We Play the Newlywed Game While Consuming That Which Will Kill the Other

  • Közzététel: 2020.máj.23.
  • Mark and Ethan test how well they really know each other with the classic 1960's sensation known as the Newlywed Game. Also we consume each other's poisons.
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  • Humor

Megjegyzés • 100

  • Freak Master
    Freak Master 2 órája

    I’ve never seen anyone eat a roast beef sandwich so quickly

  • Mario Gallegos
    Mario Gallegos 10 órája

    That roast beef sandwich looks really good

  • Siastheyoutuber
    Siastheyoutuber 14 órája

    I have discovered Mark’s pain. Warning:DO NOT eat peanut butter without letting it rest in your mouth, eat it SLOW

  • gabe sattler
    gabe sattler 15 órája

    I think thair was more peanut than butter ._.

  • exploration brothers

    I have something similar to the bed poke. I think the real word would get the comment taken down.

  • Lau
    Lau Napja

    proffessor peanutdoor

  • Faith Hennesey

    Mark saying I frew up is my sleep paralysis demon

  • Heather St. John

    Idk if it’s just me but I don’t understand how people have a hard time swallowing a spoonful of peanut butter (expect for the people who have an allergy). Like I have a spoonful of peanut butter as a snack and I don’t have a problem

  • Morgan Walker
    Morgan Walker Napja +1

    Ethan is making that sandwich look so good

  • Lacey Heyer
    Lacey Heyer 2 napja

    You should just make a video of chica just eating pb🐕

  • Kayla Settle
    Kayla Settle 2 napja

    “What is Ethan’s biggest fear” Gymnastics

  • Corey Voss
    Corey Voss 2 napja

    This video gave me so much anxiety for Mark's wellbeing

  • Ciara Does Music

    Quality Content

  • Aiden Johnston
    Aiden Johnston 2 napja +1

    why does it seem like amys an asshole to ethan in all these videos

  • Dylan Bomba
    Dylan Bomba 2 napja

    is the peanut butter in L.A. different? i decided to play along with mark and ate a WHOLE jar of peanut butter and would have been able to eat another

  • Mossy Pebbles
    Mossy Pebbles 3 napja +1

    awe he needsum milk

  • Harmony Wood
    Harmony Wood 3 napja

    This video almost has the same energy of the eggnog mukbang video

  • leea
    leea 3 napja +2

    In Mark's defense, Winona Ryder is a great choice for a celebrity crush.

  • Samantha Blundon

    fun fact, my friend in high school couldn't sleep without a knife under their pillow.

  • Aiden Animations

    He threw up

  • anova nurius
    anova nurius 4 napja

    Nothing Ethan said made any sense... .-.

  • Jjaayy
    Jjaayy 4 napja +1

    I will never get over the fact that Ethan drinks and Mark CANT like Ethan is like a baby he’s a kid he can’t driiiink that’s illegal and Mark is such a social person and you know a lot of people drink to be social edit: I have no idea where I was going with this it was 1:40 am I’m sorry guys 😂

    • ImAchili
      ImAchili 11 órája

      Ethan is 23 and Mark is sensitive to alcohol (some heart thing)

  • Olivia Stencel
    Olivia Stencel 4 napja +1

    wait is mark allergic to alcohol?

    • Trinity McKittrick
      Trinity McKittrick 4 napja +1

      Olivia Stencel kind of Koreans often times have issues processing it.

  • starlight
    starlight 4 napja +1


  • poulshu
    poulshu 5 napja +1

    Im like halfway through, and I KNOW Mark is gonna end up eating that whole jar..... and regretting life choices

  • Guinevere Mazikeen
    Guinevere Mazikeen 5 napja +1

    *pEanUtButTTeR DeMoNs...*

  • Ali Dia
    Ali Dia 5 napja +1

    "I Fwew Up"

  • Yaoi Lover ChuntaxSaijo

    "And I know you buy all your stupid toys"

  • Yaoi Lover ChuntaxSaijo

    Ethan's low key just trying to get wasted even before they start

  • 979twofiveO twoNineTwoThree

    Alternate title: Mark gagging on nut for 18 minutes

  • Owen Wilden
    Owen Wilden 6 napja +1

    Flashback to drugged Mark

  • Gianna
    Gianna 6 napja +2

    Someone please tell me that DP stands for something besides double penetration because from where I'm standing, Ethan just said he wants to do hardcore porn for a living.

  • john matthew turner


  • Jordyn Toaster
    Jordyn Toaster 6 napja +2

    17:57 At the end there Mark has the vibe of like...
    A four year old coming into his parents' room at 4 AM to tell them that he threw up.

  • That-1-Guy With-a-Name

    4:06. Ethan hasn’t even taken a sip and he’s already drunk.

  • CptYYZ Aviation_lover

    Idk wut y'all r talking about peanutbutter is delicious and I have spoons of it every breakfast

  • Lexi Martinez
    Lexi Martinez 7 napja +1

    They had there first kiss when they were teens...

    I was 10...

  • Ezra Incorvaia
    Ezra Incorvaia 7 napja +1

    10:59 I thought it was getting his neck touched

  • CaptainD1117
    CaptainD1117 7 napja +1

    I just wanna say, I’ve eaten an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting cause I’m a chunky boi. So either mark is lying or he doesn’t know how to eat peanut butter

  • Elliot Evans
    Elliot Evans 7 napja

    Ethans preferred career is Double Penetration?!

  • Fizz - E
    Fizz - E 7 napja

    that Sugar Pine 7 shirt made me want to see season 1 again

  • Mr.mystery oof
    Mr.mystery oof 7 napja

    Marks last meal would either be amy and I mean in a cannibal way not sexual, or peanut butter

  • NerdRelief
    NerdRelief 7 napja

    “We haven’t kissed.... unless???” Let’s go boys!!!

  • TinyBoxTim
    TinyBoxTim 7 napja

    “I’m the one that’s supposed to be getting drunk....your a mess...”

  • elijah lee
    elijah lee 8 napja +1

    anyone else start crying when mark’s biggest pet peeve was revealed to be people not fulfilling their potential because they’ve disappointed everyone in their life so far and know they’ll keep fucking up forever lmao
    i wish i was good enough for the people around me but i keep failing no matter how hard i try

    • Kiwisherman
      Kiwisherman 7 napja

      Dont worry dude, things will get better

  • Blawt
    Blawt 8 napja +1

    Mark could have ate peanut candy or smth instead of peanut butter and suffer but sure.

  • Phoebe Rogers
    Phoebe Rogers 8 napja

    Couldn't Mark just eat peanuts instead of peanut butter? Can he not have a glass of water? I'm so confused as to why he is enduring this suffering

  • A True Unus
    A True Unus 8 napja

    Ya ok, Mark?

  • Micaela Lynch
    Micaela Lynch 8 napja

    Mark! Stop making fun of Ethan for being responsible and not drinking on an empty stomach!

  • John Miller
    John Miller 8 napja

    Clawing with the boys

  • Mabel Pines
    Mabel Pines 8 napja

    "How would you know? We've never kissed!- unless..."
    Shippers: *hmMmMM iNtErEsTiNg*

  • Raua12
    Raua12 8 napja

    I have a bed knife too! :D

  • Sirena Moore
    Sirena Moore 8 napja

    "Peanut Butter Demons!"

  • iForce19
    iForce19 8 napja

    Ethan: I dont know, we've never kissed!
    Also Ethan: *unless...*

  • Hunter Kennedy
    Hunter Kennedy 9 napja

    Alcoholic peanut butter

  • ApacheRulz
    ApacheRulz 9 napja

    is mark allergic to alcohol

  • Noah Hysi
    Noah Hysi 9 napja

    my sweet *B E E F Y* ass

  • Lord Tater
    Lord Tater 9 napja

    Serious question though. Why did mark feel the need to grab a serving spoon to use in this video? We have seen in the Markiplier makes videos that he has smaller spoons.

  • Clairest in the land

    "Best Cracker Barrel chicken n' dumplings nation wide." I worked at CB each one uses the same recipe so everything tastes the same no matter where you go. (It's a weird pride thing.)

  • RedEel2008 Animates

    I've eaten a jar of peanut butter in 5 minutes!

  • Fide Bagwell
    Fide Bagwell 9 napja

    Mark’s #1 pet peeve is people not fulfilling their potential?
    Mark. Some of us have mental illnesses/disabilities. Or were forced into a low socioeconomic class by birth or the merciless waves of capitalism. How can we reach our potential if we are trapped by things beyond our control? Sure, some people get lucky. But most don’t.

  • emilie fleming
    emilie fleming 9 napja

    i love how mark is struggling to eat peanut butter but in bootcamp, I'd eat that shit straight out the package

  • a random person
    a random person 9 napja

    “I’m just a very careful driver”
    *flashback to when mark used to 180 while driving The Barrel*

  • Lylø the gacha bunny

    Mark acting while full of peanutbutter does me thinking of his acting after his wisdom teeth removal

  • Tressie Chamlongsong

    Mark's pet peeve is so sweet wth

  • Emir Louis
    Emir Louis 9 napja

    My first kiss was at 5

  • Emir Louis
    Emir Louis 9 napja

    My first kiss was at 5

  • Emir Louis
    Emir Louis 9 napja

    I can't relate with this conversation at 11:21 because I've never eaten peanut butter or mac and cheese.

  • Ideka
    Ideka 9 napja +5

    Id say Ethan had a huge advantage cause he pays attention to Mark a lot and looks up to him as an idol, not to mention was a fan of him for a while before becoming friends with him

  • gigaboom _
    gigaboom _ 9 napja +1

    The first 2 mins and 30 secs where GOD TIER

  • Trebuchet Facts
    Trebuchet Facts 10 napja

    Chickin 'n' dumplins

  • WALN Zell
    WALN Zell 10 napja

    This is like the Poker video except Mark is in physical pain.

  • WALN Zell
    WALN Zell 10 napja

    "Peanut butter kills me and I don't think I'd be as big of a b*tch as you're being right now."

  • WALN Zell
    WALN Zell 10 napja

    Ethan eating a roast beef sanwhich reminds of that Live PD episode where a guy ate a whole ham while the police were doing a welfare check at his residence.
    He was having a conversation with the cops, talking about how satanists did a ritual in his house and how there was a shootout before he moved in all while eating a whole chunk of ham. It was incredible.

  • DoodlerDoo
    DoodlerDoo 10 napja

    Why doesn't he just have some water?? it's killing meeee

  • 3nderninja 21
    3nderninja 21 10 napja

    Why can Mark not have alcohol?

    • walnut .-.
      walnut .-. 9 napja

      his body can’t process it (i think)

  • Carter Hughes
    Carter Hughes 10 napja

    Mark has eaten tons of onions in 24 hours and drank thick water, thick coffee, and corn water, and yet it’s peanut butter that finally made him puke

  • sally is trendy
    sally is trendy 10 napja +1

    alternative title: mark develops a peanut allergy while amy asks him and ethan questions

  • Shane Spikes
    Shane Spikes 10 napja

    I dig that Sugar Pine shirt

  • Floofy Leopard
    Floofy Leopard 10 napja

    Peanut butter drunk. 😆

  • Alpha-Omega seawolfgamer

    Around the time of 9:13 when Mark siad NUUuuuuuuuu my haert DROPED that was so fucking ADORIBAL 💕

  • desert phantom
    desert phantom 11 napja

    i have a bed knife too O_O

  • Your Personal Dork
    Your Personal Dork 11 napja +2

    The book text at 3:35 says “HOW TO DRINK LIKE A COOL KID YOO!”, for anyone watching at 360p or less

  • JaneHollyMeadows
    JaneHollyMeadows 11 napja

    Legit could not watch this because Ethan was getting on my nerves....why are you like this

  • Minxy the pirate fox

    Mark the next time you have to eat large amounts of peanut butter. Mix in honey it gains an easier to swallow consistency

  • Dani Cx
    Dani Cx 11 napja

    Ok But Ethan’s sandwich looks good...

  • Drift Boats
    Drift Boats 11 napja +3

    Xylitol is an increasingly common sugar-replacement sweetener that's in hundreds of products, including some brands of peanut butter. It's an “all natural" sugar substitute that's fine for people, but it's extremely poisonous to dogs and poisons thousands of dogs each year.

    btw i found this just bc of searching

  • Mason Henderson
    Mason Henderson 11 napja +1

    I can eat spoonfuls of peanut butter marks a baby

  • teecg
    teecg 11 napja +3

    Any: “If there was a fire and Mark could only grab one item... What would he grab?”
    Me: “...Chica?”
    Mark: Computer
    Me: “Oh.”

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 11 napja

    Mark: Regrets doing unus annus with ethan

  • Landon f
    Landon f 11 napja

    Mark has bed knife I have bed gun.

  • Caly Chameleon
    Caly Chameleon 12 napja

    The fact Mark loves Chicken n’ dumplings as much as I do makes me so oddly happy.

  • Samuel Martindale

    I have no idea what dp is..

  • Sandy
    Sandy 12 napja

    mark is definitely suffering more than ethan

  • Tender n00dle
    Tender n00dle 12 napja

    Let’s be real, most of us have a bed knife

  • Its Red
    Its Red 12 napja

    *-hears about bed knife-* My boyfriend has bed sword.

  • HelloBetty
    HelloBetty 12 napja

    This is also the momemt ethan decided to do some muscles and burp to contra the whole bby voice talks (which no women is attracted to) ...the body is there, but the voice is like a 6 yr old.

  • HelloBetty
    HelloBetty 12 napja

    This video is about how amazing it is to have a gf having a cam so you can pay her. Yay. Pipe her down pls. Noone wants to listen to marks gf.

  • Kiley Hardin
    Kiley Hardin 12 napja

    He'd be getting that down a LOT easier with 1. smaller spoonfuls and 2. GET THIS MAN SOME WATER

  • Aeron Gray
    Aeron Gray 12 napja

    Mark: Ethan would totally be an Olympian gymnast!!
    Ethan: PFFF! I'd go into the film industry! which isn't an industry known for its ease of entry and is really difficult in terms of ADHD, which i admit to not remembering to take my meds for!
    [source: my partner is a 2nd AC, and they have an inhuman work ethic. the film industry is HARD and there's ONE DP a shoot, and 2 cameras with a 1st and 2nd AC. Ethan would be that student running a no-budget or that trainee with big dreams]