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    • Mariyam Hafsa
      Mariyam Hafsa Napja

      Duh why will I not it is the best even if we cant go out to parks beachs other country's it's hard but it's really fun at home we camt go anywhere because of Corona virus ugh I wish it never heppend but I'm just praying that it will go away and ya'all should too by the way every one or half of the world have a great day stay home stay safe bye

    • Johanna Shiimi
      Johanna Shiimi 2 napja


    • Johanna Shiimi
      Johanna Shiimi 2 napja


    • Erin L
      Erin L 5 napja

      You also!

    • SunFlower
      SunFlower 6 napja


  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith 5 órája

    Landon looks so much healthier!

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 10 órája

    i love how austin and landon are still like kids around each other

  • Crazy Girl Bear
    Crazy Girl Bear 13 órája


  • j j
    j j 18 órája

    okay i’m new to this channel but i am a subscriber to ace family landon has two girlfriends?

  • Zaee Young
    Zaee Young 19 órája

    7:08 Austin laugh Sounds like Goofy😂

  • I Just Wanted To See 1 Video

    I love that they are all so close they just pass the babies to one another without like hanging behind like what are they doing ❤️❤️❤️

  • SKIN BY KAT Garner

    I love this lil baby

  • Jay Franco
    Jay Franco Napja

    The fact Landon is gaining weight and looks better is amazing ❤️❤️

  • Jen's World
    Jen's World Napja

    It’s such a blessing to see Landon healthy and everyone doing good and I’m happy for you guys every single day love you L&S Gang ❤️✨

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy Napja

    i love how austin and landon are still like kids around each other

  • Iang hlei Sung

    if i was the babys cousins then they would be cuter than ever

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy Napja

      Catherine seems fake when she’s carrying Soul

  • Mariyam Hafsa

    Aww there all soooooo cute together Awwwwww

  • Tracy Owusu
    Tracy Owusu Napja +1

    I love how you and Austin play together

  • A A
    A A Napja +1

    Ooo you love family god bless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tiana & Dru Vlogs

    Can someone tell me why Austin looks like Patrick Mahomes?????

  • Katlyn Knaffle
    Katlyn Knaffle 2 napja +1

    Did they purchase that float or do they rent it? (Serious question)

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo 2 napja +1

    i love how austin and landon are still like kids around each other

  • Anonymous Beaumonte

    It’s cringe worthy how much Shyla copies Catherine

  • Shania Chaneco
    Shania Chaneco 2 napja +1

    Landon looks soo much better now!!!!! Hope for your fast recovery

  • Latimer Harris-Ward

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  • Lesli Diaz
    Lesli Diaz 2 napja


  • Johanna Shiimi
    Johanna Shiimi 2 napja

    So cute when they met the baby 🥺♥️♥️♥️

  • Ana R
    Ana R 2 napja +2

    Its great to see that Landon is gaining weight and looking healthy god bless you

  • Johanna Shiimi
    Johanna Shiimi 2 napja

    Soul looks like Landon 😃♥️

  • Brichan Swartz
    Brichan Swartz 3 napja

    I love it when Austin giggles

  • Unicorn Slime
    Unicorn Slime 3 napja


  • Momof Three
    Momof Three 3 napja +1

    Catherine seems fake when she’s carrying Soul


    Why Shyla not even carry the babyy😡

  • Emanuele Oliveira

    Soul is like “where guys? I don’t see it”

  • Michelle W
    Michelle W 3 napja

    So much love here in this family!!! God Bless

  • Pratyay Banerjee

    Just a joke: But L&S have potential to be the real life Breaking Bad series

  • Victor Hoo
    Victor Hoo 3 napja

    Very funny!the inflatable transparent dome tent stand on the swimming pool is buy from us right?haha

  • devina hanifa
    devina hanifa 3 napja

    austin: “i know u love ur uncle so much”
    HAHAHAAH that’s when u know he’s AUSTIN

  • Shayna x
    Shayna x 3 napja


  • Carol Pérez
    Carol Pérez 3 napja

    No one :
    Austin: she lookin like a whole enchilada

  • Gracey Garcia
    Gracey Garcia 3 napja

    She is so cuteee

  • Laiuni’s Life
    Laiuni’s Life 3 napja

    Austin: Hey momma let her see the monkey 😂 idk why that mad me laugh it’s the way he said it

  • Khylie Douglas
    Khylie Douglas 3 napja

    Austin is such a kid he had me dying lmao

  • Cedetrica McBride

    It might be me, but Ms.Michole is in love with her granddaughters. Two crazy son's equals 3 beautiful girls. And now she has a grandson which is about to be spoiled by everybody. Don't get me wrong because their Poppa is the exactly the same. And you don't find a lot of grandparents who is gorgeous and handsome, and in shape. Love them!!

  • Fawn Nolan
    Fawn Nolan 3 napja

    can we please have more Shyla & Catherine moments 🥺

  • Michelle Rojas
    Michelle Rojas 4 napja

    Soul is the cutest baby ever!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍

  • Amna Ali
    Amna Ali 4 napja

    There’s a bump on landons left leg

  • Vincent Houston
    Vincent Houston 4 napja

    The baby gonna look like Austin

  • Iyinoluwa Owoeye

    Little did I know I would see 2 grown men in a water bouncy castle
    Not in a million years .

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu 4 napja +2

    i love how austin and landon are still like kids around each other

  • Dusty M zach
    Dusty M zach 4 napja

    Pls shout out for me Kayme from South Africa pls guys

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu 4 napja

      The whole McBroom/Paiz family reminds me of the Kar-Jenners is the best way, like their babies are all close in age and all have cute and unique names

  • Vili Kaufononga
    Vili Kaufononga 4 napja

    Landon looking buff

  • areeba talpur
    areeba talpur 4 napja

    souline gets beautiful every day!!!😍😍

  • Nadine Paulino
    Nadine Paulino 4 napja

    Soul is so beautiful 😍

  • Nadine Paulino
    Nadine Paulino 4 napja

    I love Austin and landons relationship ❤️❤️

  • gisela taga
    gisela taga 4 napja

    My God what a beautiful babyyyy she is!!! 😍😍😍

  • Emily B
    Emily B 4 napja +1

    i love how they all had kids around the same time. The kids can all grow up together awww

  • Zaddy 94
    Zaddy 94 4 napja +9

    It’s so obvious that Catherine & Shyla are awkward with each other. You’d think they’d be close by now. I think Catherine doesn’t like her vibe.

  • HoneyBee 13
    HoneyBee 13 4 napja +2

    The knock off brand of the AcE family Haha.

  • Marisol Ramirez
    Marisol Ramirez 4 napja

    Bro why does landon loook like a chipmunk 😂😂 oh mannn.. but just started watching ya videos👀

  • Cedetrica McBride
    Cedetrica McBride 4 napja +3

    Is it just me, Landon forms a bond with his brothers kids. Landon and Austin has the unbreakable bond. Can't wait to see them grow up. And the moment when they start doing surveillance on their daughters!! Like they did with their mom.

  • Indri Damayanti
    Indri Damayanti 4 napja

    Damn austin, he is just so good on basketball

  • Isabella Meza
    Isabella Meza 4 napja

    Does anyone know why Elle and alaia aren’t in this video and the looking through our eyes video either, when they came to meet the new baby? I find it kinda odd

  • Nada Basha
    Nada Basha 4 napja

    Austin won

  • Cat Gaming Gacha

    Where’s Catherine?

  • Golden Motivation

  • Delila Zepeda
    Delila Zepeda 5 napja

    The whole McBroom/Paiz family reminds me of the Kar-Jenners is the best way, like their babies are all close in age and all have cute and unique names

  • Nichole Ebert vlogs

    I am a huge fan of the ace family and now I find you guys 💜it totally completes everything

  • kayla Palmer
    kayla Palmer 5 napja

    so we gon ingore the fact austins brother look like spooky from on my block

  • Katy k k
    Katy k k 5 napja

    Austin: she's like Lai Lai😂😂

  • Stephanie Schorr

    Wow Landon already looks so much healthier and has more weight. That's awesome

  • Martina Akali
    Martina Akali 5 napja

    I have the bonnet that Souline has on

  • Katy k k
    Katy k k 5 napja

    So happy Landon actually looks healthy 💜

  • Simra Tisha Akther

    The baby looks just like her dad

  • Yassi Moreno
    Yassi Moreno 5 napja

    Why soul be looking like that dude from big fat liar

  • Lila Edwud
    Lila Edwud 5 napja

    Hi chi

  • Queen Hope
    Queen Hope 5 napja

    I love how you guys get along as a family❤😭

  • naina salian
    naina salian 5 napja

    Austin is a protective and loving brother ❤

  • Caelainn Harvey
    Caelainn Harvey 5 napja

    Hands down the best family

  • Bailey Wallen
    Bailey Wallen 5 napja

    austin and landon's relationship is so cute! they act like little boys lol

  • natalia
    natalia 5 napja

    me wondering when the hell they had a baby

  • Nimi Joshua
    Nimi Joshua 5 napja

    He sounds like austin😂

  • victoria Greasley

    Catherine is the most amazing aunty ever

  • Anaya Baker
    Anaya Baker 5 napja

    I can’t with the lil bonnet

  • Anaely Jacinto
    Anaely Jacinto 5 napja

    I hate your baby

  • naz war
    naz war 5 napja +1

    Is it just me or Austin and Catherine were just weird and super quiet around Ryan and Leslie? Given the amount of effort Ryan put after making those cute lil shoes, idk the vibe just seemed off and doesn’t look nice

    • Akshita Bhardwaj
      Akshita Bhardwaj 5 napja

      I can feel it too but maybe it’s because they just had a baby And They were tired or maybe the hate they are receiving now and Also maybe catherine was feeling awkward with leslie I mean Leslie has her baby bump and she don’t like maybe

  • Alyssia A
    Alyssia A 5 napja

    She is so beautiful ❤

  • flower lovs
    flower lovs 5 napja

    You should keep your channel name the las fam

  • moriah Grace
    moriah Grace 5 napja

    Landon is looking so much healthier god bless you guys from your family in Australia

  • kgxo
    kgxo 5 napja

    soul is such a calm baby!😍

  • Gaminwithjay 24
    Gaminwithjay 24 5 napja

    What’s up

  • Holly Say
    Holly Say 5 napja

    1:26 Anyone else realise that they had the same diaper argument as Austin and Catherine?

  • Althea Paul
    Althea Paul 5 napja


  • Vikkibabi Villanueva

    I thought this was Austins sister 😂😂

  • Lanaya Perry
    Lanaya Perry 5 napja

    Austin be having that baby gain! compared to Landon.

  • J
    J 5 napja +5

    I’m sorry but the bond Austin and Landon have is adorable. You can see they’re genuinely happy around each other

  • Akshaya's vlogs
    Akshaya's vlogs 5 napja

    so cute

  • Angelica
    Angelica 5 napja

    She’s actually so beautiful!!!!

  • Rjoidna
    Rjoidna 5 napja +1

    I realllyy love austin when he is with his brother and his natural self he looks really cool

  • Bernice Miel Belan

    In Ace family

  • Bernice Miel Belan

    That look like austin

  • Sunshine Sunflowers

    I love that Landon and Austin have such a great bond

  • Mady the queen Mady

    I love how cathrine had her baby then Landon and then Ryan

  • Jessie Perez
    Jessie Perez 5 napja

    I would totally watch the reality show