faker than silicon brest implants

  • justlu1984ify
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    Fake...bad acting