TROLLZ - 6ix9ine with Nicki Minaj (Official Lyric Video)

  • Közzététel: 2020.jún.15.
    Produced by: SadPony & Jahnei Clarke
    Written by: Jeremiah Raisen, Daniel Hernandez, Onika Maraj, Aaron Clarke
    Mixed by: Big Juice, Wizard Lee & Jahnei Clarke
    Mastered by: Wizard Lee
    Edited by: Kiefer Andrew
    Cover by: Alex Solis
    Watch, Mhm
    Glock, Mhm
    Cocked, Mhm
    Got it, Mhm
    You need that I got it
    That’s cash in my pockets
    That’s cash one hunnits
    You need that I got it
    Need it I got it
    Cash pockets
    Bands on me
    Sticks on me
    You need that I got it
    That’s cash in my pockets
    That’s cash one hunnits
    You need that I got it
    Yeah she like how I throw them racks up yeah x3
    Keep on throwing that cash yeah x5
    Keep on throwing that a$$ yeah x5
    Benz truck in the back yeah x5
    I know you don't like me, you wanna fight me
    You don't want no problems at your party don't invite me
    I don't worry about you nig**, please stop talking about me
    Always talking about me cause you looking for the clouty
    6ixtynine the nine neena, riding in the 2 seater
    With 2 neenas
    Baby got that aquafina, it’s cocaiana
    Smoking on that Og reeefer, no TMZ-a
    Forgeatos on a Benz truck, make her friends f*ck
    Told her she could get Chanel if she let my friend f*ck
    Slide, shinin in the rolls royce, it got wrecked up
    Wait hold up, nah I still dont give a f*ck
    Vroom Vroom G5
    Vroom Vroom we high
    You the type of N** that will I never wanna be like
    You the type of b*tch that will never get a reply
    Hi hater, Bye hater, Vroom

    Yeah she like how I throw them racks up yeah x5
    Keep on throwing that cash yeah x5
    Keep on throwing that a$$ yeah x5
    Benz truck in the back yeah x 5

    Nicki Minaj:
    Dolla Dolla Bill come get her
    Even ya man KNOW Nicki's do it betterrrrrrrrrrr
    I know you don't like me, you wanna fight me
    Always on my page, never double tap like me
    Baddies to my left and my right, never chase a corny N** put that on my life
    Just put it in his face, all this cake
    He wanted a taste
    He sippin on that ace
    Itty bitty waste, pretty face
    Yeah, eat it cookie monsta
    He a slave to this p*ssy call me Masta
    Real wet, I say slurp it like its pasta
    They get nervous when its Nicki on the Roster
    Somebody usher this N* into a clinic
    My flow still sick I ain't talking a pandemic
    I write my own lyrics, a lot of these B*ches gimmicks
    They study Nicki style now all of them want mimic
    Talking bout Snitches when it’s snitches in your camp
    Never stand alone you always itching for a stamp
    Me, I’m still money wrists light up like a lamp
    They gon have to send they best fighter for the champ
    Racks, I got em. Mary, I’m Poppin
    They keep hating, but still watching
    Check the boards, I’m still topping
    Bust down or Plain Jane, I got options
    It's a bunch of mini-me’s, I’m the one they mocking
    Showed you how to get a bag now you going shopping
    When I come out all the sneak b*tches start plotting
    When I come out its a sweep b*tches start mopping
    Yeah she like how I throw them racks up yeah x5
    Keep on throwing that cash yeah x5
    Keep on throwing that a$$ yeah x5
    Benz truck in the back yeah x 5
    Watch, Mhm
    Glock, Mhm
    Cocked, Mhm
    Got it, Mhm
    Nicki Minaj:
    If you like I throw it fast, real fast fast fast
    He singing my old song yelling a$$ a$$ a$$
    They be speeding, trying to be me then they crash crash crash
    Still a hundred like the number on my dash dash dash
    That Real A$$ ain’t keep yo N* home!

    #6ix9ine #nickiminaj #TROLLZ
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    He just got Nicki here because we all know 6x9 and akademiks blow each other on the reg

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    No hate but who dosent like eill die

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    Très très bien

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    TROLLZ and BARBZ we dropped another 20 spots one the Billboard Hot 100 Chart to #54 on week 3!!! Let's get back up there! Buy the song, stream on ALL platforms, AND REQUEST RADIO PLAY!!! 👌🔥🌈

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    This video describes 6ix9ine's bio of being a troll.

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    Tho a song with Lil Mosey

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    Teacher: what comes after D?
    6ix9ine: eee eee eee eee

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    Notice how that sounds nothing like 6IX9INE until like almost the middle

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    6ix9ine around everyone else: I TELL A ***** DON'T FRICK FRIES DON'T BRICK RICE TWIN SISTA-
    6ix9ine around Nicki: yeah yeah yeah...

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    Wow cool niKi Minaj🤩🤗🤗🤗

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    This is how much people likes the song

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    When 6ix9ine with Nicki Minaj he is calm

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