Taking Accountability

  • Közzététel: 2020.jún.26.
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  • Francis Luke Vicoy
    Francis Luke Vicoy 11 órája

    I forgive Shane as a color person because its just jokes and i know its way over the line for the color persons but it was just jokes it maybe offensive but jokes are jokes, and jokes are not being taken seriously but the fact blaming his childhood depression in creating sexual actions and not owning his mistake is making another big mistake.

  • Spare Coochie
    Spare Coochie 11 órája

    When people can’t take dark jokes anymore 😔🤭

  • SourPatchPup
    SourPatchPup 11 órája

    Honey Jenna deserves her HUchannel channel, you DON’T

  • triplejoe
    triplejoe 11 órája

    Shane looks a HAM!! OMG!

  • Jeffree Scar
    Jeffree Scar 11 órája

    enough with the negative comments I can’t like them all

  • Sarah Jacobs
    Sarah Jacobs 11 órája

    “Should have probably lost my career for... AT THE TIME!”
    It’s fine you’re losing it now.

  • M - LyricalKeshaFan
    M - LyricalKeshaFan 11 órája

    cool but no

  • Xyrith Tenshi
    Xyrith Tenshi 11 órája

    They do the same thing to me bro, they groom you then they try to raise hell about it plus you got hype about certain things that then somehow somewhere someone gets upset because you are famous. I am also famous so I know no one forgives and you might feel like poop but these kids just have military phones and plot poop it's good you tried to tell your real fans what's up. People that are just bullied turn got famous from no one helps them with the abuse don't have fans.

  • Leia Sucks Lol
    Leia Sucks Lol 11 órája +1

    How do I forgive you for calling a 6 year old SEXY?! How?!

  • Jeppe Heldgaard
    Jeppe Heldgaard 11 órája

    i do not aprove

  • Kwon
    Kwon 11 órája

    I believe in forgiveness and education. If you don’t thats okay but i feel instead of cancelling we should accept the apology and help him to be a better human being.

  • Spottedtail Draws
    Spottedtail Draws 11 órája +1

    We still love you Shane 🥺💕💕

  • Zahire Watts
    Zahire Watts 11 órája

    I really wish that I can ignore the bad comments towards Shane and just tell those people to fuck themselves because he is trying to change.

  • Megan Davidson
    Megan Davidson 11 órája

    Even though the things you have done are bad, but I forgive you.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 órája +1

    So the "NEW SHANE" still took Revenue from the "OLD SHANE" Videos who he disliked so much. Right up until now. Anyone see the HYPOCRISY IN THAT ??? ... Its all about revenue with him , hence the apology he will never own this period.

  • Its Ruby
    Its Ruby 11 órája +1

    Shane, I still love you, but if you keep on doing bad things... I’m going to have to stop loving you. I’m here for you. I hate Jeffree’s friend Shane, I love drew and garrets friend Shane.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 órája +1

    LOL he hasn't owned it yet, his Channel is still open sucking on revenue. NOT only that New Shane DAWSON was sucking on the revenue of OLD SHANE DAWSON VIDEOS anyone see the irony in that (Rolls eyes O__O right out the door ---------------->)

  • Kobolt
    Kobolt 11 órája

    I love my generation. We powerful

  • The Cautious Gamer
    The Cautious Gamer 11 órája

    Shane Dawson's next conspiracy series should about Shane Dawson

    • John Smith
      John Smith 11 órája +1

      Hopefully he will be gone.

  • dollfacebrat x
    dollfacebrat x 11 órája

    And everyone is saying in the comments, "Mental Health and Ped0philia dont correlate" etc. PED0PHILIA IS A MENTAL SICKNESS. (Btw i am not/will never defend shane and ped0philia)

  • Rosy
    Rosy 11 órája

    Of course he makes a fucking apology video the second hes at risk of his career dying. Why were the racist videos up for so long, and of course the pedophilic ”jokes” and statements are not going to be brushed off like that.

  • dollfacebrat x
    dollfacebrat x 11 órája

    When I say I dislike Shane, Morgan, Garrett, Drew Monson have nothing to do with it i still luv themmmm

  • Em X
    Em X 11 órája +2

    I’ve loved Shane’s videos for so long but now I don’t know what to do

    • Zsófia Litványi
      Zsófia Litványi 11 órája

      ikr...but i saw a video of him sexualizing children and it just made me so sick...

  • Kenzie Elliott
    Kenzie Elliott 11 órája +1

    I miss shanes old content it was harmless and funny anyone tht rlly knows him and has watched his content for yrs knows and feels its harmless.some ppl have dark humor. so wat get over it yall r cry babies😂troll me idgaf i said wat i said i love shane i rlly hope his mental health is ok this has been a crazy year for everyone

  • Eliana Verdades
    Eliana Verdades 11 órája

    I can relate to what he is saying, sometimes we make fun with very personal and hurtful things, it's a cooping mechanism. I am still working on my won issues. The difference its on who I am and who he is, I'm a black girl and I still love Shane, I just would like him to distance himself from drama and dramatic "friends".

  • Kim Midfield
    Kim Midfield 11 órája +2

    You’re going to have to do more than an apology video. This doesn’t change anything. What you did is still disgusting.

  • Mohamed Hegazi
    Mohamed Hegazi 11 órája +1

    i hate you

  • Kristina A
    Kristina A 11 órája +4

    Um is everyone going to ignore the videos of him saying he googled child pornography, and saying babies are sexy, and then instructing some girl on Omegle go twerk for him, and saying looking at naked babies are a fetish

    • John Smith
      John Smith 11 órája +1

      @Zahire Watts Yes he did. Grow up.

    • Zahire Watts
      Zahire Watts 11 órája

      He didn’t NOT Google naked babies or said that babies are sexy or anything of that bullshit. They’re JUST STUPID JOKES! 😡😤

  • Autumn Cross
    Autumn Cross 11 órája +2

    Theres no going back on this one hun 😐😶👋🏻

  • Sleepy Flowwers
    Sleepy Flowwers 11 órája +1

    Also, if you are white, you DO NOT get to accept his apology about his racism!!! It doesn’t effect you, because you’re white... just saying.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 11 órája


    • Kelly Ramsey
      Kelly Ramsey 11 órája +1

      Pedophilia and beastiliaty affects everybody.

  • C. Smith
    C. Smith 11 órája +2

    Always support you Shane!!
    I watch all your old videos, I laughed, I thought they were so funny. We can all learn and move on. Keep doing you shane

  • Footy Fanatic 18
    Footy Fanatic 18 11 órája +1

    I miss Drew, Shane and Garrett’s vids 😔

  • CaptainJackHarkness
    CaptainJackHarkness 11 órája +2

    depression and mental issues aren’t an excuse to sexualize children, shane

  • A macbile
    A macbile 11 órája +1

    I have tourettes - p3do in a speedo

  • namjoons lost passport

    do you want a valid reason along with those exuses?

  • Three Chances
    Three Chances 11 órája

    ok shane

  • Eliana Verdades
    Eliana Verdades 11 órája +1

    I really think Shane its trying to be a better person, I don't know if his friendship with Jeffree its something good for him.

  • Bean the Queen
    Bean the Queen 11 órája +1

    "I hate that person" Bby that person is YOU take accountability.

  • Zoe Weltmer
    Zoe Weltmer 11 órája +1

    I just like his conspiracy videos😭😭😭😭

  • Woohan The Bat
    Woohan The Bat 11 órája

    Cancel culture is the modern equivalent to the Salem Witch Trials.

  • Mia Tierney
    Mia Tierney 11 órája +1

    I think if Shane can just really sit with this a rebrand himself again like he did before and really do the work and not just a bunch of talking he could do something good and important with his platform still.

  • five5x
    five5x 11 órája +2

    Shane you are a covert narcissist. You fit the description perfectly. You have left a legacy of videos showing that you are a covert narcissist.
    Having problems with stereotypical narcissist being high and mighty
    Feeling people have to be humbled
    Self deprecation/Putting yourself down
    Depression and anxiety linked to narcissism and not chemical imbalance or disorder.
    Self serving empathy. You like to fix broken people like you're some great healer, but you do it to make yourself feel superior
    Highly sensitive to criticism. Using sarcasm to deflect the criticism, but deep down it humiliated
    Passive aggressive.
    Feel inadequate
    Believing you're misunderstood and no one really gets you
    Crave admiration and praise.

  • Lauren O'Brien
    Lauren O'Brien 11 órája

    Please stop watching this right this second and watch Liam McEvoy's video 'The hidden allegations against Jeffree Star'. It's highly researched, well informed and i promise you will not regret it!!

  • Julian Maier
    Julian Maier 11 órája +1

    The end of comedy. Everybody is offended and hurt......

  • Egg sandwich
    Egg sandwich 11 órája +1


  • Jodie Bailey
    Jodie Bailey 11 órája +24

    the fact that he’s making revenue off this video-

    • Kelly Ramsey
      Kelly Ramsey 11 órája +4

      He isn’t. He has been demonetized

  • Lalalola
    Lalalola 11 órája

    I can understand ppl being ignorant and mak8ng mistakes in their youth and then growing up and evolving later in life and realizing how damaging and wrong then things they did were, especially when they have to face the fact that its recorded and out there for all to see...forever. I think if they have shown growth and feel true remorse for it , and attone thru their prolonged actions from then on they deserve to be forgiven and given a second chance but when they repeatedly do idiotic immature and destructive things and are literally friends with the most toxic degenerates on HUchannel and campaign to make their lives easier after they royally Fuck up, aka tana jeffree and Tricia etc etc, it really gives me pause and makes me wonder if Shane truly a horrible person too and is just putting on the best act 9f his life , Like a sociopath, trging to come of as a decent person cuz he's about to lose the way he supports himsel!! All I can say is that personally I dnt think he's a bad guy at heart, just ignorant and immature and insecure to the 10th degree, I dnt hate him but I tell you one thing, if there's another apology video that needs to be made by him in the future he should be kicked off the platform all together. Last chance Shane, plz dnt Fuck up again and choose better frigg9n friends, they are absolutley toxic trash!

  • Just Don't Interrupt My Sleep

    So James almost lost his entire platform over a video about gummy vitamins but people are still supporting this someone who even when they were supposed to take accountability is still making excuses... okay

  • becca
    becca 12 órája +2

    i love this comment section so much

  • my name is cassie
    my name is cassie 12 órája +1

    I don't get why there are people saying "I love you Shane no matter what" DO YOU GUYS NOT KNOW WHAT HE HAS DONE? Please watch this video and don't support this man anymore because yes some of these things were years ago but Shane can't just blame mental illness for the things he did for YEARS! huchannel.info/video/x9yohaK-mqbKc74

  • missingfrombrooklyn
    missingfrombrooklyn 12 órája

    Shane could have made an apology video in which he talks about the history of blackface and it's place in systemic racism. Not just a couple passing comments about it. But he talks about his feelings instead. I have a great idea Shane. Take some of the money you made from the palette and fund a documentary about black face by a black creator.

  • becca
    becca 12 órája


  • I fuck With takis
    I fuck With takis 12 órája +1


  • Clover Kat
    Clover Kat 12 órája

    Fuck, watching this makes me flash back. I remember coming home from school when I was 14 or 15, wishing that life wasn't such an asshole sometimes....and just, sitting down, and watching one of Shane's videos. They made me happy, made me laugh when I didn't find joy in many things back then. I miss that Shane. The one who made stupid food videos, talked about conspiracy theories, the one who seemed to be a genuinely good person in the sea of all the fucked up people on Earth. It hurts to know that I was wrong. It almost felt like finding out your best friend is some sociopath murderer, y'know? I'm not sure if I can really forgive that. What he did is fucking disgusting, even more so to me because I know how it feels to be a child that people look at and see something to sexualize, even though children are the last thing that should ever be seen in a sexual way next to animals and serial killers. What happened to me really fucked up my mental health, and I don't ever want to imagine anyone else going through the same thing. I was fucking mortified when I found out what Shane did, it just...made me remember. Made me physically sick. Overall, I just wish things would go back to the way they were. But that's not really something that ever happens, even I know that. I've always found it best to just move on, digging up issues is never a good thing (even though this isn't really digging up anything, but you get my point) I'd rather never remember any of this happened. Just move on with my life.

  • Hi Name
    Hi Name 12 órája +1

    Kids don’t sexualize kids, Shane.

  • Amy Watson
    Amy Watson 12 órája +1

    what an idiot

  • Tequila Maria
    Tequila Maria 12 órája

    Hugs Shane xx❤xx

  • _.• Max •._
    _.• Max •._ 12 órája +2

    𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓫𝓮𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓮𝓵 𝓲𝓼 𝓭𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽𝓮𝓭

  • Barack Hussein. Obama
    Barack Hussein. Obama 12 órája +1


  • Gail Dall
    Gail Dall 12 órája +2

    I would never talk about a child inappropriately...... but you did......discusting!!!!!

  • Mia Pottinger
    Mia Pottinger 12 órája

    Shane. I never liked your old videos. I started watching you when you were doing conspiracy videos. The past few weeks, I have seen you in a different light, the same light I saw you 10 years ago. I didn't like that Shane, and I do not like this Shane. You keep apologising for things that happened 10 years ago, 7 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago.... Come on. And being "inspired" by Jenna's apology video shows me that I don't think you are sorry. You are just sorry that people are saying something now. And I am just very disappointed about this whole situation because its not just the past that is coming up, its recent events. I do not believe that you are sorry. And if this whole "taking accountability" is real, then that should be your new documentary series, because more and more shit is coming out that needs to be addressed, and addressed properly. 😒

  • Emily Hope
    Emily Hope 12 órája

    Onison anyone?

  • Keke H.
    Keke H. 12 órája

    I hope the old audience that condoned what he did, defending him from a person who was trying to get through to him ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM, YOU ARE AS DISGUSTING AS HIM AND YOU NEED YOUR OWN SELF INTROSPECTION!!!!

  • Gail Dall
    Gail Dall 12 órája +1

    Creepy as hell!

  • Ellaina Mason
    Ellaina Mason 12 órája +1

    I have a different opinion and will probably get backlash for it. But I have to say when he did those things the world wasn't so PC and he never meant it. It was his content. It was his brand to be ridiculous and overexaggerate bad situations for humor. People are going to be mad at me for saying it but I feel like his intention wasn't bad. He did these things for his views and it works. And now he's in a position to defend something that had no bad intent. Can we consider intention?

  • Annoying Kpop Stan kid

    Okay I know your in all this dram a but there is a serious problem going around on instagram saying that your in the blue whale challenge and making kids due it i obviously don’t believe it but could you shut down this rumor (they are also taking the photo of when you proposed to Ryland and replacing Ryland’s face with the johan one) !!

  • Eve Msm
    Eve Msm 12 órája +1

    Shane is a very talented person yes he made mistakes but who doesn’t make mistakes! We should always look at future and try to learn from our mistakes. It’s sad to see people like him just get canceled and not giving another chance .

  • The.P.is.Psilent
    The.P.is.Psilent 12 órája +2

    Yet he still has 22m subs? 🧐

    • Areas Coda
      Areas Coda 11 órája

      Yeah but he’s demonetised so he can’t easily profit from views.

  • Alise Zastupa
    Alise Zastupa 12 órája +1

    1) please dont blur your cussing
    2)name of your new channel please tell me
    3)Please upload
    4)i forgive you

  • Maggie Straka
    Maggie Straka 12 órája

    Wheres @JeffreeStar????

    SAS-SY SAS 12 órája +2

    To be fare Shane was trying to move on and live his channel but we resurfaced it and he is in a hole now he is apologizing alright am I saying what he did was right of course not but surely he gets a second chance he’s older he’s younger back then and wasn’t smart he is trying to apologize but we keep using edited clips of him put them together and make him say stuff so he can’t so why don’t we just let him be and go ahead and try to understand what he did and help him apologize for it like I’m peurto rican but I think he can still do better

  • super daganronpa 2
    super daganronpa 2 12 órája +9

    Saying your sad isnt an exscuse shane

  • Makenzie Workman
    Makenzie Workman 12 órája

    shane i miss your conspiracy and food videos. jeffree ruined you. why don’t you go back to garrett and drew. i miss that shane. this apology doesn’t make anything you did okay but taking accountability is showing that you are willing to pay for your mistakes even if that means your career is ruined.

  • Veronica Blake
    Veronica Blake 12 órája +2

    “No excuses”.... 11:44 🥴

  • Shrek’s Left toe
    Shrek’s Left toe 12 órája

    i climbed out of my head and watched myself implode a thought without a body ought to be the shot to take the load of my brain is poison and i’m searching for the antidote but everytime i find it my defences scream ‘oh no u don’t’ woah but it’s fine no really i’m fine

  • Anna Francois
    Anna Francois 12 órája +1

    shane we miss the OLD you, when you would make those dumb microwave videos and make those food videos and waffle ironing barbies. when you would post every day. we are mad at jeffrey for not speaking out about this. we want the OLD you back

  • Courtney Kosch
    Courtney Kosch 12 órája

    Love you Shane.

  • Haidar Hasan
    Haidar Hasan 12 órája +2

    We all hated on james when the people we supported were the real monsters

  • boeitdaudemi
    boeitdaudemi 12 órája +1

    He’s already made like 5 apology videos about this topic why does everyone keep bringing up his past, we all know its fucked up but y’all forgive him everytime just to bring it up AGAIN 3 years later

    • boeitdaudemi
      boeitdaudemi 12 órája

      my name is cassie ‘he keeps doing this shit’ what are u even talking about lmao Do you even watch his content? Because u would know that the videos he makes now are completely different from the videos he used to make. He took accountability in a lot of his previous apology videos saying that it was wrong to joke about all of this. As far as the jeffree situation goes, i don’t support jeffree but lets not jump to conclusions on the whole ‘shane and jeffree manipulated me’ video that tati made. She is a grown woman and that should have been handled OFLINE instead of making a 40 minute video AgAiN.

    • my name is cassie
      my name is cassie 12 órája

      Well because he keeps doing this shit and he has never truly took accountability for what he has done and in this video he blames depression and anxiety for what he did which I don't know about you but I have never done the shit he has done because of my mental illnesses. He also says that was the past him which is still not taking accountability for what he did

  • kristin
    kristin 12 órája +4

    you can't deny the truth 😻

  • Infinity Reaper
    Infinity Reaper 12 órája

    try feeling pain with money. give a painful amount of money to someone you hurt? words aren't worth much.

  • rat stein
    rat stein 12 órája +1

    Petition for shane to cut contact with jeffree

  • Rob Lowe
    Rob Lowe 12 órája +2

    We're back here again, huh? Well I accept this apology. Why? Because there's literally nothing more he can do. He's apologized, he hasn't made excuses here and he hasn't done this sort of thing in years. And before anyone posts one of those stupid compilations in response to me, I've seen them. Yes it's fucked up. Everyone says it's fucked up and everyone knows it's fucked up. Including Shane in this very video as well as other videos he's made. I watched some of his videos when I was younger and they weren't funny to me. I didn't take offense to any of it but even as a kid it just seemed like poor quality content. It was only after he stopped doing that kind of shit that I became a fan. But I've seen it. All of it. And I still accept the apology. Also I'm black by the way so I don't want to hear anything about "oh you can't understand" or any of that bullshit. Yes I can. For the fourth time it's fucked up according to everyone and their mothers including Shane. Now, some of you want to blame Jeffree for Shane's choices which is really weird to. Jeffree is his own person and is responsible for his own actions. The same can be said for Shane. He's responsible for his own choices. And he has repeatedly apologized for this stuff. Repeatedly. And has stopped doing it. So at this point if it's not good enough then why are you here? He's got a big channel but he's not so famous that you can't avoid the guy. Just don't watch his videos. Unsubscribe if that's what you want to do but for the love of God shut up about it.

    • Jamie Symister
      Jamie Symister 12 órája

      But the fact that he was “inspired” by Jenna to apologize is weird he’s done so many horrible things he mocked police brutality and offended Willlow smith those are things that can’t be forgiven you can go on ahead and support him for all I care their is no reason to argue with you or anyone who still supports him. But don’t tell people to shut up about it because people can talk on this situation and form/give their opinions.

  • k a
    k a 12 órája +2

    You may have stopped doing this stuff, but you associate publicly with MULTIPLE people who have said the N word on video and who continue to perpetuate racist or other minority-targeting behavior to this day (including, but not limited to Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas).
    Claiming to change your behaviour whilst associating with people who regularly target minorities and vulnerable people is not enough. Star is known for continuous racist actions. Paytas' ENTIRE BRAND is based on targeting vulnerable groups and attempting to co-opt or pretend to be part of them whilst spreading/perpetuating dangerous and harmful stereotypes.
    Stop hanging out with these people, Shane. THEN we'll start believing you may have changed.

  • Poof the lama
    Poof the lama 12 órája +2

    Im sorry but there was a time when shane was on a podcast and he said he was on like a bus or somthing and he was taking a instagram picture and this like 6 yold asks him if he was taking a photos for insta and he says yes and she said she had instagram too and showed him she had nearly as many followers as him and she showed him and he TOLD THE OTHER PERSON ON THE PODCAST THAT SHE WAS KIND OF SEXY btw she was famous because of cheerleading but that is so disgusting and im so so sorry u had to read this AND IT IS TRUE

  • Bojana Stojanovska
    Bojana Stojanovska 12 órája +2

    We love you Shane,no matter what happens

  • -Jayson -
    -Jayson - 12 órája +2

    What about the video that was just leaked of you showing a 12 year old how to have sex. Shits gross

  • Marcella Muna
    Marcella Muna 12 órája

    Idk why this hits different :/

  • Emily May
    Emily May 12 órája +3

    Omg, people are so bored and butt hurt about everything. Comedians say racist,sexist and prejudice shit all the time, if you’re offended by them don’t follow and support them. Also how many years ago was this?...If I had a dollar for every time I made a mistake I’d be rich. We are all human, this is how we grow and learn. If you don’t make mistakes ever, how are you supposed to grow? If you follow Shane you’d know what a genuine, down to earth person he is. Clearly this wasn’t meant to actually hurt or attack people. If we didn’t take everything so freaking seriously and personally we would all be a lot happier. You don’t deserve to lose everything Shane. We mess up, dust ourselves off and keep going. All we can do is be better tomorrow. Keep doing you betch ❤️💁‍♀️

    • Jamie Symister
      Jamie Symister 12 órája

      I’m so sick and tired of you white people accepting half of his apology just because this was years ago doesn’t mean nothing he was in his twenties when he did this he’s done black face, mocked police brutality, offended Willow smith and her family. I’m done with the internet..

    • Selna indigo
      Selna indigo 12 órája +1


  • Millie Passmore
    Millie Passmore 12 órája +4

    This here is a bad person

  • Sydney Derby
    Sydney Derby 12 órája +3

    "If I could put my hand on a bible" as if after all the pedophilia we'd actually think he believes in the Bible. It's gross that he's even trying to get on the internet and apologize. You done fucked up to the max. I'd just get off the internet at this point and never come back. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Jamie Symister
      Jamie Symister 12 órája

      Selna indigo You don’t own the internet either to tell people what to do plus don’t tell this person to accept this apology if they don’t want to. Plus if the cancel culture people are clowns your the whole dang circus.

    • Selna indigo
      Selna indigo 12 órája +1

      Just stfu and accept his apology. We all make mistakes and I know damn well you’re not perfect so stop acting like celebrity’s have to be perfect. He did and said horrendous things but he apologised! He apologised years ago what more do you want? You cancel culture clowns just love to bring up peoples past for ur own pleasure. Get over it and stop being a Karen. You don’t own the internet 👍

  • Pavlina Stavrou
    Pavlina Stavrou 12 órája +2

    Remember when you unsubscribed to James's channel? Because of all the rumours? Because of tati? Now we all know that was clearly a mistake. Remember when you were SO sure James was everything tati made him to be. You were blinded. Yet now tati decides to put all the blame on jeffree and Shane. The same tati that manipulated you. That made u feel so sure she was telling the truth. Shane has made many many many mistakes in the past, but he even said himself that he hates who he used to be. You can see he is a changed man now. Cancel culture is toxic and we must give people the opportunity to change. I'm not saying shane is perfect. He isn't. No one is. He has made mistakes and is still making them. But can't you see? Tati lied last time. What makes you so sure she won't do it again? Shane didn't even know James that well to do something like that to him. Some of his friends are toxic, yes. But if he can look past all their darkness (which is not necessarily a good trait), and try to help them then why would he do such a thing to james? How come the people that were supporting him a month ago are now turning against him? Does it remind you if anything? Maybe of the time the same thing happened to james?? Maybe tati is behind all this. I'm not sure. No one can be. But still, stop the hate. Its toxic and we may just be repeating history like last time with james, and that was a disaster.

  • Gracie 182
    Gracie 182 12 órája +1


  • danielss v
    danielss v 12 órája +1

    I dont get that cancel culture....why even he is canceled?

    • Barack Hussein. Obama
      Barack Hussein. Obama 12 órája

      Yall are getting deported

    • Barack Hussein. Obama
      Barack Hussein. Obama 12 órája

      It isnt cancel culture when it is something taht is actually a serious crime that can corrupt the minds of our young generations and he didnt even take full responsibility and accountability or even say "sorry" with a meaning and instead made teh excuse eof mental health and sadness

    • Selna indigo
      Selna indigo 12 órája +1

      Because they love to bring up peoples past even when they apologised 🤦‍♀️

  • sammy.
    sammy. 12 órája +2

    you can't defend anything you've said, especially the peadophile stuff by saying you've had a tough life. It's like saying "yeah I killed those people, but I swear, I had a really tough time at school" nobody should forgive you. If you really care about any of this stuff, delete your channel.

    • Selna indigo
      Selna indigo 12 órája +1

      The pedophile stuff is gross and horrendous and so is the black face stuff but he apologised YEARS ago. What more do you people want? He doesn’t have to delete shit. We all make mistakes and I know damn well you’re not perfect yourself. The fact that he is making himself a slave to you cancel creatures comments is so sad. I hate the stuff he did but I don’t hate him anymore since he apologised. If you don’t like him don’t watch him. Thank you

    • sammy.
      sammy. 12 órája

      and not for cancel culture, but to prove that he cares, it would take something huge, he clearly cares about losing anything because he can't delete anything

  • Ell Grace
    Ell Grace 13 órája +1

    He has said many terrible things. He’s acknowledging, he’s apologising, you’re not being forced to forgive him. If you’re not here for it or him then why are you here? Fucking hate the internet rn

    • Kelly Ramsey
      Kelly Ramsey 12 órája

      You’re entitled to your opinion and so is everybody else GENIUS

    • my name is cassie
      my name is cassie 12 órája +2

      He has called children sexy, looked up child porn, done racist shit and the way he is apologizing for it is by saying depression and anxiety caused him to do it and "that was the past him" but is taking no responsibility for his past actions. He is just apologizing so then people can stop hating on him so that's why he is getting so much hate

  • karla castañeda
    karla castañeda 13 órája +3

    Thank you for apologizing, acknowledging what you did wrong and moving on!! We love you and hope to see more great content from you 😬🌸

  • amelia hamill
    amelia hamill 13 órája +2

    i’m just thinking about how he looks worse at 30 than most celebrities look at 50 👁👄👁

    • Areas Coda
      Areas Coda 11 órája

      It’s all the soda drinking and eating junk food :(

  • simple life
    simple life 13 órája +2

    I'm in shook how many people are following him. I can not understand why. I never liked him and Jefree Star. I didn't even knew that Shane has 22 mil subs. It's really sad that such a persons have that a big support.

    • Selna indigo
      Selna indigo 12 órája

      He has 22 million subs because he apologised before yet you cancel culture freaks love to bring up peoples past for God knows why.

  • Lori Miller
    Lori Miller 13 órája +2

    Litrally just seen a video of him saying a 6 year old is sexy and that he looked up child porn... I think your a descusting human and I don't even watch your videos I can't imagine the way people that looked up to you are feeling.